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GROW: I Am a Survivor: A Child's Workbook About Surviving Disasters

by Wendy Deaton

I Am a Survivor is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth....

Hello from 2030

by Jan Paul Schutten

Will the future be what we think, or will our predictions be laughably wrong? Get a glimpse of what’s coming—and how we know—in this firsthand look at futurology, the science of predicting the future.


A Magic Ride in Foozbah-Land

by Jean Betschart-Roemer

Join two curious children and their diabetes educator on a colorful and amazing journey through the human body-learning first-hand what causes diabetes and how to manage it. With brilliant four-color illustrations...

The Official Book of Me

by Marlene Wallach, Grace Norwich & Monika Roe

Take care of yourself with style using this ultimate wellness guide, tailored to tweens and packed with tips, quizzes, and advice from a modeling agency executive.

Would you rather feel great, or look great?...

1 Year, 100 Pounds

by Whitney Holcombe

Part cheerleader, part drill sergeant, Whitney Holcombe chronicles how to transition from “the fat girl” to being a healthy, confident young woman.

At age fourteen, Whitney Holcombe stepped onto her bathroom...

Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies

by Jay McGraw, Steve Bjorkman & Phil MCGRAW

"Every day after that, Danny does something to frighten Craig....Craig is smaller and far too scared to tell even his parents, let alone his teachers. He is miserable. And every day, Danny tries harder to make...

The Secret to Teen Power

by Paul Harrington

The Secret is an international phenomenon that has inspired millions of people to live extraordinary lives. The Secret to Teen Power makes that knowledge accessible and relevant to today's teens. It explains...

Asking About Sex & Growing Up

by Joanna Cole & Bill Thomas

What do you want to know about sex?

Information about sex is everywhere. But what you learn from TV, movies, the internet, and friends is not always a healthy or accurate view of sexuality.

Now revised and updated...

Doing It Right: Making Smart, Safe, and Satisfying Choices About Sex

by Bronwen Pardes

Enjoy responsibly.

Sex. Sometimes it feels like everybody's doing it. Maybe you are. Maybe you're thinking about it. Maybe it's years away. Whatever.

You need to be ready -- in your head, and down there. You...

Loose Threads

by Lorie Ann Grover

Seventh grader Kay Garber’s happy home is made up of four generations of women: Great Gran Eula; Grandma Margie; Kay’s mother, Karine; and Kay. But on the evening Grandma Margie tells her family she has...

YOU(r) Teen: Losing Weight: The Owner's Manual to Simple and Healthy Weight Management at Any Age

by Michael F. Roizen & Mehmet Oz

Every stage of life has its share of obstacles. But many folks would argue that the teen years—with all the ups, downs, and in-betweens of freaky friends and freaky and fiery hormones—can be more complex...

Physical Disabilities: The Ultimate Teen Guide

by Denise Thornton

The issues rising from family, school, and relationships are the same for most teens, but teens who have visual, hearing, or physical impairments have additional obstacles to cope with and overcome as they enter...

How Loud Can You Burp?

by Glenn Murphy

How loud can your average middle-grader burp? Parents, librarians, and innocent bystanders are about to find out. This follow-up to the equally alluring WHY IS SNOT GREEN? tackles more of life's burning questions,...

Wild Kids: Two Novels About Growing Up

by Ta-chun Chang & Michael Berry

These two searingly funny and unsettling portraits of teenagers beyond the control and largely beneath the notice of adults in 1980s Taiwan are the first English translations of works by Taiwan's most famous...

The Shampoo Man

by Michelle Blanchard & Ekaterina Voites

Sometimes, shampoo in your eyes can sting and hurt and make you cry.  The Shampoo Man is a story of a child who does not like to take baths because the shampoo may hurt.  Children can get dirty throughout...

Cybot the Robot, cleaning up, its fun

by Alain Ruiz

Your child will have a lot of fun with "Cybot the Robot, cleaning up, its fun".The text is simple and pleasant. Illustrations support the text.

Have fun together

I Never Felt Loved

by Dorothy A. Burdette-Boyd

"I Never Felt Loved" is a book about a reserved teenager named Josie.  She is being raised by her sister Neela who was left to care for her and her sibling after their mom passed away.  Neela is not thrilled about ...

Manners Matter!

by Veronica Zysk & Temple Grandin

For decades Temple Grandin has been a voice and a positive force in the ASD community. Through her books and speaking engagements she has inspired and enlightened teachers, therapists, professionals, mother,...

The Story of Poobum & Pompom

by Anne Walsh

From the author:

When my youngest daughter was born, my eldest was very upset with me for having her sister and, with her sister for taking some of my attention away from her. I wrote this book to help my daughter...

Have You Hugged Your Alien?

by Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh is an art therapist living and working in Kemptville, Ontario.

She supports families through transitions such as divorce, illness, growing pains and loss.

Art therapy helps children identify, express...