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The Edisons of Fort Myers

by Tom Smoot

In 1885, Thomas Edison, age thirty-nine and already a world-famous inventor, met the two great loves of his life: Mina Miller and Fort Myers, Florida. Mina soon became his second wife, and Fort Myers-a remote,...

101 Amazing Facts about Lizards

by Jack Goldstein

In what amazing way does the horned toad lizard defend itself? What film did a trip to the Komodo islands to study lizards inspire? What, according to ancient Australian Aboriginal belief will happen if you...

Box Set Children's Books: Horse Picture & Horse Fact Book For Kids & Panda Book For Kids & Amazing Frog Pictures & Frog Facts: 3 In 1 Box Set: Intrigu

by Kate Cruise

This 3 In 1 Box Set Compilation includes Kate Cruise's & Timmie Guzzmann's intriguing & interesting frog & panda fact book for kids and beautiful horse discovery book. The compilation includes: Book 1: Panda...

Snakes Of The World: From Pythons to Black Mamba

by Speedy Publishing

Most children are fascinated with exploration. This can take the form of looking at a world atlas, or simply looking underneath a bush to see what kinds of bugs they can find. You can combine the best of both...

Box Set Children's Books: Horse Picture & Horse Fact Book For Kids & Snake Book For Kids: 2 In 1 Box Set: Intriguing & Interesting Fun Animal Facts -

by Kate Cruise

This 2 In 1 Box Set Compilation includes Kate Cruise's & Timmie Guzzmann's intriguing & interesting snake & beautiful horse book. The compilation includes: Book 1: Snake Discovery Book Book 2: Horse Discovery...

Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs

by Douglas Florian

From transparent glass frogs and ravenous rattlesnakes to sticky geckos and stressed-out skinks, this slithery spectacle showcases once again Douglas Florian's incomparable skill for making poetry informative,...

Catching Dragons

by Simon Chapman

WOW Facts! are speciafically written for struggling readers. A lost island cut off from the outside world by swirling currents. With craggy volcanoes and thorny jungles, legend had it that the place was home...

Through the Eyes of a Frog

by Sandy Barber & Brad Kruger

Discover the wonder of a natural wetlands habitat - through the eyes of a frog. A colourful picture book which introduces young readers to the natural environment of frogs, to the range of flora and other...

Reptiles are Cool- Understanding My Gecko

by Siuna Ann Reid & Jen Louise Campbell

Siuna Reid is a vet with over twenty years experience working with reptiles. She holds a certificate in zoo medicine (reptiles, small mammals and exotic birds). Reptiles have recently become ever more popular...

Thump!/The Lost Egg (Dr. Seuss/The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!)

by Tish Rabe, Aristides Ruiz & Joe Mathieu

Fans of PBS Kids' The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! are in for a spring-themed treat!

In Thump! (the first of two stories in this Deluxe "2 in 1" Book), the Cat and Co. learn how rabbits communicate...


by Russ Case

A Beginning Vivarium Systems guide, Snakes is an entertaining and educational introduction to the world of snakes of all sizes, colors, and personalities. Beginning snake keepers of all ages will find intriguing...


by Russ Case

An entertaining and educational introduction to the world of lizards of all sizes, colors, shapes, and personalities, Lizards provides keepers of all ages with intriguing information about common and unusual...

Turtles & Tortoises

by Russ Case

In Turtles & Tortoises beginning hobbyists of all ages will find amazing facts and useful information about turtles and tortoises from around the world. Author Russ Case, a noted author and reptile and amphibian...

My First Book of Southern African Snakes & other Reptiles

by Bill Branch & Sally MacLarty

My first book of Southern African Snakes and other Reptiles is an introduction to 56 species of reptiles presented in full-colour illustrations - with interesting and informative captions in English, Afrikaans,...

Awesome Snake Science!: 40 Activities for Learning About Snakes

by Cindy Blobaum

From cobras and copperheads to pythons and boas, all types of snakes are covered in this book of 40 science experiments, art projects, and games that help budding herpetologists gain a greater appreciation...

My Crazy Pet Frog: I Gave My Pizza A Spanking

by Scott Gordon

Great heavens! This frog really is crazy!

This time he claims he’s a secret agent and that there’s a spy in his pizza.

Will the world ever be the same again?

Approximately 3,000 words, 10 images, and 1 big...

Secret Agent Disco Dancer: Soccer Star

by Scott Gordon

Cripes! Secret Agent Disco Dancer is at it again, and despite being absolutely crazy—he has a Masters degree in such things—this time he thinks he’s a soccer superstar.

Be wary, soccer superpowers! This...

Secret Agent Disco Dancer: Green Eggs and a Side of Earnest Bacon

by Scott Gordon

Perhaps you might be wondering how a certain crazy frog came to be known as Secret Agent Disco Dancer? Well, one prickly pig is here to tell you; one Earnest T. Bacon who is always more trouble than he’s worth....

Secret Agent Disco Dancer: Was It The Lobster Bisque?

by Scott Gordon

Being a criminal super genius isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Frogwart Fisk, arch nemesis of one Secret Agent Disco Dancer, spy extraordinaire.

On a pleasant day in Monaco, at a French cafe on the...

All About the Reptiles of the World - Animal Books | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about the reptiles. What kind of animals are they? What are the features that make them unique from all the other animals? What are the most popular reptiles in the world? All these questions will...