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A Young Person's Guide to Christianity

by R. Douglas Wardrop


R. Douglas Wardrop believes that most books describing Christianity are filled with errors and are boring. This book is biblically accurate and is never boring! It uses strong graphics and colorful...

Every Day with Jesus (eBook): 150 fun devotions for young readers

by Paul J. Loth

EVERY DAY WITH JESUS is a wonderful way for young children to spend time with God every day. Parents can help children make their time with God meaningful with these 150 special devotions that show how Bible...

A Young Man's Guide to Discovering His Bible

by Jim George

God's Word can change your life-for real. But that can't happen until you commit yourself to knowing the Bible.

That's what this book by bestselling author Jim George is all about-knowing the Bible, discovering...

A Young Woman's Guide to Discovering Her Bible

by Elizabeth George

What is God's take on the issues nearest to a teen girl's heart? Issues like acceptance, loneliness, friendships, and relationships?

There's no better place to find out than the Bible-you'll be amazing how relevant...

More Beautiful Than You Know: Celebrating the Young Woman God Created You to Be

by Jennifer Strickland

In a new version of her acclaimed book Beautiful Lies, Jennifer Strickland tells you that when you turn away from the mirrors of the world and look into the never-changing mirror of the Word, your beauty, purpose,...

101 Bible Stories for Toddlers (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

A captivating introduction to God and His love, specially written for three to six-year-olds, 101 BIBLE STORIES FOR TODDLERS will stimulate a child's sense of wonder and nurture young faith, laying the foundation...

Scripture Confessions for Teens: Life-Changing Words of Faith for Every Day

by Keith Provance & Megan Provance

Your Words are Full of Power

What you say really does make a difference, so why not let your words work for you? This book is full of Scripture Confessions of the promises God left for you and about you. When...

Prayers for Little Hearts (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

In simple, rhyming language PRAYERS FOR LITTLE HEARTS will help toddlers to better understand the meaning of prayer. Jam-packed with basic prayers and bright, sunny artwork, it is a wonderful way for parents...

Prayers for Little Boys (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

PRAYERS FOR LITTLE BOYS for 3-6-year-olds will make youngsters realize that they can talk to God about anything. This book includes four sections each with fifteen short, easy-to-remember prayers. The adorable...

Prayers for Little Girls (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

This adorable prayer book for 3 to 6-year-olds will make youngsters realize that they can talk to God about anything at any time. PRAYERS FOR LITTLE GIRLS includes prayers on topics such as birthdays, grandma...

Goodbye High School, Hello World: A Real-Life Guide for Graduates

by Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz

Like any good guidebook, this book tells high school graduates ahead of time what they can expect to encounter--the dangers and the opportunities--humorously and practically preparing them for the most exhilarating...

Stomping Out the Darkness: Discover Your True Identity in Christ and Stop Putting Up with the World's Garbage!

by Dave Park, Neil T. Anderson & Josh McDowell

No matter what you see when you look in the mirror, God sees something better. That's because God sees you as the person you can become. Discover how to break free of negative thoughts and discover the joy of...

One Life: 50 Powerful Devotions for Students

by Jim Burns

Fifty fresh devotional readings cover major issues faced by students today: sexual purity, the pressure to compromise, family relationships, trusting God, servanthood, worry, fatigue, and daily surrender.

The Soul of Spider-Man: Unexpected Spiritual Insights Found in the Legendary Super-Hero Series

by Jeff Dunn & Adam Palmer

Inspired by the stories and characters in three of the biggest box-office smashes of all time, this insightful book zooms in beyond the special effects and movie stars to examine the unexpected spiritual lessons...

Talks Your Dad Never Had With You

by Dr. Harold D. Davis

God created fathers to love, protect, support, and encourage their daughters to live a life of integrity and purity. However, many fathers have failed in their responsibility. Talks Your Dad Never Had with You...

A Young Woman's Guide to Setting Boundaries: Six Steps to Help Teens *Make Smart Choices *Cope with Stress * Untangle Mixed-Up Emotions

by Allison Bottke

Today's world brings special challenges to young women. The good news is you can learn to cope with these challenges when you understand how to set healthy boundaries. As you do, you'll be joining thousands...

Super Duper Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

by Bob Phillips

Knock-knock some silly sense into your friends, family, and anyone else willing to say "who's there?" When you are all tired of staring at the TV or computer screen, it's time to scream-with laughter. And this...

The Big Book of All-Time Favorite Bible Stories (eBook): 32 great stories for little people

by V. Gilbert Beers & Ronald A. Beers

With unforgettable characters like Noah, Jacob and Esau, Joseph, David and Goliath, Esther, and Paul, THE BIG BOOK OF ALL-TIME FAVORITE BIBLE STORIES is destined to become a well-loved addition to your children's...

The Bible in 366 Days for Guys (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

THE BIBLE IN 366 DAYS FOR GUYS contains 366 key Scripture passages from the Bible accompanied by a short, yet powerful message for each day. Eight to 12-year-olds will find guidance and advice on issues like...

The Bible in 366 Days for Girls (eBook)

by Carolyn Larsen

THE BIBLE IN 366 DAYS FOR GIRLS contains 366 key Scripture passages from the Bible accompanied by a short, yet powerful message for each day. Eight to 12-year-olds will find guidance and advice on issues like...