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Molecules of an author in search of memory

by Dei, Luigi

Loosely based on Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table, the play has a Fahrenheit 451 setting. In a world without books or memory appears a common man, the Man in the street, with some heets of writing that he cannot...

Why Don't Cars Run on Apple Juice?

by Kira Vermond & Suharu Ogawa

Curious kids ask the best questions!

What keeps the stars from falling from the sky? Why do metal boats float? And more importantly, why don't cars run on apple juice?! All these questions and more are found...

Diary of a Wimpy Geek

by Jeff Child

Martin is a nerd, and he is curious by nature. Perhaps this is why he has studied so much. But his curiosity takes a toll on him when he combines the four elements and adds a little substance to it called “zin.”...

The Dark Beast

by Jeff Child

An enormous monster terrorizes the city. Something needs to be done!

A giant creature, an intelligent professor, and a tough corporal are about to confront each other with their best and worst characteristics....

Diary of a Wimpy Boy

by Jeff Child

The story of Wesley, a smart boy who invented magic potions!

Meet Wesley, a boy with a high intelligence and a moral conscience. In his chemistry class, the teacher challenges all the gifted students to find...

Nature's Building Blocks

by John Emsley

John Emsley's Nature's Building Bocks was published in paperback in 2003. In this readable, informative, and fascinating guide to the elements are entries on each of the 100-odd chemical elements, arranged alphabetically...

Feathers and Petals All over the World

by Jian Xu

The book is an illustration of Chinese traditional art style, calligraphy. In each painting, there is a national bird and national flower of each country, and there is a brief introduction of that country, the...

Amusing Ways for a Budding Alchemist

by V. Alwin George

A Fun Ride You Always Wished For Have you ever wondered why you fear something? Chances are there. It is a matter worth thinking. Fear is the offspring of unawareness or ignorance. Once you learn driving well...

Flames and Explosions

by Henry A. Bent

Education in chemistry occurs best when the three components of the Trianglean experiment, a description of the experiment, and an explanation of the experimentare at the same place at the same time. Lectures...

Molecules and the Chemical Bond

by Henry A. Bent

MOLECULES and the Chemical Bond is about understanding Schrdingers equation, for chemical systems.

In his famous Lectures on Physics, Richard Feynman quotes Paul Dirac on what it means to understand an equation....

Roberto's Adventures

by Salih Yucel

The adventures in chemistry, and all around the galaxy to teach children what they can do, even they are eight years old.

Sky is the limit, when the imagination of an eight-year old kid runs to find solutions...

Explore Atoms and Molecules!: With 25 Great Projects

by Janet Slingerland & Matt Aucoin

Atoms and molecules are the basic building blocks of matter. Matter is every physical thing around us in the universe, including our own bodies! In Explore Atoms and Molecules! With 25 Great Projects, readers...

Human Movement: How the Body Walks, Runs, Jumps, and Kicks

by Carla Mooney & Samuel Carbaugh

In Human Movement: How the Body Walks, Runs, Jumps, and Kicks, readers ages 12 to 15 learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body and discover how bones, muscles, organs, and nerves work together...

Molecules and How They Work! Chemistry for Kids Series - Children's Analytic Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Is chemistry too difficult to understand? Not if you have this educational book around! Composed of select information on molecules and presented in a child-friendly format, this book will definitely capture...

Humans, Animals and Plant Life! Chemistry for Kids Series - Children's Analytic Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Learn about humans, animals and plant life in this carefully created analytic chemistry book for kids! Let your child discover the wonderful of life on his/her own pace. These educational books are highly effective...

Chemistry Lab Mysteries, Fun Laboratory Tools! Chemistry for Kids - Children's Analytic Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s have in the laboratory! Let’s mix some chemicals and be amazed at what we make. Chemistry is made easy with this cool educational book. This is perfect for introduction to the subject, if you want...

An Introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements : Chemistry Textbook Grade 8 | Children's Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Do you know what the Periodic Table of Elements is? If you don't, then you're in luck because we will give you a quick but very critical overview! This educational reference will make a great addition to your...

Acids and Bases - Food Chemistry for Kids | Children's Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Food chemistry is not taboo. There are many kids these days who really do well in the kitchen because they understand tastes, acids and bases. By adding science to cooking, the results become phenomenal. Use...

Molecules & Elements: Science for Kids | Children's Chemistry Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Science can be tough but that doesn't mean it can't be made fun for kids to understand. It all depends on the presentation of the subject. In this case, it's all about the combination of texts, examples and...

The Science of Tastes - Introduction to Food Chemistry for Kids | Children's Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Science is everywhere! In fact, it’s also present in the food you eat. Your can use this really cool chemistry book to bring science closer to the consciousness of your young learner. This is an amazing book...