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Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: Exemplary of Truth and Justice

by Tarik Unal

Umar was the second of the four ‘rightly guided’ caliphs. At first, he railed against the new Islam religion until he read parts of the Qu’ran. He was instantly impressed and became a believer. Umar is...

Love Wins: For Teens

by Rob Bell

If God were throwing a party, would everyone be invited?

Or does God invite some and not others?

And if so, how does God decide?

Is it what you say?

Is it what you do?

Is it what you're going to do?

Is it who your...

Marvelous Stories from the Life of Muhammad

by Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino

A collection of lively, well-loved stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Includes twenty-three charming illustrations of Arabia.

Boy on the Lion Throne

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

From humble beginnings to world leader, a new biography focuses on the childhood of the Dalai Lama, as his country remains at the center of the world stage.

On a quiet winter morning in 1937, several men on horseback...

Pocket Bios: Joan of Arc

by Al Berenger

A colorfully illustrated, pocket-size picture book biography of martyr and Roman Catholic saint, Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc was a teenager known for her instrumental role in the Hundred Years' War between the rulers...

Pocket Bios: Buddha

by Al Berenger

A colorfully illustrated, pocket-size picture book biography of the Buddha.

Gautama Buddha lived and taught in ancient India between the 6th and 4th centuries B.C.E. It is said that he was a prince before he...

Mother Teresa (L1) (National Geographic Readers)

by National Geographic Kids

Follow the young Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu as she grows up, travels far from home, and becomes one of the most beloved figures of our time: Mother Teresa. This new leveled reader from National Geographic Kids journeys...

Saint Faustina Kowalska

by Susan Helen & Joan Waites

Growing up in war-torn Poland, Faustina felt the calling to give her life to God as a religious sister. As Jesus’“secretary”, she carried out the important mission of teaching the world to trust in the...

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

by Patricia Edward & Susan Helen

As a mother, wife, and doctor St. Gianna Molla is not your typical saint. She loved fashion, being outdoors, and traveling in her native Italy. Children will enjoy learning about her life’s journey and how...

Saint Joan of Arc

by Susan Helen

Many have been introduced to the story of Saint Joan of Arc through big screen movies and TV. This biography follows her life, illustrating how she heard God's call to fight for her country.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

by Jeanne Marie

The Encounter the Saints series offers intermediate readers down-to-earth portrayals of the saints. Each story vividly recreates for the reader the saint's place of origin, family life, and corresponding historical...

57 Stories of Saints

by Anne Eileen Heffernan

Some of the best-loved saints of the Church are featured in a revised and updated edition of a classic collection.Wonderfully written biographies and illustrations of Saint Lucy, Monica, Augustine, Benedict,...

Saint André Bessette

by Patricia Edward

An ordinary Brother of Holy Cross, Saint André Bessette spent most of his life answering the door for his religious community. Through his extraordinary devotion to Saint Joseph and his prayers for those in...

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

by Emily Beata

Margaret Mary Alacoque knew in her heart that she wanted to serve Jesus, but little did she know that Jesus had a special message for her about his Sacred Heart! Through her efforts, everyone would know about...

Saint John Neumann

by Laura Rhoderica

Learn about the life of the holy man who became the only canonized North American bishop, St. John Neumann. Join him on his adventures in following God’s will as he travels from Europe to America and becomes...

Saint Thomas Aquinas

by Marianne Lorraine & Cathy Morrison

Intelligent, wealthy, and well-connected, Thomas left it all behind to become a missionary of God's truth, joining the newly formed Dominicans. This 35th volume in the Encounter the Saints series will introduce...

Saint Thomas More

by Patricia Edward & Susan Helen

Capturing a glimpse into the life of a Catholic torn between his faith and duty to his country, this 33rd volume in the Encounter the Saints series familiarizes children 9-12 with the life story of Saint Thomas...

Life Pictures of John Calvin for Young and Old

by James I. Good & George R. Richards

Four hundred years ago John Calvin was born. His birth (July 10, 1509) will be commemorated on two continents by churches, states, institutions of learning, and social and literary organizations. This fact indicates...

Babysitter 1

by Annie Lee

Its timeout for men and women being incarcerated and watched like a baby because they dont know how to submit to God.

Journey into My Soul

by Leroy Frazier

This book unfolds the journey of a traditional Gospel preacher who sought to understand how God works in the universe. It reveals how he journeyed into unknown and unfamiliar territories as he sought to experience...