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The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo

by Dannah Gresh & Janet Mylin

The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo is designed to be used by a mother and her tween daughter; both can read and understand the same devotion and share in the “girl gab” section to discuss their understanding...

GW Apocrypha Ebook: The Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament

by Baker Group

The "hidden" books of the Old Testament Apocrypha offer insights into Jewish history, beliefs, and religious practices immediately prior to the birth of Jesus.

The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids

by Jesse Florea, Jeremy Jones & Joshua Cooley

This devotional is perfect for kids who love sports and who love fun trivia facts about sports, facts about sports heroes, and stories about sports figures who overcame odds and performed the extraordinary....

Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning

by Derek Melleby

National college transition expert engages students with the most pressing questions they will face and encourages them to make the most of their college years.

God Girl: Becoming the Woman You're Meant to Be

by Hayley DiMarco

Bestselling author Hayley DiMarco helps girls become the women God made them to be by embracing values such as modesty, etiquette, charm, and grace.

Danger Calling: True Adventures of Risk and Faith

by Jim Lund

True stories of adventure take readers on a high adrenaline ride and pose provocative questions that

move young men forward in their lives and faith.

Always: A Teen Devotional

by Melody Carlson

Bestselling author offers teen girls even more practical devotions based on the words of Jesus.

God Guy: Becoming the Man You're Meant to Be

by Michael DiMarco

In trademark, no-nonsense style, Hungry Planet challenges teen guys to be men of God offering practical advice on character, relationships, and spirituality.

Divine Dance, The: If the World is Your Stage, Who Are You Performing For?

by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

Shows teen girls how to stop "performing" for those around them-friends, family, teachers-and inspires them to perform for an audience of One.

Almost Sex: 9 Signs You Are About to Go Too Far (or already have)

by Michael DiMarco

In the tradition of Technical Virgin, Almost Sex speaks frankly to guys about the common misconceptions even Christian youths have about sexual loopholes that allow them to experience sexual activity without...

I Wonder About Allah: Book One

by Ozkan Oze & Selma Ayduz

A book that answers some of the cunning questions children ask about God (Allah).

Blessings for Little Ones (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

BLESSINGS FOR LITTLE ONES gives parents an easy and enjoyable way to teach toddlers that God has brand-new blessings to give them every single day.

101 Bible Stories for Toddlers (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

A captivating introduction to God and His love, specially written for three to six-year-olds, 101 BIBLE STORIES FOR TODDLERS will stimulate a child's sense of wonder and nurture young faith, laying the foundation...

The Guy's Guide to God, Girls, and the Phone in Your Pocket: 101 Real-World Tips for Teenaged Guys

by Jonathan McKee

The Guy's Guide will encourage your faith, challenge you spiritually, and give you real-life advice how to live out your faith in today’s highly secularized culture.

Wildcats in the House: Spiritual Stuff You Can Get from High School Musical

by Steve Russo

Christian application on peer pressure, identity, success, etc. from the wildly popular Disney movie High School Musical from a youth expert and his daughter

Little Pink Book of Prayers

by Cathy Bartel

From the bestselling little black book and little pink book series comes a new and fun gift book on prayer that teen girls will love. They'll discover God as their very best friend through cool stories, Scriptures,...

What Do I Do When, Friends: Answering Your Toughest Questions About Friends

by Kevin Moore

Filled with humor and grounded in God's Word, Kevin Moore answers tough questions about friends including: What do I do when my friends don't want Jesus? and What do I do when my friend is mean? Teens will be...

What Do I Do When, Sex, Love, Dating: Answering Your Toughest Questions About Sex, Love, and Dating

by Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore addresses questions like What do I do when my parents won't let me date? and What do I do when my date wants to get physical? Teens will find the answers backed by God's Word and in a context that...

What Do I Do When, Money: Answering Your Toughest Questions About Money

by Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore counsels teens that they cannot identify themselves by what they have, that loving money is a big mistake, and what they can do to guard their hearts against greed. Teens will gain a great foundation...

What Do I Do When, God: Answering Your Toughest Questions About God

by Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore encourages teens to seek God for themselves in the Scriptures and in their own hearts, plus answers questions like: Why do bad things happen to good people? and What do I do when I'm a Christian...