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The Rope of Gold: A Mystery Story for Boys

by Roy J. Snell

Outdoorsman and amateur sleuth Johnny Thompson is at it again in this thrilling mystery tale for younger readers. Set in and around Haiti, this case involves a long-sought-after treasure known as the Rope of...

The Lost Prince

by Francis Hodgson Burnett

Twelve-year-old Marco has lived his entire life in a series of dingy, barely habitable rented flats, moving around Europe at a moment's notice, and seeing his father only sporadically. Remarkably, along the...

The Dare Boys of 1776

by Stephen Angus Cox

Younger readers with an interest in history and battlefield action will appreciate this thrilling fictionalized account of the Revolutionary War. Part of the popular "Dare Boys" series of juvenile historical...

Forests of Maine: Marco Paul's Adventures in Pursuit of Knowledge

by Jacob Abbott

Learning doesn't have to be drudgery, as this exciting tale proves again and again. Younger readers with an interest in history and geography will adore Forests of Maine from author Jacob Abbott. Intrepid adventurer...

The Valiant Runaways

by Gertrude Atherton

Though originally intended for younger audiences, The Valiant Runaways is a rip-roaring action-adventure tale that will ensnare the interest of readers of all ages. Roldan Castanada is a young man who has strong...

Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls

by Edith Van Dyne

Under the pen name "Edith Van Dyne," Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum created the memorable character Mary Louise, a spirited teenager with a knack for solving mysteries and righting injustices. In Mary Louise...

Mary Louise in the Country

by Edith Van Dyne

This is the second book in a series of novels for younger audiences penned under a pseudonym by L. Frank Baum. Mary Louise in the Country takes up the issue of home rule for Ireland and features a co-starring...

Mary Louise Solves a Mystery

by Edith Van Dyne

"Edith Van Dyne" is the pseudonym under which L. Frank Baum penned a popular series of novels for younger audiences. In this tale, indefatigable heroine Mary Louise finds out that her beloved grandfather has...

The Dorrance Domain

by Carolyn Wells

This charmer geared for younger audiences will draw in even reluctant readers. Fed up with the rat race and hassle of life in the big city, four children and their doting, adventurous grandmother take up residence...

The Forest of Mystery

by James H. Foster

Part of James H. Foster's series of action-adventure novels geared for young audiences, The Forest of Mystery begins with a chance encounter with a mysterious figure who recruits intrepid explorers Bob and Joe...

The Perambulations of a Bee and a Butterfly: In Which Are Delineated Those Smaller Traits of Character Which Escape the Observation of Larger Spectato

by Elizabeth Sandham

This charming tale follows the adventures of a bee and a butterfly as they make their way in the sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes dangerous natural world. Although the quirkily archaic language may make it...

Her Benny: A Story of Street Life

by Silas Hocking

Methodist minister Silas Hocking scored a major bestseller with Her Benny, an inspiring tale that follows the trials and triumphs of one Benny Bates, a young boy whose life has fallen to pieces and who is forced...

Wizard Will: The Wonder Worker

by Prentiss Ingraham

After a military career that ended with a stint as a colonel in the Confederate Army, Prentiss Ingraham turned to writing, penning hundreds of books over the course of several decades. This charming novel centers...

Alive in the Jungle

by Eleanor Stredder

The unthinkable befalls the Desborough family when a wolf steals away with their young son Carl, absconding with him into the depths of the Indian jungle. The whole family mourns his loss -- except for his sister,...

Doing and Daring: A New Zealand Story

by Eleanor Stredder

British author Eleanor Stredder grew up in a large family and had an inborn understanding of the kind of stories that could ensnare the attention of quickly bored children. This knack came in handy when Stredder...

The Blue Envelope

by Roy J. Snell

Younger readers with a love for the great outdoors will adore Roy Snell's The Blue Envelope, which is set in the wilds of Alaska. Plucky heroines Marion and Lucile are faced with danger and deprivation, but...

The Crimson Flash

by Roy J. Snell

Ten-year-old twins Marjory and Margaret MacDonald may be wealthy beyond most people's wildest dreams, but that doesn't mean that they don't like to have fun, just like other kids their age. While attending the...

The Crimson Thread: An Adventure Story for Girls

by Roy J. Snell

Late one night, Lucile Tucker comes face to face with a mysterious apparition. Just as she's convinced herself that it was nothing more than a figment of her imagination, she finds incontrovertible proof that...

Hour of Enchantment: A Mystery Story for Girls

by Roy J. Snell

This globetrotting mystery story geared to younger audiences begins when fearless heroine Florence Huyler happens to witness a nefarious deed. Her tireless search to bring the perpetrator to justice unfurls...

The Phantom Violin: A Mystery Story for Girls

by Roy J. Snell

Younger readers won't be able to put down this exciting mystery from author Roy Snell. Florence Huyler, her best friend Jeanne, and a new companion, Greta Clara Bronson, have taken up residence in an abandoned...