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A Kids' Guide to America's Bill of Rights

by Kathleen Krull & Anna DiVito

Which 462 words are so important that they've changed the course of American history more than once? The Bill of Rights: the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the crucial document that spells out how...

Reaching Your Goals: The Ultimate Teen Guide

by Anne Courtright & Peg Raasch

This book presents teens five simple steps to reach their goals. Through the use of 'no sweat quizzes' and other unique methods, teens learn to become successful and turn failures into positive stepping-stones...

Spanish Tales for Beginners

by Elijah Clarence Hills

A wonderful classic collection of Spanish stories for both those new to the language as well as those who are fluent.  

"In selecting these Spanish Tales for Beginners, three objects have been kept in view:...

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories

by Logan Marshall

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories by Logan Marshall. The Wonder Book of Bible Stories is a 1904 children's literature by Logan Marshall printed in the United States. The book popularised biblical stories...

My Weird School Fast Facts: Pizza, Peanut Butter, and Pickles

by Dan Gutman & Jim Paillot

Think fast with A.J. and Andrea from My Weird School! This nonfiction chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7 who are ready to read independently....

Part Of The Rainbow: An Inspiring Tale About Diversity, Acceptance and Love (Mindful Mia Book #3)

by Asaf Rozanes

Mia’s story is one we can all relate to, the differences between us and learning to accept our own unique traits. 

As Mia struggles to find her place in a class devoid of green, she learns how special she...

Education Is Power

by Lenny Williams & Adua Hernandez

This story is about African-American civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois and it teaches children about the need for education. Young W.E.B. Du Bois will be talking about how education gave him the POWER to...

Let's Learn Mandarin Chinese Ebook

by Li Yu

Let's Learn Mandarin Chinese Kit is a complete language learning tool specially designed to introduce young children to the basic sounds, words, characters and phrases of Mandarin Chinese in a fun and interactive...

Our Solar System

by Daniel E. Okagbare

This book is written to provide some basic education on the solar system to young children from kindergarten to third grade. The book presents a concise illustration of the components of the solar system at...

Ricki the Writer Writes Verbs in “Let’S Play Ball!”

by Lynne Brig

Baseball season starts in two weeks, and Ricki is preparing. She practices every day until the season begins. When she takes a break from baseball, Ricki and her friends retreat to the tree house to practice...

Manners at the Theater for Young People

by Gail Reed & Denise Duren

Going to the theater can be a magical and memorable experience, but it can turn bad quickly if a child doesnt know what to expect, misbehaves or acts out.

Thats why its so important to teach children good manners,...


by Melva Lea Stewart

When classmate and frequent tormentor Bobby Blair makes fun of Mathildas incorrect answer to their teachers question of how many quarter cups are in a cup, Mathilda despises her nickname even more. Why did her...

Manners and More for Girls

by Gail Reed & Carrie Brooks

If you want little girls to grow into well-mannered young ladies, then there are certain skills you need to teach them.

This illustrated guide makes learning those skills fun. Use it to teach the girls in your...


by Lisa Aquilina & Alicia Brown

Alphamations is an empowering journey through the ABCs, filled with simple yet powerful affirmations that encourage a positive and optimistic mind-set and belief system. The bright, colorful illustrations stimulate...

Palu, Lulu and Friends

by Gerald Adventure

Palu, Lulu, and Friends a book where kids can enjoy singing, reading, and learning with family and friends, learning simple math and teamwork, and singing along with colorful characters. Truly, it is a gem to...

I’M Special and It Shows, from My Head Down to My Toes

by Erica Brazel & Jasmine Cole

This is a book to help children learn more about their different body parts, from their head to their toes, and all the bits in between. It gives them an idea of what each part can do, how they work, and with...

Holbox Speaks

by Sylvia Berenfeld Tencer & Diana Barron

HOLBOX SPEAKS is a unique story that will unite the whole family in a great adventure with laughter and smiles.

Juanita is a nine year old girl who befriends a dolphin while walking on the beach of a small seaside...

Hospital Sick

by Carol Christian & Avery Callan

Whats the difference between regular sick and hospital sick? How do I get to the hospital? What happens when I get to the emergency room? What are veins, and why are they so important to doctors? Allow your...

Access to Earth and Physical Science

by Joy Comingore & Shauna Adams

The investigations are designed to be used by teachers, family child care providers and others who work with and care for young children. There are two series of investigation sample books: One series is designed...

Tennis for Little Humans by Baron and Monkey with a Little Help from Venetia Thompson

by Venetia Thompson & Steve Adams

The final book in the series looks at playing the game and deals with the difficult issue of winning and losing. The best use of this book and the first two books is in conjunction with parents or teachers.