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Remis Want to Learn Spanish

by Remis Family

In this new book, Remis show kids a simple way to learn the first words in Spanish.

Using images and bilingual reading (parallel text), is simple to learn Spanish.

With this method, your kids will easily begin...

Tales of Prophet Idris (?????? ?????) Bilingual Edition English & Russian

by Muhammad Vandestra & Мухаммад Вандестра

Prophet Idris (Enoch) is an ancient prophet and patriarch mentioned in the Qur'an, whom Muslims believe was the second prophet after Adam. Islamic tradition has unanimously identified Idris with the biblical...


by Khetam Dahi & Novia Elvina

Khetam Dahi captures the often-ignored voices and painful experiences of Syrian migrant children and their families. In a simple yet honest and powerful prose, Dahi, through the eyes of a child turning adolescent,...

Unique Primary English

by Yinka A. Amuda

Unique Primary English (Level 1) is especially designed for very young pupils and new learners of English in order to reach a globally competitive standard. This book will provide an excellent background for...


by Khetam Dahi

This book is a collection of short stories that capture the voices and often painful experiences of immigrants and their children. Although the narrator and her family go through tough times and face culture...

Musical Tree

by Chalkie Rose

In the first part of the Musical Tree series, Chalkie will talke newcomers and children through the basics of the English language, and Music Knowledge. Using the Piano, Chalkie will teach basic words and basic...

Little Sock in Wonderland

by Teresa Spalierno

Teresa Spalierno, nasce 35 anni fa a Bari si laurea nel 2007 in lingue e letterature straniere, nelle lingue inglese portoghese e tedesco, e inizia la sua carriera di insegnante di inglese per i bambini di età...

Time on a Line. Il verbo inglese in 60 minuti

by Christine Herring & Riccardo Bruscagli

Time on a Line is a chart offering a visual guide of the main tenses used in spoken English. Having a visual is a fast way to understand where the tenses (called tempi in Italian) are in relation to time. This...