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Hey, Let's Make a Band!

by 5 Seconds of Summer

Hi everyone,

This book is pretty much our official story so far. It really does seem only like last week we played our first gig at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney. Since then we've been given the opportunity to...

One Direction: Our Story: Dare to Dream and Where We Are Collection

by One Direction

Join the band on their journey to superstardom.

This is the only official book from 1D charting their journey since 2012—from the places they visited and fans they met, to their thoughts and feelings, hopes...

One Direction: Meet One Direction

by One Direction

The only 100% fully official annual—written in collaboration with One Direction. This is the annual for all 1D fans! Find out straight from Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn what they think about success,...

One Direction: Where We Are

by One Direction

Calling all One Direction fans!

This is the only official book from 1D charting their journey over the last year and a half—from the places they've visited and fans they've met, to their thoughts and feelings,...

Punk Rock Etiquette

by Travis Nichols

Looking to start an underground band? Don't make a move until you've read this book!

So you KNOW you are destined to rock... well you're in luck -- all you need is this book! (Please note musical talent, bandmates,...

Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started

by Justin Bieber

"My story is something I like to share with others, to show people that with enough belief in yourself and what you can accomplish, anything is possible."—Justin Bieber

From Tel Aviv to Tokyo, over the past...

I Remember Clifford

by Margaret E. Brown

Clifford Brown will always be remembered by many. He will be remembered for his ability to play his trumpet; he will be remembered for his kindness to others, and his willingness to help others to fulfill their...

The Adventures of Haniel : Haniel Meets the Tempos and Famous Composers

by Yanina Neves & Lyle John Jakosalem

Haniel meets the tempos and famous composers! Continue on Haniel's magical and musical adventure of music theory. Discover the tempos' purpose in music, and what famous music composers have to say about theory!...

David Gets His Drum

by Bob Reiser, Eric Velasquez & David Francis

A wise man named Brulla Roberts once said. "Drummer man's magic doesn't come from the drum. The magic comes from the drummer man. "Undoubtedly true, but, as six-year-old David knows only too well, without that...

Abc’S for All Ages

by Patty Copper

From the accordion to the zither and everything in between, this rhyming picture book for children shares a journey through the alphabet featuring musical instruments. Through words and illustrations, author...

Piano Lessons Just for You

by Jane McDonough & Evelyn Helgelend

Piano Lessons Just for You is a book of songs with illustrations for all families or teachers with small children.

Lyrics and Poems Book 1

by James Alan Phillips

Lyrics and Poems Book 1, If You're Looking for Some - is a collection of lyrics and poems I wrote throughout the years from the year 1962 until 1985 based from all the experiences that I have. Book 2 is in the...

Simply Madeleine

by Madeleine Forte

Pianist Madeleine Fortes story is one of obstacles and successes, of extraordinary talent, and of a long and fascinating life of international study and performance. Born in Vichy-controlled French Algeria during...

Diane's Music Workbook

by Diane Mallard McGahee

As a private piano instructor of all ages with beginners as well as transfer students, it was a challenge to match the right student with the appropriate theory book. Thus became Dianes Music Workbook. Over...

Halloween Songs

by Aa. Vv.

A rich collection of spooky and fun Halloween songs that will make trick or treating and celebrating a unique and entertaining experience for the whole family, black cat and Jack O' Lantern included.

Musical Tree

by Chalkie Rose

In the first part of the Musical Tree series, Chalkie will talke newcomers and children through the basics of the English language, and Music Knowledge. Using the Piano, Chalkie will teach basic words and basic...

The Survival of African Music in America

by Francis H. Jenks & Jeannette R. Murphy

"Several years from now, when every vestige of slavery has disappeared, and even its existence has become a fading memory, America, and probably Europe, will suddenly awake to the sad fact that we have irrevocably...

The Great Depression Wasn't Always Sad! Entertainment and Jazz Music Book for Kids | Children's Arts, Music & Photography Books

by Baby Professor

Yes, you got it right! The Great Depression Wasn’t Always Sad! There were forms of entertainment that flourished during the era and we still see (and hear) their influence until today! Jazz was invented during...

Waylen Wants To Jam/ Waylen quiere improvisar

by Jo Meserve Mach, Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier & Mary Birdsell

Playing the drum is so much fun. Waylen could do that all day long. But learning to be in a drumline is different. How will Waylen learn to drum with his line? What happens when Waylen is jamming?

Finding My...

MyaGrace Wants to Make Music

by Mach Meserve Jo, Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier & Mary Birdsell

Everyone in MyaGrace's family makes music. MyaGrace plays the piano but it's not the same. She wants to join her family when they are making music. How is she going to figure this out? Fortunately, MyaGrace...