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The 1994 CIA World Factbook

by United States. Central Intelligence Agency

1994 CIA World Factbook

United States Central Intelligence Agency


Little Kids First Big Book of Why 2 (Little Kids First Big Book)

by National Geographic Kids & Jill Esbaum

Following up on the best-selling Little Kids First Big Book of Why, the next book in the hit Little Kids First Big Book series features even more of the endless "Why?" questions preschoolers love to ask!


Nations Of Africa: Facts About The African Continent

by Speedy Publishing

Most children love to look at pictures, so using picture books is a fantastic way to get them excited about learning. Making your children aware of other parts of the world than their own is also important for...

Light is Everywhere: Sources of Light and Its Uses (For Early Learners): Nature Book for Kids - Earth Sciences

by Baby Professor

Light awakens a child's curious self. But you can turn that mere curiosity into an enchanting educational experience through this fact-filled picture book. Explained meticulously in the pages of this book are...

Canada ABC

by Paul Covello

A is for Arctic, B is for Beaver …

Paul Covello’s gloriously bright and detailed board book for the very young highlights Canada’s iconic symbols, souvenirs and events, including the Dogsled, Inuksuk, Loonie,...

5th Grade US History Textbook: Colonial America - Birth of A Nation: Fifth Grade Books US Colonial Period

by Baby Professor

The birth of a nation is always riddled with complexities, wars, and victories. All those names, dates and other details may prove to be difficult for a 5th grade to process. But with these interactive educational...

Olympic Sports  - When and How?  : History of Olympic Sports Then, Now And Beyond: Olympic Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

This book is perfect for the young and aspiring Olympians. It provides a glimpse into the world of the greatest athletes, and your child can decide to either follow their footsteps or not. The nice thin about...

Gribbit! Fun Facts About Frogs of the World: Frogs Book for Kids - Herpetology

by Baby Professor

Fairy tales teach us that if you kiss a frog, that would become a prince. Well, science teaches us that if you do that, you're very brave! There are a lot of interesting facts you need to know about frogs that...

Let's Move It! What Makes Things Move (For Kiddie Learners): Physics for Kids - Mass and Motion in General Relativity

by Baby Professor

Discover why things move through this picture book. Composed of well-thought of pictures in clean formats, this picture book will teach your child to love learning and science too. This is perfect for early...

The Thirteen Colonies In The US : 3rd Grade US History Series: American History Encyclopedia

by Baby Professor

Use this book to take a ride back in time and learn about the 13 colonies that came into the shores of the US. Learning history has never been more engaging than this. Historical data are exquisitely presented...

4th Grade US History: The Civil War Years: Fourth Grade Book US Civil War Period

by Baby Professor

When the civil war raged in the US, some of your ancestors could have been one of those who got trapped in the battle. Learn about their experiences and understand the reason for the wars. This informative history...

Christopher Columbus & the Americas : 3rd Grade US History Series: American History Encyclopedia

by Baby Professor

Who discovered the America? The answer to that and many other historical data will be presented in the pages of this book. This educational book is an excellent addition to your child's library of educational...

Animals of the Arctic Tundra: Polar Region Wildlife: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids

by Baby Professor

What are the animals that survive the cold in the arctic tundra? Open the pages of this educational book to find out! The pictures included in this book, accompanied by simple texts, will definitely pull your...

Around The Globe - Must See Places in South America: South America Travel Guide for Kids

by Baby Professor

See the best of South America without the risks and costs of traveling. This picture book will take you on a tour of the continent within just a few minutes. Learn about the people, their culture, their race...

What Are Amphibians?, What & Why : 1st Grade Science Series: First Grade Books - Herpetology

by Baby Professor

Break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand bits through the use of colors and the limit of texts. This is the secret to encourage a young child to love learning. Images represent universal learning...

Alligators and Crocodiles Fun Facts For Kids: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids - Wildlife

by Baby Professor

Learn the differences between Mr. Alligator and Mrs. Crocodile in this easy-to-understand book. The pictures are spot-on and are complete with vibrant colors so similarities and differences are easy to distinguish....

Let's Get Charged! (All About Electricity) : 5th Grade Science Series: Fifth Grade Books Electricity for Kids

by Baby Professor

The purpose of this educational book is to teach your child the importance of electricity. However, unlike the school's official textbooks, this book contains just the right blend of text and images to facilitate...

Famous Scientists and What They Did : Pre-K Science Series: Scientists for Kids Preschool Books

by Baby Professor

All the good things that you enjoy today are products of the brilliant minds of scientists. These are the people who did a lot of research to discover more about the world, and from there, create technologies...

6th Grade American History: Founding Fathers and Leaders: American Revolution Kids Sixth Grade Books

by Baby Professor

Make history fun even with all the dates and information in tact with the use of this accurately summarized history book. The use of pictures and select texts attract the attention and make the lesson much more...

Things Before and After: How Technology has Improved Lives: Technology for Kids

by Baby Professor

Young children may not know what life was like before technology. This is your chance to open their eyes to a technology-less living. Imaginative and thought-provoking, this picture book will challenge your...