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by Fred Manson

Learn about bass fishing and fly fishing in this elaborate guide.

You will be taken through the steps and be taught the secrets of bass fishing. Catching an enormous bass is a good achievement, and a fun thing...

Through the Keyhole

by Mary Joyner-Stoddard

Here Fishy Fishy is one of the first books to be introduced by Through the Keyhole books. Mary Joyner-Stoddard does an excellent job of using rhythm and rhyme to tell the story about a little girl and her grandfather...

Through the Keyhole

by Mary Joyner - Stoddard

The Case of the Pretty Reflection is one of the first books to be introduced by Through the Keyhole books. Mary Joyner-Stoddard does an excellent job of telling stories with rhythm and rhyme. This particular...

Furry and Shiny Meet the Queen and Her Court

by Mike Wyant & Dwight Nacaytuna

This book is the second in a series about a young coyote and fish who become great friends. In this story, a white duck, (the stately and beautiful Queen and her court of four other ducks who always wait on...

MY BOOK OF TEN FISH - A Baba Indaba Children's Story

by Rosalie Mendel, Narrated by Baba Indaba & Illustrated by Hazel Frazee

ISSN 2397-9607 - Issue 401

In this book, Baba Indaba narrates stories about about fish and other sea creatures originally written by ROSALIE G. MENDEL and illustrated by HAZEL FRAZEE .

Herein you will children’s...

Count Those Critters: Deep Sea Edition

by Scott Gordon

The Count Those Critters series is a fun way to introduce your child to counting and numbers. The Deep Sea Edition features over 30 pages of vibrant artwork, with words and numbers that are clear and concise....

Just Keep Swimming! Fish Book for 4 Year Olds | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Fish - what an amazing, colorful and watery world you're in! This fish book for 4 year old will include interesting facts about the world’s fish population. Your little one will be amazed to learn that fish...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Monster Fish!: True Stories of Adventures With Animals (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Zeb Hogan, Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld & National Geographic Kids

For Zeb Hogan, bigger is better – especially when it comes to fish. From sawfish to alligator gars to giant stingrays, Zeb's on a mission to save the world's freshwater giants. In this cool Chapter book, you'll...

The Ocean Alphabet of Fish and Marine Mammals | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

There are way too many marine lives under the ocean that you can imagine. Some you don't even know exists. This book is for your kids’ road to mastering the alphabet while swimming down and down through the...

Animals That Hatch from Eggs | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Your child probably already knows how to identify common animals found around them. This Children’s book though focuses on animals that hatch from eggs. Cool photos of said animals and their families are featured...

All the Commotion in the Ocean | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

Your child is naturally a curious one. This book anticipates his loads of questions about the ocean life that he can't seem to fathom and see deeply. Featuring a whole lot of what is down there, this book creatively...

How Dolphins Play a Major Role in Sea Living | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

Dolphins seem to be always playing and smiling, don’t they? These playful creatures actually help keep the marine ecosystem healthy and balance. Find out more about them in this beautiful and truly age-appropriate...

Understanding Life Below the Beautiful Sea | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

Yes, there is life below the beautiful sea and this book will show you just that! Apart from the colorful pictures, there are carefully chosen facts and information to make sure your child learns as much as...

Big Baby's Book of Life in the Sea: Amazing Animals that Live in the Water - Baby & Toddler Color Books

by Baby Professor

Here’s a cool introduction to the sea world that your child will definitely love! This educational book discusses some of the most beautiful sea animals, along with some random facts beside them. Encourage...

Learning about Fish and Mammal Species | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

The underwater world is full of surprises! It is bigger than all land combined so you can pretty much expect billions of fish, mammals and other marine life in its depth. Let's get to know some of them in this...

An Underwater Ocean Adventure- Baby & Toddler Color Books

by Baby Professor

There is probably nothing else better to do some coloring on than the ocean and all the things found in it. This coloring book presents the underwater world and its wonderful life down there. Your babies and...

What's the Difference Between a Shark and a Whale? | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about the big fish and mammals of the deep sea. This educational resource makes an excellent addition to your child’s learning collection. It is recommended that you choose interactive educational...

Exploring Under the Deep Blue Sea | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

If your kids can't get enough of sea creatures, then this reference book is definitely for them. More like diving under the deep blue sea, this book introduces all kinds of marine fishes and other living organisms...

Tails That Go Up and Down and Side to Side | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

Pretty tails belong to the most magnificent sea creatures! But did you know that tails move on differently depending on which creatures they're attached to? Whales move their tails up and down while Nemo the...

Fishes: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about schools of fish. There are big ones, and small ones. There are those with stripes while others are dotted. There are so many varieties of fish that news ones are even discovered until this...