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Speed Reading Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour

by Kam Knight

Think reading a 200 page book in 1 hour is difficult or impossible?

Think Again!

You already have the ability to read that fast, you are just not using the mind and eyes to their fullest.

Tap into the full potential...


by Corine Villeneuve & Emilie Bergeron

Whether on land, under water or in the air, Vehicles offers an overview of various means of transportation. Your children will be able to learn about the propulsion means, thanks to this colourful book. Ready...


by Emilie Bergeron & Corine Villeneuve

Emoticats is a funny and educational book that shows various basic emotions personified by cats. Your child will be able to better identify and manage their emotions. The role-playing will allow them to understand...


by Emilie Bergeron & Corine Villeneuve

Thanks to colourful pictures, Bugs invites you to discover the fascinating world of insects and other small bugs. It becomes child?s play to learn new things on the subject! Ready to discover the little world...

Farm animals

by Emilie Bergeron & Corine Villeneuve

Farm Animals is a funny classic that introduces the various animals that live on a farm. The attractive pictures and the realistic cries will no doubt get the attention of the young kids and will entertain the...

Animals of Africa

by Emilie Bergeron & Corine Villeneuve

Animals of Africa is an exotic classic that offers a safari of knowledge on the animals of the savannah and the jungle. While discovering Africa, you will get to know the animals in various ways; their food,...

Aquatic animals

by Emilie Bergeron & Corine Villeneuve

Aquatic Animals is a fascinating and surprising book that takes us to the mysterious marine world. Guided by a mythical being, your child will discover surprising facts about aquatic life. Ready to dive? The...


by Emilie Bergeron & Corine Villeneuve

Foods is both appealing and appetizing, and offers a wide range of words and pictures of foods that are both simple and true. The concept of the food groups is one of the learning tracks offered in this book....

SPELL IT - REMEMBER IT - How to spell those difficult words

by Mary Rhiando

“How d’you spell … ?”  is a question asked by many people of all ages ever since first we held pen and paper.

During the world’s earlier days this was understandable for few could read, libraries were...

Dictionary of the British English Spelling System

by Greg Brooks

This book will tell all you need to know about British English spelling. It’s a reference work intended for anyone interested in the English language, especially those who teach it, whatever the age or mother...