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Love’s Coming-Of-Age

by Edward Carpenter

First published in 1906, "Love’s Coming-Of-Age" is a short book of essays by English writer Edward Carpenter.

"Love’s Coming-Of-Age" is a look at gender roles at the start of the 20th century, and Carpenter's...

De Profundis

by Oscar Wilde

While imprisoned in Reading Gaol from 1895 to 1897 for homosexual practices, Oscar Wilde wrote "De Profundis", an impassioned letter to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas. In the first section of the letter, Wilde...

A Problem in Greek Ethics

by John Addington Symonds

Originally published in 1883, "A Problem in Greek Ethics" by John Addington Symonds is a ground-breaking study of the Greek institution of paiderastia. This was a custom by which adolescent men made alliances...

A Problem in Modern Ethics

by John Addington Symonds

First published in 1896, "A Problem in Modern Ethics" by John Addington Symonds is an historically significant essay and one of the first attempts in modern times to examine homosexuality, putting it in a medical,...


by Sanita Fejzić & Alisa Arsenault

Two mothers, a son, a world full of love. No, my son doesn?t have a father! From the delivery room to the classroom, a woman whose motherhood is questi oned explains: her son doesn?t have a father, but he?s...

Sodom and Gomorrah

by Marcel Proust

In this fourth volume from "In Search of Lost Time", Proust’s novel takes up for the first time the theme of homosexual love, male and female, and dwells on how destructive sexual jealousy can be for those...

Am I Transgender?

by Bsrn, A. Lite & Math

This is a how-to book. It is written to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of transition for both female and male transfolk. It is composed out of much research and a lot of personal experience. As the title...

Representing the Rainbow in Young Adult Literature

by Christine A. Jenkins & Michael Cart

Discussions of gender and sexuality have become part of mainstream conversations and are being reflected in the work of more and more writers of fiction, particularly in literature aimed at young adult audiences....

Snobs, Dogs and Scobies

by Elizabeth O'Hara

Snob: Ruán’s life is golden. He lives in a beautiful home on a beautiful street and he’s sure he’ll breeze through the exams. Everything is perfect. Dog: Emma lives just a few doors down from Ruán, but...


by Robin Stevenson

For LGBTQ people and their supporters, Pride events are an opportunity to honor the past, protest injustice, and celebrate a diverse and vibrant community. The high point of Pride, the Pride Parade, is spectacular...

Hear Me Out

by Planned Parenthood of Toronto

More and more gay teens are speaking out about the realization of their sexuality, and about the consequences -- the reactions of friends and families, schoolmates and society in general. These heartfelt memoirs,...

Branded by the Pink Triangle

by Ken Setterington

A history of the persecution of gay men by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. When the Nazis came to power in Europe, the lives of homosexuals came to be ruled by fear as raids, arrests, prison sentences...

Intermediate Types Among Primitive Folk - A Study in Social Evolution

by Edward Carpenter

This vintage book contains Edward Carpenter's ground-breaking study of homosexuality, "Intermediate Types Among Primitive Folk - A Study In Social Evolution". It is a fascinating study of social evolution centered...