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Claudette Colvin

National Book Award for Young People's Literature 2009

by Phillip Hoose

"When it comes to justice, there is no easy way to get it. You can't sugarcoat it. You have to take a stand and say, ‘This is not right.'" – Claudette Colvin

On March 2, 1955, an impassioned teenager, fed...

THE CASE OF THE LOST WORLD HERITAGE. Holmes and Watson, well their pets , investigate the disappearing World Heritage Site.

by Mychailo Kazybrid, Ed Chatelier & Richard Thomas

The Case of the Lost WORLD HERITAGE WORLD HERITAGE Comic strips featuring Rattus Holmes and Dr Felis Watson, the famous pet detectives of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. The sleuths save the World Heritage sites...


by Quineka Ragsdale & Hatice Bayramoglu

Read along as renowned author, Quineka Ragsdale of the Demarcus Jones series, tells of the 1st African American woman to receive a four-year Bachelor’s Degree: Mary Jane Patterson.  The life of Mary Patterson...

Nature's Guardian Angel

by Wayne Hunt

Nature’s Guardian Angel: John Muir is a lively biographical novel about John Muir’s boyhood and young adulthood. John Muir, often known as “the father of America’s National Parks”, was born in Dunbar,...

We Are Our Ancestors' Keepers

by Charles 3X Alexander

WE ARE OUR ANCESTORS’ KEEPERS is the Living Legacy of our Ancestors. We are the gatekeepers for the Black Children that are born into a world of confusion and disarray. The sole purpose of this book is to...

Nana and Remila

by Topeka Bailey & DeMakus Rogers

In this childrens story, Remila decides she does not want to go to school anymore. Find out what her grandmother tells Remila that makes her change her mind. Have you ever thought about never going to school...

John Broome and Rebecca Lloyd Vol. I

by Barbara Broome Semans

Click Here to visit Volume II of this book.

This book follows the lives of an American family started by John Broome and Rebecca Lloyd after they married in 1769. They already were supporters of the patriot cause...

Raised Right in the South

by Rose Elaine Lumley Brantley

As Maxie would say: Sit back, relax and rest a spell; And set your cares aside. Its time to put those frowns away And let Raised Right make you smile!


by Jennifer Ranu

SkateKey presents twenty-two childhood stories told by men and women connected by a metal gadget, the skatekey, a popular tool used to make a roller-skate fit onto a skater's shoe.

This collection of memoirs...

Louisiana Belle

by LaChanda Casteal & M. Ridho Mentarie

Born in the bayous of Delta, Louisiana, Madame C.J. Walker emerged as a great leader in modern American history.  Madame Walker was a leader in the movement for equal and civil rights, she was a philanthropist,...

Mali Under the Night Sky

by Youme Landowne

Mali Under the Night Sky, a 2011 Skipping Stones honor book, is the true story of Laotian American artist Malichansouk Kouanchao, whose family was forced by civil war to flee Laos when she was five. Before the...

Hadara's Hijab

by Irene Okoronkwo-Obika & M. Ridho Mentarie

Journey with Hadara and her father as they migrate to the United States from South Sudan for a new life. Hadara is ecstatic to embark on her new life and gain meaningful friendships in a new land, but soon...

Flying Above Expectations

by Larry Simmons Jr. & Sehreen Shahzad

Join Melanin Origins as we tell of the Tuskegee Airmen and a few of their accomplishments in flight and in moral character. Author Larry Simmons penned this story for children worldwide in hopes to awaken the...

Carver park

by Lynda Jones Mubarak & The Eminence System

It would seem that growing up in segregated Waco, Texas in the 1950s would be filled with challenges and disappointments for any African-American child, but one little girl learned everything possible about...

Power in My Pen

by Louie T. McClain II, M Ridho Mentarie & Francis W. Minikon Jr

Step into the world of Ida B. Wells as she uses her life experiences and obstacles as motivation to achieve many firsts in editing and journalism in the United States of America and abroad.  Read along as she...

Breaking The Sickle

by Louie T. McClain II, M Ridho Mentarie & Francis W. Minikon Jr

Have you ever wondered what your passion was? What you were put on this Earth to do? Dr. Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette, a trail blazing woman of medicine, understood exactly what her purpose was in life. Her...

Gift of the Unicorn

by Virginia Aronson

Here is the story of Florida's citrus wizard, an immigrant boy from China who became a brilliant man who blessed the world with his horticultural gift. In China, the expression "Gift of the Unicorn" means a...

Chisom The Champ

by Irene Okoronkwo-Obika & M. Ridho Mentarie

Enter into the life of Chisom, a young Nigerian boy, who repeatedly gets bullied for his cultural identity in a Western Society. Read along as he discovers that his strength is actually found in his family upbringing...


by Robin L. Graham

In 1965, 16-year-old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around-the-world voyage from San Pedro, California, in a 24-foot sloop. Five years and 33,000 miles later, he returned to home port with a wife and daughter...

We Who Believe in Freedom

by Lea E. Williams

The second volume in the True Tales for Young Readers series, the short biography of the civil rights leader is intended for middle school and high school readers. Ella Baker, who grew up in Littleton, North...