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Alex Ko

by Alex Ko

Alex Ko’s moving autobiography will inspire tweens to dare to dream big.


Alex Ko: From Iowa to Broadway, My Billy Elliot Story follows Alex’s journey from small town Iowa to becoming a famous Broadway performer...

Going Performative in Intercultural Education

by John Crutchfield & Manfred Schewe

Over the last two decades drama pedagogy has helped to lay the foundations for a new teaching and learning culture, one that accentuates physicality and centres on performative experience. Signs of this ‘performative...

Fantastic Female Filmmakers

by Suzanne Simoni

Women have been writing, producing and directing movies since filmmaking began in the early 1900s. From taming wild dogs to filming from the open door of a plane to being nominated for an academy award, women...

Zany Circus: Paradox

by Nanci Nott & Xanthe Turner

Imagine you live in a circus, and never go to school. You’re free to play pranks, read books, and hang upside down to your hearts content.

That’s what life is like for Zandee, Tobelia, and Kadin Zany.


The Tragedie of Macbeth

by William Shakespeare

The Tragedie of Macbeth, written between 1605 and 1608, is one of the most famous tragedies by William Shakespeare. Although the text is short, the play is particularly incisive because Macbeth is a timeless...

MyaGrace Wants To Get Ready

by Jo Meserve Mach, Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier & Mary Birdsell

MyaGrace loves music and dancing. Her school is having a big dance and she wants to go with her friend Emily. She has so much to do to get ready. What should she wear? How should she fix her hair? What color...

The Cambodian Dancer: Sophany's Gift of Hope

by Daryn Reicherter, Christy Hale & Bophal Penh

This beautifully illustrated children's book tells the story of a little Cambodian girl forced to leave her old world behind and find a new home in America.

In clear but simple language and vivid illustrations,...

Shakespeare: Investigate the Bard's Influence on Today's World

by Andi Diehn & Samuel Carbaugh

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” Teenagers have been sighing an approximation of these words for centuries, ever since William Shakespeare had Juliet utter them from her balcony in one of the most...


by HP Newquist & Aleksey & Olga Ivanov

Magic is a word we use to describe something amazing, awe-inspiring, or spectacular. Truly great magic makes us believe in things we know can't be real. In the hands of the greatest magicians, even a simple...

Finding Bigfoot

by Animal Planet

A howl in the distance. The biggest footprint you've ever seen. A blurry figure in the distance. These are the clues that lead us to believe there is something out there—Bigfoot.

Already a fan of the wildly...

Class Acts: New Plays for Children to Act

by Lin Coghlan, Philip Osment & Oladipo Agboluaje

The Wish Collector by Oladipo Agbolauje: A magical epic whirling from a playground in Britain to a village in Sierra Leone

The Acme Thunderer by Lin Coghlan: A funny, moving family drama of pigeons and siblings,...

The Mouse and His Child

by Russell Hoban & Tamsin Oglesby

A clockwork mouse and his child are discarded by children on Christmas Day. Lost and alone, they desperately want to get back home to the toyshop. Russell Hoban's masterpiece The Mouse and his Child is the tale...

Children in Theatre: From the audition to working in professional theatre: A guide for children and their parents

by Jo Hawes

Performing children have a very special existence which sometimes sets them apart from their peers. Parents are often excluded from this world but are expected to support them all the way. There is very little...

Children on Screen

by Frederick Levy

A guidebook for child and teen actors and their parents on the UK and US TV and Film industries from top Hollywood talent manager Frederick Levy.

• Training

• The Tools (Headshots, CV)

• The Players (Agents,...

I'm Not Here Right Now

by Thomas Eccleshare

On top of a mountain in the middle of a blizzard, you see a figure: eight foot tall, with white, matted hair covering his body. He stands upright on two legs. You see him. He sees you. But who will believe you...

Acting For Dancers: Dancing with Intention, How to be a Dance Storyteller!

by J. Alex Brinson & Sarah Brinson

Dancing is more fun when your imagination is engaged, when you feel connected to some story, purpose or circumstance. When you've rehearsed and learned the movement well enough to let it all go and just be free...

Guinness World Records: Awesome Entertainers!

by Christa Roberts

A brand-new Guinness World Records book for kids!

Awesome Entertainers! is the ultimate book of jaw-dropping performances, from the circus to the stage and beyond. Meet the world’s youngest professional drummer,...

The ABCs of Classic Hollywood

by Robert B. Ray

Speaking about the kind of filmmaking now known as Classic Hollywood, the most popular and influential cinema ever invented, Vincente Minnelli once gave away its secret: I feel that a picture that stays with...

Beyond District 12

by Mick O'Shea

Already dubbed "the new Twilight," and based on the best-selling series of young adult books, The Hunger Games is set to be one of the most exciting films of 2012. Beyond District 12: The Stars of The Hunger...

Cloudberry Castle

by Janey Louise Jones

Katie Mackenzie has always dreamed of being a prima ballerina like her mother. When their neighbour Dr Campbell dies, much to their surprise he leaves Cloudberry Castle to the Mackenzie family. Katie is devastated...