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Hypnotize a Tiger

by Calef Brown

This is the first longer-format, middle-grade collection from #1 New York Times-bestselling author-illustrator Calef Brown. Moving away from the picture book format offers Calef the opportunity to tackle a variety...

Presidential Misadventures

by Bob Raczka & Dan E. Burr

A spoonful of poetry helps the mockery go down! This collection of presidential poems is historical and hysterical.

The clerihew is a simple poetic form specifically invented to make fun of famous people--and...

Won Ton and Chopstick

by Lee Wardlaw & Eugene Yelchin

Won Ton has a happy life with his Boy, until...

Ears perk. Fur prickles.

Belly low, I creep...peek...FREEZE!

My eyes full of Doom.

A new puppy arrives, and nothing will be the same.Told entirely in haiku and with...

MOTHER GOOSE'S TEDDY BEARS - 21 Classic Rhymes for Children

by Frederick L. Cavally

This little book contains Mother Goose styled rhymes modified to include teddy bears, with full page color beautiful illustrations and elegantly illustrated rhymes all designed to grab your child’s imagination...


by Tyrone Anthony Norman

If your at the park stick your feet in the sand. Open the book and see where you land, or all depending on your mood. Professor Nutty is a pretty cool dude. Before you hit the sac, or today with a snack, but...

Animal Rap and Far-Out Fables

by Gwen Molnar

What do you do with elephants escaped from the zoo, or whales swimming loops around in your soup? Find out in this rollicking collection of readable, singable poems.

The Rickshaw Ride

by Anupa Pradhan

Get mesmerized as The Rickshaw Ride takes you on an enchanting journey, sitting in different colored Rickshaws. Ignite your babys imagination and help your little one understand vibrant colors. Create excitement...

Oh, No…Not Again!

by Audrey E. Simonson

Where is your Mousey? I asked my cat. No, not there where the curtain's pulled back. You left your Mouse Somewhere in the house But where? And I gave my Kitty a pat. What does a Mousey look like? you ask. Well,...

First Bites

by Dixie Moss

As young people begin studying Americas history, they often find themselves needing to learn and remember many facts. First Bites: Tidbits of American History for the Young and Young at Heart introduces an easy,...

The Oatmeal Bath

by Lorraine L. Hollowell

Can you imagine a snake throwing a ball or a little boy walking up high on a wall? Can you picture noses running in a race and invisible kids playing in an invisible place? In this book you will read about naughty...

Outside Is Where I'd Rather Be

by Lorraine L. Hollowell

What would you do if you were bullied by a classmate or a baby sister? What would you do if you lost your mom in a grocery store? If these things have never happened to you, that?s great! But unfortunately,...

The Best Pet Tales Ever

by Stan & Carol Hall

These stories are some everyday adventures we have experienced and want to share with others, adventures that have occurred thanks to the antics of our wonderful adopted four-legged family members and whose...

Hey, Little Bird

by Ramona Demery & Velva L. Campbell

Let us go with a child into his world of wonder. Go with a child before he has been immersed in the adult world of cell phones and computers. For a child delights in seeing other living things, the little baby...

Book #1, Just for Fun

by Lorraine Corre

This book, "Book #1, Just for Fun" probably asks more questions than it answers. For instance, what does an itch look like or can a dream about candy and cake really give you a stomach ache?

Do you think a young...

The Teachers are in Trouble and Other Rhymes

by Matthew Hartley & Lori Escobar

Matthew Hartley’s book, The Teachers are in Trouble and Other Rhymes, is sure to make you laugh out loud.

In these pages you’ll find the King of Burps, the boy who wouldn’t eat his greens, the teacher who...

Rhyme Stones

by Pat Skene & Graham Ross

In Rhyme Stones, we go spelunking, we meet a witch who can't stay on her broomstick, a schoolyard bully, and we see how a simple piece of cloth can become anything we want it to be. Each long poem is followed...

Monster Lunch

by Pat Skene & Graham Ross

In Monster Lunch we dine with Frankenstein, attend a burgoo and a birthday party, meet a grumpy garden dude and slurp hot zoop. Each poem is followed by an interview with the main character or fascinating facts...

What a Hippopota-Mess!

by Pat Skene & Graham Ross

The poems in this book tell stories of animals and nature, from two sweaty hippos, a smiling lizard and some creepy crawlers to a few tricky dandelions. At the end of each poem, find out more in an interview...

Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading

by Horace Elisha Scudder

The order of this book is in a general way from the easy to the more difficult, with an attempt, also, at an agreeable variety. The editor has purposely avoided breaking up the book into lesson portions or giving...

Math Talk: Mathematical Ideas in Poems for Two Voices

by Theoni Pappas

Who would have ever thought there was a direct way to connect mathematical concepts to poetry?

Creative juices were certainly at work when this book of mathematical dialogues was created by Theoni Pappas. It...