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The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To:  Respect: Your Action Plan to Create Your Own Safe and Fabulous Place in the World

by The Severson Sisters

The activities and tools within The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To:  Respect were devised by a team of educators, social workers and psychology experts. The goal is to teach girls the importance of self-respect...

Body Image and Appearance: The Ultimate Teen Guide

by Kathlyn Gay

This book tackles such topics as the cultural standards of what a 'perfect' body should look like, methods for changing appearances, and matters related to height. Throughout this volume, the author offers advice...

Understanding Self-Esteem

by Alan D. Weber (Ph.D.)

Self-esteem is the internal way we see ourselves and assume that other people see us as well. Whether these views are correct or not is another story. Dealing with low self-esteem can make life difficult as...

Loving Ordinary Life

by Anastasia Petrenko

We all want to live a happy life, but we can easily fall into a state of despondency. We prefer to smile, but more often we frown. We like being inspired, but most likely, we can't recall the last time when...

angry, ANGRY Angus

by Katrina Sealey

Angus sometimes feels angry, but how can he tell people how he feels without losing his temper? His family and friends show him how to listen to those around him and to talk about what he is feeling. Angus learns...

My Smile is my Super Power

by Glenn Stucki

Great Smile, Great Life

At the age of 11, Glenn Stucki suffered a traumatic brain injury from a boating accident that left him in a coma for weeks. After years of rehabilitation, Glenn emerged as one of the most...

The Little Book of Character Strengths

by June Rousso Ph.D. & Maima Widya Adiputri

The Little Book on Character Strengths is a colorfully illustrated poem highlighting and describing the 12 most popular character strengths. The bright colors and creative illustrations along with the poetry...

I Am Amazing

by Nicola Riley

I want my children and all children to feel great about themselves, to be fearless and to fulfil their potential for an amazing life. I Am Amazing will give your child the tools they need. Written in a way thats...

Superhero Powers

by Jenna Bayne

You are a superhero, and this is your life mission!

Did you know you were born a superhero? You were born with special gifts, and these gifts are your superpowers. These powers are easily overlooked because they...


by David A. Cheramie & Polina Hrytskova

Everyone has dreams he or she wishes to achieve. Dreams make us feel alive and motivate us deep inside to fight for that goal. This book is about a girl named Ryleigh, who has big dreams despite having to overcome...

I'm so Lucky You Are Mine

by Jocelyn DeJong, Deborah DeJong & Joel DeJong

Im so lucky You Are Mine is a story about the deep and amazing love that exists between two people, especially a parent and child. It warms your heart and inspires your soul to tell that special someone just...

Emotional Banking for Kids

by Yvonne Brooks & Yasmin Soferi

We all have emotional bank accounts. Just as we want our traditional bank accounts to have positive balances and to be filled with money, we also need our emotional bank accounts to have positive balances and...


by Pauletta M. Francis & Joshua Allen

I strongly believe in the power of affirmations and that positive thinking matters. This is the message that I want to get across to every child in the world. They have the power to change their lives. This...

Mystery Within

by Jodie Child & Stephen Adams

Mystery Within A childrens story connecting to mindfulness. Giving children a strong foundation in life. The mystery encoded deep inside our inner being. The mystery that is hidden deep within us all. Our soul!...

I Love Me

by Catherine A. Haala & Jacqueline Rodriguez

Loving oneself allows us to love one another. Self-love is the cornerstone to high self-esteem, love of others and to living life to its fullest potential.I Love Meembraces the good in all of us as it joyfully...

My Mommy and Daddy Loves Me Too Much: Self-Esteem—Love Yourself; Don’T Hurt Yourself

by Rolanda Russell

My mommy and daddy told me it is important that we have a good relationship with each other from the ground up that way we can talk about any and everything especially the most difficult ones. They said that...

I Am Thabeka

by David R. Donald

It is often interesting to know why an author chose to write a particular story.

First, in order for me to explain this reason, I need to tell you a little about my background. I have worked as a teacher, then...

Total Package Girl

by Kristi K. Hoffman

This is a great time to be a girl growing up in the world. In Total Package Girl, author Kristi Hoffman captures the moment with wonderful tips and ideas for girls everywhere. Have fun with it.Christine Brennan,...


by Sharon A. Ortegon

This book is all about you. Yes, thats right; the book is all about you and only you. This book is a poem about you. You where on my mind when I wrote this book. This is my poem book to you for a positive outlook...

My Magic Glasses

by Virginia Butler Gray

What if your child could take full responsibility for how they feel?

What if your child could exchange negative feelings for positive ones?

Put on these magic glasses and see that no one else can control how...