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Escape from Evil #2

by David Grimstone & James de la Rue

Captured by slave-takers, Decimus Rex is forced to endure a series of trials in the dreaded Arena of Doom. With his five cellmates, Decimus faces a race over burning hot coals. He is then forced into violent...

Emil and the Detectives

by Erich Kastner & Maurice Sendak

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The F- It List

by Julie Halpern

Alex and Becca have always been best friends. But when Becca does something nearly unforgivable at Alex’s dad’s funeral, Alex cuts ties with her and focuses on her grieving family. 


Time passes, and Alex...


by Eliza Crewe

Meet Meda. She eats people.

Well, technically, she eats their soul. But she totally promises to only go for people who deserve it. She’s special. It’s not her fault she enjoys it. She can’t help being a...

Katya's War

by Jonathan L Howard

The battle lines have been drawn. The people of Russalka turn upon one another in a ruthless and unwavering civil war even while their world sickens and the deep black ocean is stained red with their blood....

Dreams of Fire and Gods: Gods

by James Erich

Dreams of Fire and Gods: Book Three

Long ago, two factions of gods, the Stronni and the Taaweh, nearly destroyed the Kingdom of Dasak in a great war. The Taaweh vanished when their queen was imprisoned, and...


by Tim Lebbon

Jack and his friends are in a race against time to save the remaining inhabitants of a postapocalyptic London from a nuclear bomb.


Two years after London is struck by a devastating terrorist attack, it is...

Butterfly Grave

by Anne Cassidy

Joshua's uncle has survived a near fatal accident and Rose and Joshua drive to Newcastle to visit him, along with their friend Skeggsie.

Joshua is convinced they are being followed. Can it be true, or is it just...

The Third Lie's the Charm

by Laura Roecker & Lisa Roecker

Praise for The Liar Society:

"A page-turning, pearl-clutching mystery!"-Kimberly Derting, author of The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead

"A book for mystery lovers everywhere...will suck you in and leave you...

Glitter Girl

by Stephen Webb & Toni Runkle

True Confessions of a Trendsetter

Hi! I'm Kat. Welcome to my blog. I may be from a small town but I'm also Glitter Girl Cosmetics' newest trendsetter. Thanks to my flair for fashion and my popular style blog,...

A Year Down Yonder

by Richard Peck

Mary Alice's childhood summers in Grandma Dowdel's sleepy Illinois town were packed with enough drama to fill the double bill of any picture show. But now she is fifteen, and faces a whole long year with Grandma,...

My Beautiful Hippie

by Janet Nichols Lynch

It's 1967 and fifteen-year-old Joanne, raised in San Francisco's Haight District, becomes involved with Martin, an enigmatic and irresistible hippie, and discovers a world of drugs, antiwar demonstrations, and...

Canary in the Coal Mine

by Madelyn Rosenberg

Bitty is a canary who detects deadly gas leaks in a West Virginia coal mine during the Depression, and whose courage more than makes up for his diminutive size. Tired of unsafe working conditions, Bitty escapes...

Big River's Daughter

by Bobbi Miller

A rollicking historical novel featuring a Mississippi River pirate's daughter who outwits buccaneers seeking her father's buried treasure.

Moon on a Rainbow Shawl: Caribbean Story Books for Children

by Errol John & Debbie Jacob

Macmillan Revision Guides for CSEC Examinations are the perfect companions for exam preparation and success.

Poems by Martin Carter: Caribbean Story Books for Children

by Martin Carter

As a young socialist in the colony of British Guiana, Martin Carter wrote strong, vigorous poems that connect powerfully with the reader. A committed freedom fighter for his people, "welding my flesh to freedom"...

Baba and Mr. Big: Caribbean Story Books for Children

by C. Everard Palmer

The story, set in Jamaica like all of Everard Palmer's stories, is funny, exciting - and keeps us guessing until the end. About the author: C. Everard Palmer was born in Kendal in the Jamaican parish of Hanover....

Big Doc Bitteroot: Caribbean Story Books for Children

by C. Everard Palmer

This book is rich in character and rich in atmosphere. The sun seems to generate an energy and a capacity for fun in the people of Kendal, so that even the smallest event is a happening to be relished and remembered....

The Cloud with the Silver Lining 2nd Ed: Caribbean Story Books for Children

by C Everard Palmer

This is the story of a happy year. Milton and Timmy, two young Jamaican boys, kept their grandfather's small-holding going after he had lost a leg. Tending the goats, feeding the hens, milking the cow, selling...

My Father Sun-Sun Johnson 2nd Ed: Caribbean Story Books for Children

by C Everard Palmer

Sun-Sun Johnson enjoys life. He has enjoyed starting at the bottom and working hard to become the biggest landowner in the village. He enjoys being married to an elegant, out-of-the-ordinary woman, and he loves...