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Moo Baa Baa Quack: Farmyard Stories

by Francesca Simon & Emily Bolam

Full colour bind-up gift book of four Early Reader farmyard stories - including BILLY THE KID GOES WILD, MISH MASH HASH, CHICKS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN and MOO BAA BAA QUACK.

Early Readers are stepping stones...

I Love Animals

by Gypsy Wulff & Ryan Jones

The world is full of wonderful animals for young children to love, appreciate and care for...

Great Uncle Edgar and the Lady with the Hat

by Gypsy Wulff & Ryan Jones

Pigs like to sleep in the hay... They like to roll in the mud...They like to eat apples... They don't like to be breakfast... They don't like to be lunch... They don't like to be dinner... How can Uncle Edgar...

Potbellied Pigs: Cool Pets!

by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein & Laura Silverstein Nunn

You may think that potbellied pigs belong on farms, but would you consider letting one into your living room? Potbellied pigs are just one of the great far-out and unusual pets that you might want to add to...

Farm Animals: An Amazing Fun Fact Picture Book

by Mary Ann Rogers

The animals of our planet are wonderful and often mysterious creatures. Many have characteristics and qualities much like humans, although on a different level. For example, they have likes and dislikes, they...

Sheep on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

Did you know that the fluffy fur on a sheep is called wool? It's used to make some sweaters or blankets! Take a visit to the farm and learn about sheep with author Chana Stiefel.

Pigs on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

Did you know that some pigs can weigh over 400 pounds? Or that a baby pig is called a piglet? Author Chana Stiefel explores what a pig's life is like in PIGS ON THE FAMILY FARM.

Goats on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

GOATS ON THE FAMILY FARM explores a goat's life. Did you know that you can make cheese from goat's milk, or that goats are really great jumpers? Discover what a goat's life is like in this addition to the ANIMALS...

Cows on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

Author Chana Stiefel takes readers onto the farm in COWS ON THE FAMILY FARM. Find out how cows live, what they eat, and how they spend their days.

Chickens on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

What is a chicken's life like? What does it eat? Where does it live? Discover how a chicken lives on a small, family-owned farm.

Turkeys on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

What are baby turkeys called? Poults! Find out all sorts of facts about a turkey in TURKEYS ON THE FAMILY FARM. Author Chana Stiefel explores where turkeys live, what they eat, and their life cycle in this exciting...

Baby Farm Animals

by Jane Katirgis

Who lives on the farm? Beginning readers can learn about baby animals on the farm. Full-color photos help illustrate the text.

Your Sheep: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

by Paula Simmons & Salsbury Darrell L.

Whether you're getting your first sheep or would like to learn more about caring for and showing the sheep you have, Your Sheep has the information you need to be successful. Paula Simmons and Darrell Salsbury...

The Little Lamb

by Phoebe Dunn

Full-color photographs. "Delectable photographs illuminate this appealing story of a little girl and a lamb."--Child Study Assn.  

Your Goats: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

by Gail Damerow

This book tells you everything you need to know about raising goats, including how to choose, buy, raise, and show all types, from pets to pack goats. 

Everything Butt Art on the Farm: What Can You Draw with a Butt?

by Brian Snyder & Alexis Moniello

From cows and pigs to horses and sheep, kids will be amazed at the farm creatures they can learn to draw beginning with one simple shape: a butt. This giggle-inducing activity book teaches step-by-step drawing...