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Our Solar System - Everything you want to know about the Earth, the Sun and all our Solar Systems Planets and Moons up there

by Dan Bell

Our Solar System - Everything you want to know about the Earth, the Sun and all our Solar Systems Planets and Moons up there

Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks Planet

by Curtis Manley & Jessica Lanan

Do you wonder

if humans

are the only beings who wonder

if they are alone

in the universe?

Our sun is a star.

In the night sky are all kinds of stars,

and orbiting those stars

are planets like the ones in our own solar...

Pocket Bios: Neil Armstrong

by Al Berenger

A colorfully illustrated, pocket-size picture book biography of the first man to walk on the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Neil Armstrong is an American astronaut most famous for being the first person to walk...

Basher Basics: Space Exploration

by Simon Basher

From the best-selling and compelling Basher, comes a book that shines its light into out-of-this-world beings who make the universe tick.

Learn about the amazing research that is revolutionizing space exploration,...

Rocket to the Moon!

by Don Brown

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong took "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" when the Apollo 11 landed on the moon. But it wasn't just one man who got us to the moon. Rocket to the Moon! explores...

Flying to the Moon

by Michael Collins

Based on the adult bestseller Carrying the Fire

In time for the 50th anniversary of man's first landing on the moon, this re-release of Michael Collins's autobiography is a bold, sparkling testament to exploration...

UFOs Caught on Camera!

by Ryuho Okawa

What is in the sky above you? In the Summer of 2018, over 60 types of UFOs appeared before the author. UFOs Caught on Camera !is a detailed compilation of Okawa's sightings, with visual analysis of the luminous...

Engineering in Space

by Michelle L. Pantoya, Emily M. Hunt & Jenn Reeves

Engineering in Space: Adventures of an Astronaut Engineer is an exciting look into space through the eyes of an engineer. From lift-off to touch-down, engineering principles are integrated with a first-hand...

Deep Space Jams

by Victoria Robinson

Deep Space Jams captures and retells factual astronomical, musical events that transpired above earth in the void we know as outer space. Deep Space Jams is designed to not only inform the reader about historical...

Dropping Clues from the Sky

by Harry Vallejo

A groundbreaking hypothesis. Alien messengers are among us. They have been on this planet throughout human history. Whoever these messengers are, in a very subtle way they're trying to guide us to venture out...

Glitter the Unicorn goes to the Moon

by Callie Chapman & Bronwyne Carr Chapman

Glitter the Unicorn and her best friend Ellie receive tickets to go to the moon. They board a rocket ship. When they land on the moon they meet a moon queen that sends them on an adventure through the galaxy...

Everything You Know About Space is Wrong

by Matt Brown

Indulge your curiosity with this humorous and fascinating book that demystifies the surprising myths about space.

In the latest book from the Everything You Know is Wrong series, Matt Brown brings you a compendium...

This Is Rocket Science: True Stories of the Risk-taking Scientists who Figure Out Ways to Explore Beyond (Science & Nature)

by Gloria Skurzynski & National Geographic Kids

..three, two, one… we have liftoff! From the award-winning author of Are We Alone? comes a title to propel young imaginations far into space. This Is Rocket Science explores the past, present, and future of...

American Moonshot Young Readers' Edition

by Douglas Brinkley

In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, New York Times bestselling author and historian Douglas Brinkley delivers a young readers’ edition of a story rooted in heroism, bravery,...

Can We Live on Mars? Astronomy for Kids 5th Grade | Children's Astronomy & Space Books

by Baby Professor

It is said that Mars is Earth’s sister planet. Next to Earth, it is the most habitable planet in the solar system because it is neither too hot nor too cold. It has enough sunlight for solar panels to work...

How Do Scientists Discover New Planets? Astronomy Book 2nd Grade | Children's Astronomy & Space Books

by Baby Professor

We know so much about the galaxy because of the hardwork of brilliant scientists. But how do they do it? How Do Scientists Discover New Planets? This astronomy book for second graders will explain the entire...

Neil Armstrong : The First Man to Walk on the Moon - Biography for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

You’ve probably heard of Neil Armstrong and his historic moon landing. But other than that part of his life, what else do you know about him? This biography book will discuss the life of Armstrong before he...

Spectacular Women In Space

by Sonia Gueldenpfennig

Space is the final frontier and these ten women have established their place on it. This collection of ten biographies features women who have made an important contribution to the exploration of space. Included...

Explore Comets and Asteroids!: With 25 Great Projects

by Anita Yasuda & Bryan Stone

Have you ever wished on a shooting star? Shooting stars often appear when the earth passes through the dust and debris left by a passing comet. Explore Comets and Asteroids! With 25 Amazing Projects takes readers...

Fun Facts about Galaxies Astronomy for Kids | Astronomy & Space Science

by Baby Professor

The galaxy is so big scientists don't really know what’s out there! What little information our scientists have gathered have been published in several books. This book, however, further breaks down these...