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David Beckham, Eat This: Western Wildcats 5

by John Larkin

When Tangles doesn?t turn up to training for a couple of weeks, it looks as though the Wildcats will be facing more recruitment problems. Then Splinters spots Tangles up at the shops wearing a bandanna and a...

Armitage Shanks and the Footballer's Bones: Western Wildcats 4

by John Larkin

The Wildcats are in trouble again! Down on the ground, there?s got to be some way of raising funds, and their coach comes up with health food bars. Only trouble is they?re inedible, and whoever sells the most...

Gazza's Gone: Western Wildcats 3

by John Larkin

Trying to get enough kids to form a decent football team isn?t easy! It?s not just the playing time involved on the weekends; it?s the training sessions after school and at night too. But when the Wildcats reluctantly...

Wembley Wobblers: Western Wildcats 6

by John Larkin

Splinters has somehow managed to scoop the jackpot and score the Wildcats a gig playing at the reopening of Wembley Stadium. The team is excited until they realise that they are scheduled to play the cream of...

Soccer's Off: Western Wildcats 1

by John Larkin

The Western Wildcats might appear to be a bunch of losers, but Paul and Eric Underwood?s father has come up with the formula for making them winners: they?ve got to start acting Brazilian. Everyone should wise...

Lasagne Brain

by John Larkin

Eric Underwood, also known as Spaghetti Legs and Pizza Features, serves up the final course in the pasta trilogy: Lasagne Brain. Eric would love to be an intellectual and here he unexpectedly takes the journey...

Aussie Angels 18: Shark in the Dark

by Margaret Clark

Mum is out on the surfboard and narrowly misses being attacked by a shark - or maybe it was just a false alarm. When Alice the labrador falls off the rocks and nearly becomes shark bait though, Meg and Mike,...

Western Wildcats Suck: Western Wildcats 2

by John Larkin

The Western Wildcats are in trouble. About the only good thing you could say for their goalkeeper, Smokin (so called because he?s never without a Chupa Chup in his mouth!), is that he?s got a newish pair of...

Aussie Angels 16: Pups 4 Sale

by Margaret Clark

Everyone at Animal Haven is stunned when Alice has eight pups: four golden and four black labradors! Clearly, the father is Lex, the pedigree black lab from down the road. But before long the pups get out of...


by Gary Crew

In the second volume of the Sam Silverthorne series, Sam sets sail to China in search of a rare carnivorous butterfly. Before it is released in England and kills again he must track down the enraged Chinese...


by Gary Crew

In the spring of 1891, thirteen-year-old Sam Silverthorne is left in the care of his heartless Aunt Bertha as his father, Sir Arthur Silverthorne, Ornithologist to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, sets out on an...


by Gary Crew

Sam sets off to the exotic isles of the Indian Ocean in search of a shell whose deadly venom could provide the antidote for all known toxin but one member of Sam?s expeditionary party has gone along for another...

Aussie Angels 3: Seal with a Kiss

by Margaret Clark

When Meg and Mike help their father to rescue a fur seal in trouble, little do they know that their little brother Mark will fall in love with her and want to keep her in their backyard swimming pool. Everyone...

Banasura: The Thousand-Armed Asura

by Anu Kumar

`Banasura used his thousand arms to good effect, wielding five hundred bows that sent off a storm of arrows towards Krishna...? Banasura was fierce to look at with his thousand arms carrying a thousand different...

The Key to Shimr Citrines

by Roopa Pai

Mithya's eight worlds - Shyn, Lustr, Sparkl, Glo, Dazl, Shimr, Syntilla and Glytr - were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa, Tufan and Zvala...

Mythquest: Uchchaishravas

by Anu Kumar

'Uchchaishravas broke through the frothy white waters and galloped across the ocean bed...' He was the magnificent seven-headed heavenly steed who flew across the skies faster than human thought. A symbol of...

Rajula and the Web of Danger

by Deepa Agarwal

One night fifteen-year-old Rajula's carefree life in the green hills of Kumaon is changed forever. A mysterious man begins to haunt her dreams and he turns out to be no other than the ruler of Katyur King Malushahi!...

The Mystery of the Syntilla Silvers

by Roopa Pai

One half of Mithya shining another half still in the dark – glide away with the Taranauts on another thrilling ‘chilling’ adventure! Mithya’s eight worlds – Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla...

The Race for the Glo Rubies

by Roopa Pai

Three worlds shining on to the fourth! Race away with the Taranauts to another heart-stopping adventure – at Glo! Mithya’s eight worlds - Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla and Glytr – were plunged...

The Secret of the Sparkl Amethysts

by Roopa Pai

8 Tarasuns rescued 24 to go! Can the Taranauts pull off another win at Sparkl? Mithya's eight worlds - Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla and Glytr - were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur...