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Box Set Children's Books: Horse Pictures & Horse Facts - Frog Picture Book For Kids - Funny Dog Books For Kids: 3 In 1 Box Set Animal Discovery Books

by Kate Cruise

Book 1: 265 Million Years Ago...Until Today...FROGS ROCK! Frog And Toad, Frog Pictures For Kids, Kids Book About Frogs Book 2: Horse Book For Kids Age 6-9: Discover Horseback Riding For Kids, Horse Care For...

Dogs: A LOOK BOOK Easy Reader

by P.J.Harding

Written and published by P.J. Harding. Another in the 'LOOK BOOK' series - Your child will love this easy reader and brilliant color picture book of dogs. Each page has a photographic image of all kinds of dogs...

Navy SEAL Dogs

by Mike Ritland, Gary Brozek & Thea Feldman

Before there was Max, there was Mike. A true story much like the touching movie, Navy SEAL Dogs explores the incomparable relationship between trainer and military dog.

From the author of Team Dog, Trident K9...

Ellie's Long Walk: The True Story of Two Friends on the Appalachian Trail

by Pam Flowers & Bill Farnsworth

Adventure packed true story about a dog and her owner who overcome challenges and danger while hiking 2,000 miles. The dog is a former shelter dog and the owner is an experienced adventurer, author and dog lover....

The Journey of a Dachshund Named Buddy Bell

by Valerie Bell

This book is about a dog that wants to tell his story from his perspective. Buddy was adopted by a family and took on the responsibility of caring for that family. He was chosen by a Vietnam veteran, David,...

Copper Jones

by Lara Jones

Copper Jones, a puppy born with no sight, shares his story about finding a home despite his physical differences. His heartfelt tail warms your heart and will make you want to snuggle up with your loved ones...

Furever Lucky

by Felicia Filip

Heartwarming and funny, FurEver Lucky is the story of a dog that wants to please his new family and feel like he belongs there. Every adventure is an opportunity to learn something new.

With his non-traditional...

Introducing Two Wrinkly Dogs

by M. Golding

This is an introduction story about two wrinkly dogs, their lives with their two human carers, and their adventures together.

What’S My Dog Saying?

by Nickola Engel & Susan Shorter

Join Sam as he teaches Josh how to overcome his fear of dogs by teaching him how to behave around them and read their body language to really find out what his dog is saying!

Introducing Two Wrinkly Dogs

by M. Golding

This is an introduction story about two wrinkly dogs, their lives with their two human carers, and their adventures together.

The Best Place

by Judy Groves & Ivan Earl Aguilar

As Lola, Sam and Penny take a journey in search of the "Best Place", they discover that they had it all along.

Puppy Love

by Julian Lorenzana & Angel dela Peña

In Puppy Love, three abandoned, scrawny puppies are rescued by a family. There are three pets living with the family already so father plans to put the puppies up for adoption as soon as they regain their healthy...


by Amber G. Floyd

This book is about a lovable little pup named Stallone who captures the heart of everyone, as seen through the eyes of seven-year-old author Amber Floyd. Much love is shared as he grows and grows to a very big...

Tucker the Boston Terrier

by Kami Abrell

The series of books called Tucker the Boston Terrier is based on events in our Boston Terriers Life. Tucker Comes Home is the first book in the series about Tuckers adoption and his journey home on his first...

The Adventures of Silly Bear and Pepper

by Crystal Tatro

Silly Bear is the story of Pepper and Bear. As a puppy, Pepper struggled with getting Bear to listen. She took him to puppy school and worked with him to get him to behave like a "normal dog." Bear continues...

Harry, Oh My!

by Marian Kiler Hall

Another vacation was taken by the author Marian Kiler Hall to visit Roger and Valerie, and Harry their Basset Hound. Being a young dog, Harry still is inquisitive about everything in the yard. You will enjoy...

Harry, My Dog

by Marian Kiler Hall & Lyle Jakosalem

A one-week vacation was enough to enable the 101-year old author Marian Kiler Hall to establish a new dog star, Harry. Harry actually is a real dog. All these adventures actually happened to Harry when I visited...

The Sleepover & It's Snowing

by Victor Joseph & Martha Rast

This is the third book in the Danes are Great! series and it co ntains 2 stories! This book invites child and parent alike to join Brando and Kruger in locales and situations that are fun and uplifting, taking...

If Your Doggy Could Speak

by Storm pointon

Have you ever wondered what youre doggy is really saying when he looks at you with those big soft gentle eyes of his. Well just open your heart and mind and read this poem. You will see how to care for him physically,...


by Barry Wilde

This is a true story about a dog called Cindy, a very intelligent and loyal black Labrador who saved the life twice of the youngest member of a family living in a small village on the South Coast of England....