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Mummies Exposed!

by Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Just when you think that you know everything there is to know about mummies, new ones are discovered! Packed with facts but light in tone, this book introduces young readers to the most compelling examples of...

CSB One Big Story Bible

by Csb Bibles by Holman

Bring the Bible to life for kids! As kids read the CSB One Big Story Bible, they will see scenes from this kids Bible pops off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented-reality,...

Archimedes and the Door of Science

by Jeanne Bendick

The Author, through text and pictures, introduces Archimedes- the ancient Greek mathematician who enriched mathematics and all branches of science. In a biography full of lively incidents, Bendick discusses...

My Weird School Fast Facts: Mummies, Myths, and Mysteries

by Dan Gutman & Jim Paillot

Think fast with A.J. and Andrea from My Weird School! This nonfiction chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7 who are ready to read independently....

National Geographic Kids Readers: Ancient Egypt (Readers)

by National Geographic Kids & Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Dig into the amazing past of ancient Egypt in this new Level 3 Reader from National Geographic Kids.

From pyramids and mummies to pharaohs and gods, kids will learn all about the history and culture of this...

The Egyptian Conception of Immortality

by George Andrew Reisner

Of the nations which have contributed to the direct stream of civilization, Egypt and Mesopotamia are at present believed to be the oldest. The chronological dispute as to the relative antiquity of the two countries...

Cleopatra VII : The Last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt - History Picture Books | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

History knows Cleopatra as a beautiful and powerful ruler of Egypt. But if that’s all that you know about her, then you're missing a lot! Cleopatra VII was an important figure during her time. Her words were...

The Aztec Government and Society - History Books Best Sellers | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

It’s interesting to know that despite the absence of great technological feats and volumes of information, the Aztecs were able to create a highly progressive government and society. How did they do it? Let’s...

Greeks and Persians Go to War: War Book Best Sellers | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

Why did you have to learn about wars, especially one that happened centuries ago. Well, you can learn from the cause and effect relationships of how the decisions of a few leaders caused the heartaches of thousands...

They Did All the Dirty Work in Ancient Greece: Slaves and Soldiers - Ancient History Illustrated | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

Think of the ancient Greek society like a ladder. The bottom steps are always the slaves and the soldiers while the high steps are the aristocrats. The slaves and the soldiers lived pitiful lives doing all the...

The Spanish Conquistadors Conquer the Aztecs - History 4th Grade | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

What happened when The Spanish Conquistadors Reach Aztec? Explore the world of historical facts and figures using informative edutaining books like this one. The means of explaining historical facts has to appeal...

The Daily Life of an Aztec Family - History Books for Kids | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

Did the Aztecs live like you do today? Did they sit down for dinner as a family? Did they go out on weekends to have fun? How did mommies and daddies bond with their kids? If you want to know the answers to...

Art, Religion and Life in Mesopotamia - Ancient History Illustrated | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

The ancient civilization of the Mesopotamia may have been long gone but it was never forgotten. Its influence in art and religion can still be seen today. If you take a look at the contents of this book, you...

Great King Hammurabi and His Code of Law - Ancient History Illustrated | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

It was a time of great societal unrest that the Great King Hammurabi decided to step forward and craft is Code of Law. His Laws included hundreds of laws with punishments, and these are considered too advanced...

The Powerful Kings of Mesopotamia - Ancient History Books for Kids | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

Mesopotamia saw many powerful kings in its long history of power. In this book, you will get to meet some of the most popular, influential and powerful kings in the kingdom. Who were they and what changes did...

The Kingdoms of Central Africa - History of the Ancient World | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

What were the kingdoms in Central Africa during the ancient times? Read this book to find out today. Reading about the past will help to influence your decisions today. Reading about the lives of the ancient...

What Was Daily Living Like in a Typical Greek Town? History Books for Kids | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

You don’t need to step into a time machine to know what life was like in a typical Greek Town. You can simply open this book to be transported to the olden times. If you do, you will begin to see how societies...

Inca Government and Society - History Kids Books | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

How did the ancient civilizations survive? Did they have a government? If so, then what was leadership like? Inca societies have distinct differences and similarities to the societies of today. They are worth...

The History of the Inca Empire - History of the World | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that the Inca Empire used to be the largest in the entire South America? Its society was built to adapt to regional environments and local ideologies. When they were discovered by Westerners, they...

The History of the Mayan Empire - History Books for Kids | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

The Mayan Empire was a civilization rich in stories. Some of these stories you can learn about today, thanks to the writings of historians. Learning about ancient history has been made more enjoyable with the...