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Mammal Takeover! (Earth Before Us #3)

by Abby Howard

The nonfiction graphic novel series that explores the flora and fauna of pre-historic Earth

After the dinosaurs died out, Earth was by no means empty. There were still some little resourceful critters around...

When Sue Found Sue

by Toni Buzzeo & Diana Sudyka

From a very young age, Sue Hendrickson was meant to find things: lost coins, perfume bottles, even hidden treasure. Her endless curiosity eventually led to her career in diving and paleontology, where she would...

Dinosaur Empire! (Earth Before Us #1)

by Abby Howard

Ronnie is just a normal fifth-grader trying to pass her science class?s impossible quiz on the history of dinosaurs . . . until she happens upon her neighbor?Ms. Lernin?a retired paleontologist. With the assistance...

Summary & Study Guide - The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs:

by Lee Tang

If you thought you knew all about dinosaurs, you will learn much more in this book.

This book is a summary of “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World,” by Steve Brusatte.


Dinosaurs: Discover These Pictures And Facts Of Dinosaurs For Kids

by Bold Kids

Kids can learn a lot about Dinosaurs through various means including books. In this book, children can find a lot of different Dinosaur pictures and also find facts about Dinosaurs. By learning and seeing the...

Don't Call Me a Dinosaur

by MacGregor Cynthia & Sanghamitra Dasgupta

Some people confuse pterosaurs with dinosaurs. The names certainly are similar. But the creatures were very different! Here’s a little lesson in natural history, with charming illustrations, for young readers....

Elliott's Guide to Dinosaurs

by Elliott Seah

Have you ever wondered what the world looked like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Eight-year-old author Elliott Seah did, and took it upon himself to find out more. In his first book, he takes readers on a...

Kavisha’S Dino Book

by Kavisha Fernando

Welcome to the world of amazing Dinosaurs. In this book you will find Thirty-three Dinosaurs. I encourage you all to read and learn more about Dinosaurs and this book will help you to share fantastic stories...

Dino the Dinosaur

by Paul Remster

This book is about courage and bullies

Matthew, the Little Dinosaur

by Daisy Khachan & Matthew Khachan

Matthew is a little boy who pretends each time he is an animal, best of all, he likes to be a dinosaur. Even at the library, I stood like T-Rex to get some books, Matthew said to Mum

Cough, Achoo, and Roar!

by Steffan Brunette & Priscilla Li Kam Cheung

Sometimes, even the most ferocious dinosaurs dont feel good. The unfortunate brontosaurus has a sore throat. The pterodactyl cant stop sneezing. The stegosaurus lost his voice, and Tyrannosaurus Rex has a bad...

Bird from Hell

by Gerald McIsaac

As children, we are captivated by stories of huge fantastical creatures, such as the wooly mammoth and the pterodactyl. The prevailing wisdom is these species are long extinct, but new evidence uncovered by...


by Matt Sewell

Matt Sewell is fascinated by dinosaurs and in this book he examines the many types of dinosaur that lived during the prehistoric periods. Packed with large illustrations and interesting information on these...

Evolution: How Life Adapts to a Changing Environment With 25 Projects

by Carla Mooney & Alexis Cornell

Why do humans walk on two legs? Why do fish have gills? Life on Earth is incredibly diverse and part of the reason for this is evolution, or the theory that living things change with time. Evolution: How Life...

Explore The Ice Age!: With 25 Great Projects

by Cindy Blobaum & Bryan Stone

Brrr...does it feel cold? Get out your gloves and get ready to experience the Ice Age! In Explore the Ice Age! with 25 Projects, readers ages 7-10 discover what an ice age consists of, why we have them, and...

How Did Barnum Brown Discover The World's Most Famous Dinosaur? Dinosaur Book Grade 2 | Children's Dinosaur Books

by Baby Professor

When dinosaurs lived, they must have been magnificent creatures. You can tell based on the fossils they leave behind. One of the most prominent finders was Barnum Brown. This book will discuss how and when he...

Dinosaurs Field Guide

by Dover & Printworks Kmg

Discover what dinosaurs looked like and what they ate, what their names mean, where they lived, and much more. This field guide is jam-packed with insights into the lives of creatures from the Mesozoic era,...

Fossils and Paleontology for kids: Facts, Photos and Fun | Children's Fossil Books

by Baby Professor

If you impose education on a child, then chances are high that learning will fail. But if make the task easy to do and fun, then chances are high your child will fall in love with knowledge! The key is to use...

1st Grade Dinosaur Book: Name That Dinosaur

by Baby Professor

Dinosaurs have really long and complex names; but surely, they have nicknames. Can you name them? If you can, then you’re a star. If you can’t yet, then you need some help. Use this wonderful resource to...

Dinosaurs 101 Super Fun Facts And Amazing Pictures (Featuring The World's Top 16 Dinosaurs With Coloring Pages)

by Janet Evans

A book of dinosaurs from Janet Evans featuring the world's top 16 most loved dinosaurs. This book brings these magnificent creatures back to life again with its amazing pictures, numerous fun facts and featuring...