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Mental Magic: Surefire Tricks to Amaze Your Friends

by Martin Gardner & Jeff Sinclair

Professor Picanumba has dozens of surefire tricks up his sleeve — and he's willing to show junior mathemagicians how to predict the answers to 88 word and number challenges. Includes solutions and illustrations....

Mind-Boggling Word Puzzles

by Martin Gardner & V.G. Myers

A famous puzzlemeister presents 103 perplexing brainteasers, anagrams, and rebus and logic puzzles. There are clues — and humor — in the 69 whimsical illustrations, plus solutions for anyone who gets stumped....

A List of Factorial Math Constants

by Unknown

This file contains factorials from 1!-99! by 1's, 100!-900! by 100's, and 1000!-10000! by 1000's. The program used to calculate the factorials was a simple Scheme program, the source code of which has been lost....


by Melva Lea Stewart

When classmate and frequent tormentor Bobby Blair makes fun of Mathildas incorrect answer to their teachers question of how many quarter cups are in a cup, Mathilda despises her nickname even more. Why did her...

Palu, Lulu and Friends

by Gerald Adventure

Palu, Lulu, and Friends a book where kids can enjoy singing, reading, and learning with family and friends, learning simple math and teamwork, and singing along with colorful characters. Truly, it is a gem to...

Counting the Uncountable

by Bob Konikow, Bob Duane & Richard C. Livngston

Many students think math is boring, but thats only because we too often teach it in boring ways.

You dont have to worry about that problem with this book, which is filled with colorful and fun illustrations...

The Math Teacher

by Gabriel Santiago & Marvin Paracuellas

This is a short fun book for children, showing them math simplified so they can learn its not hard and that its necessary to learn math in life. There are math questions and situations in this book showing that...

Let Us Sum It Up

by Catherine Daniel

Jolene is a working mother of three who loves her kids and wants them to succeed. Her son, Craig, and twins, Rebecca and Isabel, look up to their mother; they want to help her in any way they can. She does her...

Little Barton Again

by Fayad W. Ali & Shereen A. Khan


Little Barton Again comprises five short stories on Bartons early experiences in school. Bartons teacher uses novel ways to teach concepts in Geometry (plane shapes) and Number (fractions)....

Yet Another Little Barton

by Fayad W. Ali & Shereen A. Khan

Yet Another Little Barton Yet Another Little Barton comprises six short stories. Barton and his little friend share early life experiences which transcends school-work. The book is strong on family values, friendship...

Little Barton

by Fayad W. Ali & Shereen A. Khan

LITTLE BARTON Little Barton comprises seven short stories on Bartons early experiences in school. Barton and his little friend learn together as they engage in lively discussions on what they have been learning...

Still Little Barton

by Fayad W. Ali & Shereen A. Khan

Still Little Barton comprises seven short stories on Bartons early experiences with learning about concepts in measurement. Bartons and his little friend learn to tell time on their own, as they unravel the...

Walking with Barton

by Fayad W. Ali & Shereen A. Khan

WALKING WITH BARTON Walking with Barton comprises eight short stories involving young Bartons life experiences in different real-life situations. Mathematics problem solving is the main focus of the stories...

Ellie's Math Adventure

by Jennifer Piercy

This book is designed not only to help your child learn a math lesson but it also is a story filled with life lessons that makes it captivating for readers of all ages.

Judge Barton

by Shereen A. Khan & Fayad W. Ali

THE BARTON SERIES The Barton Series was conceptualized and written with the primary objective of encouraging young students to appreciate how mathematics is used in the real world. The series explore mathematics...

Jonathan Ray and His Superhero Pack

by Franny Vergo & Dwain Esper

Jonathan Ray and his Superhero Pack wait after school each day in their Pack Tree House for Holly the hummingbird to stop by and alert them of the latest kid villains character conflict that they need to solve....

Making Mathematics Meaningful - for Children Ages 4 to 7

by Werner W. Liedtke

The book provides a compendium of strategies and practical ideas designed to foster the development of young childrens conceptual, flexible, and creative thinking in mathematics.

The content includes: general...

Take Me Out to the Math Game

by Erin Highling

  • It is estimated that over 20% of all American adolescents play baseball
  • Author is a fourth and fifth grade math teacher with over ten years of teaching experience
  • Includes instruction, practice problems and...

  • Explore Shapes and Angles!: With 25 Great Projects

    by Jeanette Moore & Matt Aucoin

    This book is in the shape of a square. Or is it a rectangle? The pages are 2-dimensional. Or are the pages 3-dimensional? Geometry is all around us! In Explore Shapes and Angles! With 25 Great Projects, readers...

    Math Handbook for Students with Math Difficulties, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia or ADHD: (Grades 1-7)

    by Helmy Faber

    • Please note that the ePub edition of The Math Handbook for tablets and mobile devices may not appear as well organized since the material doesn't always appear together on a single page as in the print edition....