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When I Think of the Alphabet

by A Collection by Young Authors & Kelly Daly

When I think of the alphabet, I think of Amazing Babysitters, Crazy Dogs, Expressive Flamingos, Gorgeous Hats, Important Janitors, Kind Leopards, Massive Ninjas, Original Packages, Quick Rats, Sarcastic Tigers,...

Italian Picture Word Book

by Hayward Cirker & Barbara Steadman

Delightful learning aid contains 15 scenes of home, school, farm, beach, other environments with dozens of objects labeled in Italian.

Speed Reading Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour

by Kam Knight

Think reading a 200 page book in 1 hour is difficult or impossible?

Think Again!

You already have the ability to read that fast, you are just not using the mind and eyes to their fullest.

Tap into the full potential...

Let's Learn Mandarin Chinese Ebook

by Li Yu

Let's Learn Mandarin Chinese Kit is a complete language learning tool specially designed to introduce young children to the basic sounds, words, characters and phrases of Mandarin Chinese in a fun and interactive...

Abc of Teaching Spelling

by Joy L. Kirkby

With the current reading crisis in South Africa reaching critical proportions (Council on Higher Education Report, 2013) the importance of teaching reading cannot be underestimated. As phonics forms the basis...

Different... but the Same

by Everett Todd Adams

Different But the Same is Everett Todd Adams third installment of his language arts series featuring Tee Tee and Ceddy Keddy John. This time, Adams uses his witty dialogue and colorful illustrations to help...

Animal Families

by Sally King & Jacqueline Tee

These rhymes are original and fun, as well as being educational. This is a book for children to enable them to learn the gender names of animals. So few children learn these now, even though it is general knowledge...

SPELL IT - REMEMBER IT - How to spell those difficult words

by Mary Rhiando

“How d’you spell … ?”  is a question asked by many people of all ages ever since first we held pen and paper.

During the world’s earlier days this was understandable for few could read, libraries were...

Sight Word Practice Skills for Early Readers | 2nd Grade Reading Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s practice those sight words because through them, your child can slowly start to read and spell. Though it may sound like an easy subject to learn, there are much mechanics that go into play when taking...

See It & Say It! : Volume 1 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Learn about sight words, and prepare yourself for a wonderful reading adventure! Sights words are fundamental to learning to read. These are commonly used words in writing so it’s important that your child...

Sight Words 1st Grade Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

This beautifully designed book of sight words is designed to help your child smoothly transition from learning individual letters to reading simple words. Sight words are commonly seen words. By memorizing them,...

My Ball is a Circle and My Table is a Square! I Know My Shapes for Kids - Baby & Toddler Size & Shape Books

by Baby Professor

Learning shapes can be a blast when you have this educational book around. The combination of colors and vibrant pictures attract a child’s attention. Such combination also increases focus so a child will...

Goo Goo, Ga Ga! Baby's Babble to Baby's First Words. - Baby & Toddler First Word Books

by Baby Professor

Turn those baby babbles into actual words by setting the right learning environment. By that, we mean the use of age-appropriate educational books like this one. The next pages features a combination of vibrantly...

Up and Down; Day and Night: Opposites for Kids - Baby & Toddler Opposites Books

by Baby Professor

Learning opposites is very important in teaching a child to describe things or emotions. It’s also a topic that your child should learn early on in order to develop the skills required for spotting difference...

Big Things, Little Things, Skinny Things, Wide Things | A Size & Shape Book for Kids

by Baby Professor

This Size Book for Kids is ideal for your babies and toddlers who are only beginning to recognize different sizes. Illustrations here range from big to small and skinny to wide, with variations in designs and...

My Big Activity Book: Find Opposites for Kids at Home! - Baby & Toddler Opposites Books

by Baby Professor

You don't have to look too far or employ complex strategies to encourage reading. In fact, influencing a child to read could be as simple as choosing the right book. For instance, this book of opposites is perfect...

See It & Say It! : Volume 2 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Here is another set of words that you can add to your vocabulary. You need a strong set of word skills if you want to better express your thoughts and emotions. You will need sight words to read about what other...

Small Hands, Big Hearts | A Size & Shape Book for Kids

by Baby Professor

Your kids will truly recognize the illustrations featured in this book. They are composed of body parts with the addition of size and shape lessons for your kiddos. This is like hitting two birds with one stone...

Looking Good in the Skin I'm In | Baby & Toddler Size & Shape

by Baby Professor

This Size and Shape Books edition features a wide range of people and culture all over the world. This will not only educate your babies and toddlers about the different sizes and shapes, this will also make...

Kindergarten Sight Words Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

Little children cannot be stuck with just learning letters. At one point or another, they need to learn to read. The introduction of sight words makes this task so much easier. In this book, sight words are...