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Lance Armstrong

by Bill Gutman


LANCE ARMSTRONG is the premier cyclist in sports history. But the road to victory has not been smooth, which makes his story all the more compelling. In 1991 he was the National Amateur Cycling...

Fire in the Heart

by Deepak Chopra

A fifteen-year-old boy is walking through a swirling fog on his way to school when a voice calls out, "Come here. We need to talk." Out of the mist emerges an old man with a white beard. He is a fantastic figure,...

The Goddess in Every Girl: Develop Your Feminine Power

by M.J. Abadie

This spirited, emboldening guidebook includes more than fifty ways to get in touch with your inner divinity.

Written to empower and inspire, this positive book teaches you how to connect with your inner Goddess,...

Acorns to Great Oaks: Meditations for Children

by Marie Delanote & Jokanies

"Acorns to Great Oaks – Meditations for Children" helps children to become and stay aware of the world around them, aware of their own fabulousness, aware of energy, aware of their thoughts and feelings influencing...

Ghost Hunter's Handbook

by Liza Gardner Walsh

Ghost Hunter's Handbook is for kids and families who love to explore the world of the supernatural. It presents a range of ghost and supernatural themed stories and activities that will keep kids enthralled...

The Girl Who Blamed the World

by Cindy Mackey

Rosa Lee is  girl who goes through life blaming everyone else for her miseries. She never makes the best of a less-than-perfect situation nor does she ever do anything to improve it. Rosa never realizes that...

Aaron's Day Off

by Cindy Mackey & Rupert Van Wyk

Aaron is such a capable boy that everyone in town wants him to work for them. But one day, the whole town decides to take a day off.  So Aaron goes in search of people who could use his help... and that is...

Feelings Can be Friends

by Gail Maisel

Through simple language and appealing illustrations this book helps children envision feelings as friends that they can search for and get to know. Knowing and understanding their feelings can empower children...

Prince Siddhartha

by Jonathan Landaw & Janet Brooke

This is the story of Prince Siddhartha and how he became Buddha, the Awakened One. Lyrical verse and beautiful full-color illustrations depict each major life event in Siddhartha's development. His message of...

Generation Green

by Linda Sivertsen & Tosh Sivertsen

We all know about the Earth's environmental crisis, but there is someone who can truly make a difference: you. If you text your friends or chat with them online, download music to your iPod, or toss bottles...

Spirituality in Young Adult Literature: The Last Taboo

by Patty Campbell & Chris Crowe

This book examines the presentation of spiritual issues in young adult fiction. It looks at how religious ideas, and those matters that are defined more broadly as spiritual, are represented. YA novels are selected...

Teens Ask Deepak

by Deepak Chopra & Damien Barchowsky

"Adults squirm when the big questions come up, especially the big spiritual ones. They don't want their kids to worry, so they give answers that all say one thing: 'Don't worry. It's all okay.'

"And yet the...

Human Organs, What & Why? : Third Grade Science Textbook Series: 3rd Grade Books - Anatomy

by Baby Professor

This is a workbook of human organs, presented in a way that's easy for any third grader to understand. There are clear pictures and as little verbal explanations as possible to encourage learning at home. You...

The Skin You're In: Discovering True Beauty

by Nancy N. Rue

Now that you’re not a little girl anymore you’d love to move beyond cheap lip gloss into the high-fashion world of smudge-proof lipstick, lash-lengthening mascara, and that flirty eye shadow advertised in...


by Deborah Reber & Neryl Walker

Your day starts at 6am and ends at midnight--if you're lucky.

You keep up with all two hundred of your friends on Facebook.

You practically invented the word "multitasking."

Sound familiar?  You're not alone. ...