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Trout Flies of Devon and Cornwall, and How and When to Use Them

by G. W. Soltau

Description of different kind of Flies

My remarks are restricted to Fly-Fishing; partly, because I hold this to be the most skilful and pleasing of the various ways by which man secures the wily fish; and also,...

My First Book of Southern African Birds

by Erroll Cuthbert

This first book of birds introduces children to commonly seen birds of parks gardens and open areas of southern Africa. The lively book presents full-colour illustrations of 58 birds and visual cues to each...

Bog the Frog and Friends

by B. Legendari

Join Bog the Frog and his many friends on an epic adventure!

Bog is a frog who likes to play, but never alone. So, he calls his friend, the dog to join him in his fun. The dog, who likes to have fun agrees. The...

The Flight of the Seagull

by Claudia Maria Pereira & Tupac Medina

The Flight of the Seagull, a bilingual book in English and Spanish, is a true story. The author wants to share with readers one of her many encounters with nature and its greatness. This is a book for the entire...

Raising Tiny

by Maudie B. Dussault

This book is about the story of a red-breasted finch that survived and made it.

Raising Ostrich

by Tallie Jones

This story is about a little bird that was knocked out of its nest. Helpless to the world now. A little girl walks upon it and decides to take it home with her. In return she also discovers the joy, the fears...

Mother Duck...Through Her Wildest Streams!!

by Mona Lee Buchanan & Ramir Quintana

Tis the Seasons with their Reasons! I hope for everyone to enjoy thiers all year round!

From the wild and free, the brave, the old & new! Good Faiths, Good Cheers, & Good Years! Enjoy!

Faithful Feathered Friends

by Carolyn M. Keeler

The stories of Faithful Feathered Friends are part of a series of books with the title of Faithful Precious Pets. All stories in the book series are true childhood events. All of the childhood pets were and...

Beautiful Birds

by Mohamed Chernou Bah

Beautiful Birds by Mohamed Chernou Bah

Where Did the Bird Build the Nest?

by Connie Barrera Hendricks

This book is a work of non-fiction. The events were real. The author took time and followed the sequence of the events in taking pictures as the bird built the nest, laid the eggs until they hatched. She decided...

My Crow, Hoppy

by Joy Johns

: My Crow, Hoppy is the authors memoirs of events which occurred over fifty years ago with her pet bird. Although Hoppys sojourn in her life was brief, he introduced her to boundless joys and wonders.


The Nest

by Jim Puddy

The author did happen upon some robins that were in similar circumstances but two were dead already and one was so weak that I could not save it. I cleared the debris off the floor of the forest until I reached...

Torro, the Silly Parrot

by Virginia Loving & Terri Kelleher

This is an amusing story about a silly parrot named Torro, and his loving , fun relationship with his precious mommy !! You will share adorable experiences with him in his new home and find joy in all the lessons...

Poppop and the Bird

by Anne McCleary

PopPop loves all of Gods creation, but most of all he loves the mountains and forests of Colorado. He loves the mountains so much that he assigned himself the project of taking care of the forest in a very special...

My Menagerie in Motion

by Virginia Anna Sterling

What is a Xantus? Who is Joe the Mistletoebird? And what is a Galagos? My Menagerie in Motion tells of the many different and interesting creatures God has created for His animal kingdom.

Be prepared to journey...

Watching Birds

by Martha Gillham & Joe Gray

This book is a compilation of bird stories written by our mother, Martha Ramseur Gillham. They were first published in the Arkansas Wildlife Federation newspaper Arkansas Out-of-Doors from 1972 until 1985. She...

Birds Chasing Hope

by Dr. Ashish Modi

When a group of angry foreign birds demand that Maya and her friends participate in their evil plots of revenge and destruction against humans by exploiting their weaknesses, Maya and her friends quickly realize...

My First Book of Southern African Birds Volume 2

by Erroll Cuthbert

Volume 2 of My First Book of Southern African Birds introduces young readers to a further 58 fascinating birds found at the seashore, near rivers and lakes, in grasslands and forests, and in gardens. Full-colour...

Little Loon

by Fran Hodgkins & Karel Hayes

Little Loon traces the birth and first summer of a loon chick on a New England lake, ending with the loon’s migration for the winter. Readers follow along as the baby loon grows and discovers the world around...

Penguins Like Warm Climates Too! Animal Books for Kids 9-12 | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that there are penguins surviving near the equator? Contrary to popular belief, there are penguins living in hot climates too. The purpose of this book is to expand your child’s knowledge of penguins...