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The Bobo's: The Trip to the Zoo - A Book on Bully Intervention

by Mongo Allen

What happens when a 12 year old girl named Yasa doesn't want to go to school because she is being bullied? Her friends BeKee and the Bobo's jump into action to get her help from the smartest person they know...

The Wishing Flower

by Jackie Martinson

Children see the world and all the wonders around them with different eyes. Have you ever wondered why that is? In this book you see things through the eyes of a little girl named Myah. She saw a wishing flower...

The Adventures of Ricky Raccoon: Volume One

by G. Brian Weeks

Ricky started down the path, and then all of a sudden, he fell five feet down into a pit filled with snakes. Ricky screamed as the snakes started to circle him. The walls of the pit were too high for Ricky to...

The Artt of Early Learning Series: Welcome Smart Artt

by D.A. Batrowny

Meet Smart Artt. He is loved by all! Since the moment Smart Artt was born, he's always doing something that makes him even smarter. Unfortunately, his ideas often cause a bit of mischief! He will make you smile....


by Catherine Weyerhaeuser Morley

James, a giraffe, lives with his quiet, loving family on the African plain. He is bored and wants some foolish fun in his life. He leaves his family and spends a day chilling with crocodiles, splashing with...

Sparkie's Great Adventures: The Great Space Adventure

by Levi Smith

Oh no, what kind of danger has Sparkie gotten her friends into? Will they be able to make it back home safely? Join Sparkie and her friends on a great adventure into space! Be by their side as they face off...

Sally & Lil Ranch Critters

by Ms. Joyce

When Sally the horse gets adopted, she is surrounded by unfamiliar creatures. Will she ever be able to accept her new master? Join Sally and Lil Ranch Critters as she makes new friends, masters her fears, and...

The Goat in the Boat

by Carolyn Christopher Simer

Find out what happens to Joe when he wakes up late and finds chaos in the barnyard. Learn alongside Joe the importance of caring for your pets. An easy-to-read, humorous story for you and your child to read...


by Tara Stephens

Life is always an adventure when you're a tiny mouse. When Lora Franks rescues Mouse and moves to the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, they get to explore Native American culture, dance in a Pow-wow,...

Chester Jester Finds His Smile

by Sharon Kramer

Sometimes Chester's dad said as a joke, "Chester, your rememberer just must be broke." What happens when Chester forgets what his brain couldn't find, no matter how much he jiggled and juggled his mind? Join...

A Girl Called Ugly

by Julianne Taylor

It was during this time in poor Ugly's life that she wished she had never been born. She had no friends to share her feelings with and happiness was like an elusive butterfly that refused to stay in one place,...

Moon Dust

by Crystal Moore

Michael dreamed of going to the moon, Meeting new friends and eating good food. Playing in moon dust with Cherry, Juan, and Charlie, Made him happy to see his clothes sparkly. Waking up for dinner, Michael went...

The Little Pine Tree

by Mark E. Labriola Sr.

The Little Pine Tree is very sad, having grown up away from all the other trees. His only wish is to have a purpose and be a blessing to mankind. So when a group of soldiers come and cut him down, he's thrilled....

Chuck and Spark Explore the Park

by Pamela Witter

Discovering new things can be scary. The first day of school or making friends is not always easy. That is how Chuck the oak leaf felt when the wind picked him off the tree and carried him down to the ground....

Rainbows and Peaches: Aliyah's Story

by Gail Ann Gagnon

Come join Aliyah as her imagination takes you on an adventure with shooting stars and rainbows that leave the scent of peaches in her bedroom forever more.

Have You Ever Seen a Bird Skip?

by Linda L. Smith

What, a bird too afraid to fly? Horace gulped as he glanced up toward the sky. He wanted to soar way up in the clouds and fit in with the other birds, but felt embarrassed because he was afraid. Have You Ever...

Balloons in Heaven

by Marti Coleman-Veach

Have you ever wondered where your balloon floats to when it goes up so high? Or if it's okay to feel hurt when a love one has to go far, far away, and you can't see them anymore? Join a little boy on an adventure...

Frogs Don't Have Teeth

by Anita Ross Houston

Explore the world around you through the Nita Mop Adventures. Anita Annette has an unusual nickname, but it fits her. She is Nita Mop. You will learn to love her wild, wispy hair, her big smile, and her happy-go...


by Wendy Lynn Burden

Have you wondered what heaven is like? Imagine playing and running with lions, swinging with monkeys, or swimming with a whale. Picture being face-to-face with Jesus and having the comfort of His love every...

The Easter Hamster

by Darrin Jon Johnson

Tallahassee Roy is back to try to take over another holiday, and this time, he's not taking no for an answer. Join Roy on his trip to Easter Island for the fictional history of the Easter Bunny. Will Easter...