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100 Days of April-May

by Edyth Bulbring

April-May is back, and this time she's brought friends!

April-May is back for another year at Trinity College, and she still hasn't changed her socks.

Sebastian, aka Edward, aka the boy with the lime-green eyes,...

Stiffy Meets the Other Bears

by Stephen James

In book two, Stiffy Bear meets platypus and the rest of the teddies in his newly found family here in Australia... They all go on a picnic together plus lots more! This book begins a series of many exciting...

Rising Star (Cross Ups, Book 3)

by Sylv Chiang & Connie Choi

The continuing adventures of Jaden, Cali, and the Cross Ups crew.

When Jaden gets a call inviting him to Comicon to test out a new version of his favorite game, Cross Ups, he is thrilled . . . sort of. He’ll...

The Day Grandpa Bunny Forgot Ben's Name

by Isla Wynter

Grandpa Bunny is behaving strangely.

He forgets where he put the carrots.

He sits in a flower pot and doesn’t know why.

And one day, he even forgets Ben’s name.

What is going on with Grandpa Bunny?

The doctor...

Polly, Stubby & Al

by Donahue B Silvis & Fuzzy Duck Design

BEN and SARA DONOVAN live in a small community called Wolfe Lake with their two daughters, six year old MEGAN and eight year old KATIE. They have two pets, Polly a multi-colored talking parrot and Stubby a tan...

Small Fry Tales

by Tracy C Taylor

In Radcliff the Nosey Rabbit, a little bunny learns a valuable lesson in the difference between being nosey and being curious.

In Brian the Unbusy Beaver, a young beaver learns that being lazy can cause great...

Better Together

by Nikki Tate

Better Together explores how people gather in groups of all kinds to fulfill the basic human need for companionship. From the smallest units of parents, siblings and friends to global organizations that try...

Manners at the Theater for Young People

by Gail Reed & Denise Duren

Going to the theater can be a magical and memorable experience, but it can turn bad quickly if a child doesnt know what to expect, misbehaves or acts out.

Thats why its so important to teach children good manners,...

Manners and More for Girls

by Gail Reed & Carrie Brooks

If you want little girls to grow into well-mannered young ladies, then there are certain skills you need to teach them.

This illustrated guide makes learning those skills fun. Use it to teach the girls in your...

I Am Amazing

by Nicola Riley

I want my children and all children to feel great about themselves, to be fearless and to fulfil their potential for an amazing life. I Am Amazing will give your child the tools they need. Written in a way thats...

Make a New Friend

by Tricia Lynn & Judy Robling

Take a journey with Hannah, a little girl who just wants a friend to play with at the park. But the only boy at the park is . . . well, hes weird. But as her mother prompts her, she learns some very interesting...

The Big Big Heart

by Denise Barclay

The Big Big Heart talks about how we create our reality connecting with the feelings in our hearts and the power of the human emotions. This is a childrens story, but the message is for everyone.

The Tree Fire

by Star Curran

The Tree Fire tells the true story of a young boy who was rescued from a fire and the events that led up to the accident. The book helps to create safety awareness and offers tips and suggestions on how to play...

The Butterfly Child

by Osher River Oriyah & Kira Sta

The Butterfly Child is a heartfelt collaboration from Osher River Oriyah and Kira Sta*, bringing a message of oneness and the pure innocence of children. It is a true story and a Healing Song which was gifted...

A Bird Called Swoopy

by Prg Collins & Madeleine Simson

Swoopy is a black and white magpie who lives high up in a gum tree with his mom and dad, just near a golf course. One day when his parents are away finding food, he sees a pretty pink golf ball plop along the...

A Bear Called Bruno

by Prg Collins & Madeleine Simson

Bruno is a kind, handsome big old bear who has six children and two grandchildren! They live in the wilderness among hundreds of trees and bushes, alongside a fast-flowing river. Life is good, until one day...

A Dog Called Ruffy

by Prg Collins & Madeleine Simson

Ruffy is a lonely little dog who lives by the seaside and sustains himself with scraps from the rubbish bins along the beach car parks. One morning when he decides to beat the heat and take a dip in the ocean,...

A Baby in There!

by Marcelline Perry D. Min.

A Baby in There! is a delightful childrens story poem that helps little ones prepare for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister as they become aware of the fact that all babies are creations from God, Each...

My Military Mom

by Danielle Sinclair

This book is to let kids of all ages take a look into what their military mom goes through while they're away and reassures them that they are always loved and never forgotten.

A Ride to School with Daddy

by Tonya Simmons

She is excited and nervous! Its her first day of kindergarten, and she doesnt know what to expect. Mommy is off at work, so Dad has to conquer this day alone. Full of emotions and butterflies, she explores her...