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No Fat Chicks

by Margaret Clark

No fat chicks?When Mansy Miratoosi sees that bumper sticker on her brother Mark's car, she's ready to pluck his cocksure tail feathers once and for all.Mandy is a big girl and Mark's mates need to know that...

Fat Chance

by Margaret Clark

Can you become 'The Face' when you look like a pregnant rhinoceros? Lisa wants to know.Can you snatch a modelling contract when you're fourteen and a social outcast, with a mother who pumps donuts, hot dogs...

Cool Bananas: Coolini Beach 2

by Margaret Clark

Another great read from one of Australia's greatest authorsA kidnapping? Rival gangs? Ransoms? What's happening in Coolini Beach? All the teenagers in Coolini Beach use the expression 'cool bananas'; life is...

Love Charms

by Margaret Clark

Take an everyday girl - short, with freckles, mud-puddle eyes and the kind of mind Sherlock Holmes would kill for - and you have the heroine of another light-hearted whodunit for Independent Readers.Laura's...

Love Notes

by Margaret Clark

Take an everyday girl - short, with freckles, mud-puddle eyes and the kind of mind Sherlock Holmes would kill for - and you have the heroine of a lighthearted whodunnit for Independent Readers.Someone put an...

Friends Forever: A Secret Diary By Sara Swan

by Margaret Clark

Sara is not a happy tweenie.Sara is not happy! Her family have decided to move interstate, and as a consequence, she has a sore throat form yelling "I am NOT GOING', 'WE are NOT MOVING'. Marking the days off...

Bad Girl

by Margaret Clark

Ruth feels that she can never be good enough for her religious family with high expectations. However, life has a way of providing the unexpected and suddenly, in a eureka moment, Ruth has the opportunity to...

More Secret Girls' Stuff

by Margaret Clark

After the enormous success of Secret Girls' Stuff comes this fabulous sequel from one of Australia's most recognised and read writers for young people.Since the publication of Secret Girls' Stuff, the number...

Secret Girls' Stuff

by Margaret Clark

A fun novel from one of Australia's best writers for children and young adultsYou want to ask a boy out on a date but what if he says no? Your best friend suddenly isn't talking to you. Your clothes don't fit....

Night Works

by Margaret Clark

Night Works is the story of fifteen year old Sophie, and her friends Mel and Kate. Told through Sophie's diary entries, the story highlights the girls' problems, families, boyfriends and everyday school lives....

Secret Friends' Stuff

by Margaret Clark

Friends, school, clothes. all your questions answered.A book about the importance of Friendship'My best friend suddenly won't talk to me and I don't know why.Yesterday, a group of my so-called friends sniggered...

A Piece Of Mind

by Phil Cummings

Matt finds himself pushed into awkward situation by his friends, Chunk and Fraser. He can't find the willpower to resist, to say no. He doesn't want to be labeled a wimp. So, they control him. But there is a...

The Rented House

by Phil Cummings

The story Barry Carter and his mates in Ridley Road are building a four-man giant skateboard. When Barry takes their creation for its first spin he is nearly run down by a young man with green spiky hair driving...

Love You Two

by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

When life, love and family aren't what anyone said they'd be . . . Like Looking for Alibrandi, this coming-of-age story stars a girl trying to find herself within a strong family environment.'Then something...


by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

This is Maria's exploration of the tapestry embroidered from five generations of women and men in her family, from the turn of the twentieth century to its final years, from the poor villages of Italy to the...

Horror High 4: The Feral Peril

by Paul Stafford

The Horror High annual handball competition is a fight to the death - even if you're already dead... It's the annual handball competition at Horror High. The court is marked out in fresh blood and powdered teeth,...

Horror High 3: The Great Brain Robbery

by Paul Stafford

Horror High - don't go there! When zombie zilch-brain, Mick Living-Dead, makes an IQ-based bet, he couldn't have picked a worse opponent. Mick has no chance in Hell of winning a trivia contest against Mr Noel,...

Horror High 1: The 101 Damnations

by Paul Stafford

High school was never going to be easy when your father is the Grim Reaper. Nathan's father, the Grim Reaper, doesn't trust him with a scythe, and for good reason - this kid's dangerous. Nathan is granted the...


by Christine Bongers

Evocative and earthy . . . from a powerful new Australian voice. Twelve-year-old Cecilia Maria was named after saints and martyrs to give her something to live up to. Over my dead body, she vows. In the blinding...

Horror High 2: The Interghouls Cricket Cup

by Paul Stafford

Horror High's werewolf cricket team are about the play the game of their lives... When Principal Skullwater bets on the Interghouls' Cricket Cup, the pressure is on the werewolf cricket team. Their team are...