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The Cat of Strawberry Hill

by Fran Hodgkins

Lost at a highway rest stop on a trip to Maine, a kitten is chased by a dog, injured in a fall, and attacked by a herring gull. Exhausted, she is rescued by two innkeepers, who-with some reluctance-agree to...

Polly, Stubby & Al

by Donahue B Silvis & Fuzzy Duck Design

BEN and SARA DONOVAN live in a small community called Wolfe Lake with their two daughters, six year old MEGAN and eight year old KATIE. They have two pets, Polly a multi-colored talking parrot and Stubby a tan...

Emma and the Ice People

by Dave White & Barbi White

As children, we have no fear of the unknown. While Emma had been told to stay close to their hotel, not listening to her parents had chilly consequences … in a positive and groovy kind of way.

This special...

Jardi's Journey

by Gaye G. Fowler

Jardi's Journey takes you through the life cycle of a butterfly with photos. It tells the story about the creatures that Jardi meets and the difficulties that she encounters along her journey to becoming a butterfly....

Adventures of Domino

by Cora Jacobson

It all started about ten years ago yet it seems like yesterday.

I had a beautiful smart Beagle named Maggie and I was showing her picture around the office where I was working That was when Mark, one of the bosses...

Fun Days at School

by Lasya Munamarty

Fun Days At School gives the reader a window into the mind of a creative 6 year old as she relates the exciting events of her Kindergarten year.

Reading is Fun! Imagine That!

by Ruth A. Radmore

The first installment in a new educational activities series designed to help children expand their creativity and improve their reading and language skills, Reading is Fun! is a collection of children’s story-poems...

Nations Of Africa: Facts About The African Continent

by Speedy Publishing

Most children love to look at pictures, so using picture books is a fantastic way to get them excited about learning. Making your children aware of other parts of the world than their own is also important for...

Adventure Book For Kids 9-12: Super Fun Edition

by Speedy Publishing

As with adults, the personalities of children are very varied. Some kids can be really introverted and quiet. Still some others are adventurous and whimsical. These types of children would love books that have...

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green!: Colors Book for Toddlers: Early Learning Books K-12

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Introduce colors a bunch at a time with this beautifully illustrated coloring book. By following the instructions on how each image should be colored, your child will learn to recognize and appreciate the colors...

One Little Piggy: Counting Books for Toddlers: Early Learning Books K-12

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Counting is made much more exciting with this beautiful counting book. Each page introduces numbers in three ways - how it's written, how it's expressed non-verbally and how it's read out. Your child will have...

Sea Turtles : 101 Super Fun Facts And Amazing Pictures (Featuring The World's Top 6 Sea Turtles)

by Janet Evans

SEA TURTLES: 101 SUPER FUN FACTS AND AMAZING PICTURES ( FEATURING THE WORLD's TOP 6 SEA TURTLES) This book depicts the wonder of the world of Sea Turtles. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this...

Big Squares and Little Triangles!: Shapes Books for Preschoolers

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Trying to teach shapes to your little ones? This is the best book to start! Filled with attractive images featuring different shapes, this is a valuable resource that your child will love to have! There are...

What's That? Body Parts Book for Toddlers (Baby Professor Series)

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Teaching your child about his/her body parts boosts your child's awareness of his body and at the same time, skyrocket his/her vocabulary! Although toddlers will naturally learn about some body parts, there...

Stars So Bright: Book of Constellations (Kiddie Edition): Planets and Solar System for Kids

by Baby Professor

It's always a pleasant and calming feeling to look up at stars. But you can turn that feeling into one of learning through this picture book of constellations. Here, your child will be trained basic astronomy,...

Secrets Under the Apple Trees

by Anne Pinchera

This book is the first in a series of books targeting children ages 12 and up.  It is written as a mystery designed to challenge thinking skills of young readers and to enhance the love of reading.


Nations Of Asia: Fub Facts About The Asia

by Speedy Publishing

Learning about other countries and continents can be an exhilarating experience. Not only does it open children's minds and allow them to become more diverse, but it also teaches them unique trivia that is sure...

Planets And Moons In Our Universe: Fun Facts and Pictures for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

Space exploration is incredibly popular right now with adults and children alike, every day brings news about discoveries in our solar system and beyond. Kids in particular are always excited by all things space...

On The Farm For Kids: Fun Pictures for Kids on The Farm

by Speedy Publishing

As kids love the outdoors, there's no better way to draw their interest in reading than a book about farm life. This type of book would teach kids about how humans produce foods from plants and animals and the...

Atlas Of Human Anatomy: Kids Guide Book: Body Parts for Kids

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Science is a favorite subject of many children due to its visual lessons, and the way the subject taps into their imagination and natural desire for exploration. This atlas of human anatomy makes the oft complicated...