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A Kids' Guide to America's Bill of Rights

by Kathleen Krull & Anna DiVito

Which 462 words are so important that they've changed the course of American history more than once? The Bill of Rights: the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the crucial document that spells out how...

In Darkest England, and the Way Out

by William Booth

A work years ahead of its time, looking at the social issues in Victorian England and presenting pioneering ways of solving them from a Christian perspective. Although this was written over a hundred years ago,...

Students Beware: Life Does Not Begin at 21

by Lorraine Koster

It should not come as a surprise, but to many young people it does: What you do during high school and college can have a significant impact on career opportunities.

Some students think that as long as they get...

Al Capone: Dangerous Existence - Biography 7th Grade | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

Al Capone was a criminal but he was once loved by his community. Apparently, he is said to have lived the life of Robin Hood, in the sense that he was generous to the poor. Was that truth or fiction? Maybe reading...

Daring Heists: Real Tales of Sensational Robberies and Robbers

by Tom Mccarthy

Have you heard of the famous robbers D.B. Cooper or Marm Mandelbaum? Daring Heists: Real Tales of Sensational Robberies and Robbers, introduces readers ages 9 to 12 to the mystery and suspense of fascinating...

Blood, Bullets, and Bones

by Bridget Heos

Blood, Bullets, and Bones provides young readers with a fresh and fascinating look at the ever-evolving science of forensics.

Since the introduction of DNA testing, forensic science has been in the forefront...


by Karen Blumenthal

John Taliaferro Thompson had a mission: to develop a lightweight, fast-firing weapon that would help Americans win on the battlefield. His Thompson submachine gun could deliver a hundred bullets in a matter...