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Sheep on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

Did you know that the fluffy fur on a sheep is called wool? It's used to make some sweaters or blankets! Take a visit to the farm and learn about sheep with author Chana Stiefel.

Pigs on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

Did you know that some pigs can weigh over 400 pounds? Or that a baby pig is called a piglet? Author Chana Stiefel explores what a pig's life is like in PIGS ON THE FAMILY FARM.

Goats on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

GOATS ON THE FAMILY FARM explores a goat's life. Did you know that you can make cheese from goat's milk, or that goats are really great jumpers? Discover what a goat's life is like in this addition to the ANIMALS...

Cows on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

Author Chana Stiefel takes readers onto the farm in COWS ON THE FAMILY FARM. Find out how cows live, what they eat, and how they spend their days.

Chickens on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

What is a chicken's life like? What does it eat? Where does it live? Discover how a chicken lives on a small, family-owned farm.

Turkeys on the Family Farm

by Chana Stiefel

What are baby turkeys called? Poults! Find out all sorts of facts about a turkey in TURKEYS ON THE FAMILY FARM. Author Chana Stiefel explores where turkeys live, what they eat, and their life cycle in this exciting...

The Cowgirl Way: Hats Off to America's Women of the West

by Holly George-Warren

The 1840s ushered in the beginning of the largest migration in US history. People in crowded Eastern cities and Missouri River towns were feeling the pull of the Western frontier. It was the dawn of a new era...

It's Milking Time

by Phyllis Alsdurf, Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher

A lyrical and visual treasure—perfect for reading aloud to any child who's ever asked: Where does milk come from?

As the sun sets over the fields, a little girl and her father begin the evening milking. They...

A Girl from Yamhill

Beverly Cleary: Memoirs #1

by Beverly Cleary

Generations of children have grown up with Henry Huggins, Ramona Quimby, and all of their friends, families, and assorted pets. For everyone who has enjoyed the pranks and schemes, embarrassing moments, and...