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Backyard Biology: Investigate Habitats Outside Your Door with 25 Projects

by Donna Latham & Beth Hetland


Life is everywhere, thriving in the city and in the country, teeming in ecosystems around the planet—in deserts, oceans, and even the Arctic. And life is right outside your door!...

The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (The Illustrated, Original Edition, Revised and Augmented)

by Charles Darwin

The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex is the second edition of a book on evolutionary theory by British naturalist Charles Darwin. The first edition was published in 1871, and the second, enlarged...

Charles Darwin

by Charles Darwin

From The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin

Edited by his Son Francis Darwin:

My father's autobiographical recollections, given in this book, were written for his children,—and written without any thought that...

Coronavirus loses the battle

by Olga Markova

Coronavirus wants to conquer the world. Fortunately, Phagocyte and Lymphocyte are there to defend the body.

Produced in partnership with Institut Curie | Association Actine, Fondation Ipsen, and Editions du...

The Three Amigos: Tammy, Timmy, and Tommy

by Ike Morah

The three characters in The Three Amigos - Tammy, Timmy and Tommy happen to be part of the nature around us. Tammy the owl is a teacher, because as we all know, the owl is claimed to be wise. Timmy the fox is...

On the Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin's groundbreaking work of evolutionary biology, "The Origin of Species" introduces the scientific theory of evolution, which posits that species evolve over a period of many generations through...

Why Don't Cars Run on Apple Juice?

by Kira Vermond & Suharu Ogawa

Curious kids ask the best questions!

What keeps the stars from falling from the sky? Why do metal boats float? And more importantly, why don't cars run on apple juice?! All these questions and more are found...

Manny & Me

by Fred Riek & Gabe Riek

Manny and Me tells the story of a chance encounter between a praying mantis and a young boy that develops into an enduring summer friendship. Over the course of the summer, the boy is eager to interact with...

Evolution: How Life Adapts to a Changing Environment With 25 Projects

by Carla Mooney & Alexis Cornell

Why do humans walk on two legs? Why do fish have gills? Life on Earth is incredibly diverse and part of the reason for this is evolution, or the theory that living things change with time. Evolution: How Life...

Extinction: What Happened to the Dinosaurs, Mastodons, and Dodo Birds? With 25 Projects

by Laura Perdew & Tom Casteel

In Earth's 4.5-billion-year history, more than 5 billion species have gone extinct, some of them at the same time. How can 75-95 percent of species on Earth disappear at one time? What event could cause such...

Summary & Study Guide - A Crack in Creation

by Lee Tang

Power and Peril of Gene Editing

CRISPR/Cas9 Technology

This book is a summary of “A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution,” by Jennifer A. Doudna and Samuel H. Sternberg....

Skin: The Largest Organ In The Body - Biology Books for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Biology is a rather interesting subject. You cannot know all the facts about one particular topic in one day but at least you can gather some of the most useful ideas. For example, this educational book will...

I Can Hear, See, Taste, Smell and Feel! Senses Book for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

I have five senses to help me experience the world around me. My ears help me to hear. My eyes allow me to see. My tongue helps me taste. My nose helps me smell and I feel with my hands. Read and learn about...

Virus vs. Bacteria : Knowing the Difference - Biology 6th Grade | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that how you got sick will determine what treatment methods will work for you? If you were infected by a virus, doctors normally would just allow your immune system to fight it. If you were infected...

The Human Brain - Biology for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

The human brain controls your thoughts and actions. It is the king of all organs working consistently inside your body to keep you alive. In this biology book, we're going to read about the human brain. Learn...

How Food Travels In The Body - Digestive System - Biology Books for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

See how food travels in your body from the moment you put it inside your mouth until you discharge of the waste products. Did you know that the digestive system is responsible for processing the food you eat...

It's In Your DNA! What Is DNA? - Biology Book 6th Grade | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Your DNA holds important clues on your ancestry. You will know where you came from if you allow scientists to study your DNA and if you do, you’re in for a big surprise! Biology is a huge subject so learning...

The Little Soldiers in the Body - Immune System - Biology Book for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

Do you know what’s the best way to explain biology to kids? You use storytelling. You use characters that would attract the attention and active participation of a child’s imagination. It is by these that...

The Functions of the Human Nervous System - Biology Books for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

What use is the human nervous system? If it’s damaged, what will happen to you? This biology book will introduce the nervous system, or it can be used as a reviewer of human biology. Your child will surely...

Cells: Experience Life at Its Tiniest

by Karen Bush Gibson & Alexis Cornell

All living things, from the common cold to every plant, animal, and person on Earth, is made up of cells. In Cells: Experience the World at Its Tiniest, readers ages 12 to 15 investigate these basic building...