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Song of Solomon - Bible Commentary

by Matthew Henry

This is another volume in the series of Bible Commentaries of Matthew Henry.

In this Volume,  the entire text of the Song of Solomon is commented with notes of each chapter  are easy to read and understand...

Spiritual Idolatry

by John Angell James

Spiritual Idolatry is a book based on the word of God and written by one of the most important Christian writers of all time.

The John Angell James books inspired writers and important Christian preachers such...

Answers Book for Kids Volume 3: 22 Questions from Kids on God and the Bible

by Ken Ham & Cindy Malott

Now children can begin to understand both God's Holy Word and the importance of Him in their lives - what He expects from them, why it is vital to follow His plan for their lives, and the love He has for them....

Answers Book for Kids Volume 2: 22 Questions from Kids on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah

by Ken Ham & Cindy Malott

Discover how to answer some of kids' most interesting questions about dinosaurs and Noah's ark like:

  • How did all the dinosaurs fit on the ark?
  • How did Noah keep the animals on the ark from eating each other...

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories

by Logan Marshall

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories by Logan Marshall. The Wonder Book of Bible Stories is a 1904 children's literature by Logan Marshall printed in the United States. The book popularised biblical stories...

Men of Science Men of God: Great Scientists Who Believed the Bible

by Dr. Henry M. Morris

One of the most serious fallacies today is the belief that genuine scientists cannot believe the Bible. 

THE TRUTH IS that many of the major scientific contributions were made by scientists who were dedicated...

5-Minute Devotions for Girls

by Zondervan

Make every moment with God count with the Faithgirlz 5-Minute Devotions for Girls for readers ages 8-12.

Written for girls on the go, this 5-minute devotional will help busy girls slow down and take time to grow...

I Am Safe and I Am Loved

by Marita Veronica & Uzi Sulistyo

I Am Safe and I Am Loved teaches children that they are never alone if they call on Archangel Michael. It also addresses how children can cope with traumatic situations.

God Loves You!

by Michele Hayes-Grisham & Sheila Preston-Ford

All people want to be loved, and we are! In our hectic world, we are sometimes in such a hurry that we forget that God loves us! It is so important for children to know there is a God and that he loves them!...

Jesus Is Coming Back!

by Laura Hayworth & Amber Icenhour

Reaching to the unsaved, this book demonstrates the path towards eternal life in heaven. Revealing to young people their need to be born again, this selection joyfully brings young students to a personal relationship...

The Birth of Jesus Christ Through the Eyes and Ears of My Great Uncle Sylvester the Mouse

by Jim L. Stafford

I wanted to write a Christmas story so that all youngsters could understand. I wanted to give them a story and a message that they could remember. When writing a story for a child, you have to come down to their...

Jesus Was with Me All Along

by Julie Mastel & Toby Mikle

This book explores the challenges of growing up being on the autism spectrum. It is designed so that these children can feel accepted for who they are, especially by their friend Jesus who is always with them....

Monica’S Miracle

by Monica McKeen

Monicas Miracle is a true story about a little girl who wanted to be best friends with Jesus. She soon discovers a true miracle in her life.

Felizli Kidz

by Elizabeth Sablon & Liliana M. Sablon

Have you ever wonder about how to teach scripture to your children in a fun-filled, interactive way? Felizli Kidz: Bible ABCs at a Glance was inspired and written in a way that parents can interact with their...

Who’S Right? What’S Right?

by Wanda Lawrence

A Sunday school class is learning about the Ten Commandments. A young girl in the class is struggling with the third commandment and using the Lords name in a vain manner. She begins to understand that Gods...

Lively Hope

by Jennifer Asp & Melody Villars

Advent is the four-week season that prepares the church to celebrate Christmas by remembering Jesus coming to earth. But the story of Advent really stretches all the way back to Creation and all the way forward...

Wake Up, God

by Carol Fowler, Mps

Wake Up God is the story of a little pilgrim and his puppy and their journey to find God. The little pilgrim meets the wise old monk who shows him that God has many hiding places and can be found in creation...

An Invitation to the Sanctuary

by Diana Rowe

Can an invitation change your life? Yes, it certainly changed the life of a young boy. This invitation grants you access into the most sacred places from earth all the way to heaven. All your fears and misconceptions...

A Synopsis of the Bible

by Wayne Sherman

This document can be a significant help to anyone who is trying to understand the Bible and what it means. It does this by explaining the history, background, primary themes, and messages of each book contained...

God’S Amazing Creativity

by Ronald L. Epperson

Many of us are familiar with some of the better-known qualities of God. We all know that God is loving, forgiving, and merciful. But there is something else that you need to know about God. He is a creative...