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My Daddy Rules the World

by Hope Anita Smith

A picture book of poems that celebrate fathers from a two-time Coretta Scott King Honor--winning poet.

Who is your hero? Who's your best friend?

Who says he loves you again and again?


Told through the voice...


by Sanita Fejzić & Alisa Arsenault

Two mothers, a son, a world full of love. No, my son doesn't have a father! From the delivery room to the classroom, a woman whose motherhood is questi oned explains: her son doesn't have a father, but he's...

Off to War

by Deborah Ellis

Society of School Librarians International Honor Book

Deborah Ellis has been widely praised for her gripping books portraying the plight of children in war-torn countries. Now she turns her attention closer to...

What My Father Gave Me

by Melanie Little

Editor Melanie Little brings together seven outstanding women -- including Susan Olding, Jessica Raya, and Saleema Nawaz -- to write brilliant, powerful accounts of father-daughter relationships during their...

It’S Okay If My Mommy Changes

by Jill Lowe

When a mommy is diagnosed with breast cancer, her little girl feels afraid. What will happen to her mommy?

As her mother finds a way to gently tell her daughter about her treatments and how she will temporarily...

Little Man

by Penny L. Sanders & Fermin Cancino

This book is about a mothers love of having a little boy and how God blessed her with him. It is the journey of all the visions she has of him at each phase of him growing up.

Honey Says Goodnight

by Mary Swann Brown & Angel de la Pena

Little Honey enjoys the times she gets to stay with her Grandmother. And when she sleeps over, she delights in their ritual of how they get ready for bedtime. Join Honey and Grand as they prepare to say goodnight...

My Dad Has Cancer !!!

by Lauren Faye Uribe

Nine year old Lauren Faye Uribe is an artist, gymnast, cheerleader and dancer. She is very thirsty for life, meeting new people and outgoing. She has 3 brothers, 2 cats and a dog. Lauren enjoys making jewelry,...

"What Does J-W-D-L-N-T Spell?"  & Other Short Poems

by Marva Pachot Bourne & Candice Bourne

As our daughters (Candice and Dannette) were going through their early childhood years, they asked many questions and said or did cute, adorable things that were amusing and thought provoking. Some early mornings...

More Than One Daddy!

by Michelle V-Gregg, Alycia Vanderwiel & Jay Vanderwiel

A little girl telling a story of her mum and dads separation. She describes her feelings and emotions during that time from her perspective. She explains how, down the track, her mum meets a new man, who then...

Nonna & Grandpa

by Carolynne E. DeLisle

Carolynne DeLisle began writing her story after the birth of her first granddaughter. As a child herself, she would go visit her own Grandmother, but never knew everything about her life. The idea for this story...

Dealing with Loss

by Gevon Wade, Valencia Lavett & Sonny Heston

This nonfictional story offers a heart wrenching message from a juvenile prospective about friendship, love and loss. In this kid-friendly tale the narrator shines a spotlight on two boys who struggle to maintain...

No, You Sit Mummy. You Sit Daddy

by Sushania Lindsay

This is a story about a little girl named Rickelsha. She was about one - two years old when she was telling her mum and dad, "no you sit mummy and you sit daddy." That was whenever she was getting over the top,...

In a Family, Everyone Helps- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

It is very important that your child understands the concept of family, not just as a unit of society but as a circle where he/she belongs to. In this book, we're going to discuss how families help and care...

Dad's Need Hugs Too- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

Nobody’s perfect and no family is, but you can always make relationships better each day. This Children’s Family Life Book edition teaches your little ones that daddies need hugs too. Make your children...

Spending Quality Time with Mom- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

This is an inspiring read aloud book that will reinforce the idea of a mother to a child. Your child will learn different values as he/she reads through the pages of this book. Encourage sharing between friends...

Joseph's Journey: When Dad Left and Never Came Back

by Christina Nicole Smith & Dolores Melgar

As a mother, how do you explain an absentee father to your child without blame, anger or resentment? Empower them!  Seven-year-old Joseph shares his story about when he first learns about the POWER of choice...

I Love You Sour, I Love You Sweet

by Anita Higman & Jeneal B. Rogers

I Love You Sour, I Love You Sweet

A beautifully illustrated, whimsical, rhyming ABC picture book by bestselling author Anita Higman. Pictures by award-winning artist Jeneal B. Rogers. This timeless message of...

Heroes for My Son

by Brad Meltzer

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer brings together a remarkable group of heroes with one thing in common: they were ordinary people who became extraordinary.

Brad was inspired by the birth of his...

Heroes for My Daughter

by Brad Meltzer

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer brings together a remarkable group of heroes with one thing in common: they were ordinary people who became extraordinary.

A perfect companion to girl power...