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Little Monk's Lakshmi

by Gauri Kelkar

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Lord Vishnu's consort, is a versatile goddess who functions at two levels. She is a source of strength and inspiration for Lord Vishnu and helps him whenever...

Little Monk's Parvati

by Gauri Kelkar

Parvati is an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Goddess Durga and wife of Lord Shiva. She is the gentler form of Goddess Durga and is a home-maker, with a husband and children. However, Goddess Parvati herself...

Martyred: The Story of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz

by Susan Tan

This novelized account of the life of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, a married Chinese-Filipino layman, retraces the series of events that lead up to his violent martyrdom for his refusal to renounce his Catholic faith...

Blessed James Alberione: Media Apostle

by Anne Eileen Heffernan FSP

Capturing his beginnings as a seminarian and his contributions as a pioneer of Catholic media and a founder of various congregations which make up the Pauline Family, this 32nd volume in the Encounter the Saints...

Jorge from Argentina

by Marlyn, Sr. Monge & Jaymie Stuart Wolfe

This delightfully illustrated biography for children ages 7–10 highlights the life of Pope Francis— the first pope to be a member of the Jesuit religious order, to come from Latin America, and to take the...

Thich Nhat Hanh: Buddhism in Action

by Maura D. Shaw & Stephen Marchesi

Through enjoyable biography, activities inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's values and beliefs, and poems written by the teacher himself, Thich Nhat Hanh: Buddhism in Action will show you how to be braver, more caring,...

The Compassionate Warrior: Abd el-Kader of Algeria

by Elsa Marston & Barbara Petzen

Kindness and generosity towards one's enemies is not common in today's world. For "the compassionate warrior," Abd el-Kader (1808-1883), they were among his most recognizable traits. A brilliant military strategist,...

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: Exemplary of Truth and Justice

by Tarik Unal

Umar was the second of the four ‘rightly guided’ caliphs. At first, he railed against the new Islam religion until he read parts of the Qu’ran. He was instantly impressed and became a believer. Umar is...

Love Wins: For Teens

by Rob Bell

If God were throwing a party, would everyone be invited?

Or does God invite some and not others?

And if so, how does God decide?

Is it what you say?

Is it what you do?

Is it what you're going to do?

Is it who your...

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: Courageous Faith (ESS)

by Lillia M. Fisher & Barbara Kiwak

Uncover the “sunshine” of a Mohawk-Algonquin girl who experiences loss, ostracism, and religious persecution, yet courageously holds on to her faith. Perfect for ages 9–12, this 31st volume in the Encounter...

Saint Juan Diego

by Josephine Nobisso

It was to Juan Diego—a humble Aztec farmer living in 16th century Mexico—that Mary, the Mother of God, first introduced herself to the world as Our Lady of Guadalupe. He spent much of his life in prayer...

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

by Marylou Andes MSC

The inspiring story of “Mother Cabrini,” the first American citizen to be declared a saint! As a child growing up in Italy, Frances dreamt of becoming a missionary to China. But it seemed that God wanted...

Saint Faustina Kowalska

by Susan Helen Wallace FSP

Growing up in war-torn Poland, Faustina felt the calling to give her life to God as a religious sister. As Jesus’ “secretary,” she carried out the important mission of teaching the world to trust in the...

Saint Edith Stein

by Mary Lea Hill FSP

Transforming suffering into sainthood, Edith Stein lived in the complexities of modern political situations with the simplicity of one who is confident in God’s ultimate reliability. A Jewish convert to the...

Saint Bakhita of Sudan

by Susan Helen Wallace FSP

The name “Bakhita,” which means “fortunate,” was sarcastically bestowed upon this young child when she was kidnapped into slavery. After being taken to Italy and put into service as a nanny, she was...

Saint Damien of Molokai

by Virgina Helen Richards FSP

Joseph De Veuster was an ordinary boy growing up in Belgium, planning to take over the family farm as he grew older, until he was called to a new vocation—the life of a priest. Joseph became Father Damien...

Saint Clare of Assisi

by Marianne Lorraine Trouvé|| FSP

This noblewoman was so moved by St. Francis of Assisi’s preaching that she gave up all of her worldly goods and devoted her life to Jesus. St. Clare eventually founded an order of nuns called the Poor Clares,...

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

by Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti

The amazing life story of Francesco Forgione—known to the world as Padre Pio. This Franciscan priest, who bore the wounds of the crucified Jesus, used the special gifts he received from God to relieve the...

Saint Isaac Jogues

by Christine Virginia Orfeo FSP

No difficulty could stop this heroic Jesuit priest. Father Isaac's greatest desire was to bring Jesus to the Native Americans he encountered in the wilderness of the New World.

Saint Joan of Arc

by Susan Helen Wallacem FSP

Many have been introduced to the story of Saint Joan of Arc through big screen movies and TV. This biography follows her life, illustrating how she heard God's call to fight for her country.