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Beyond The Shaking Time

by Simon Higgins

Cassandra Marshal is 18 and somewhat over-protected by her father who forbids her to join the village militia that has formed to guard the fledgling society that remains after the terrible Shaking Time. Villagers...

The Silver Nut Tree: The Faraway Fairies: Book Twelve

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Astara, Eden, Puck and Blaize have been captures by the Siduri, greedy women who feed them spellbinding silver nuts to make them work as slaves, weaving nets to capture the moon. Can Cedar release her fairy...

The Magical Roses: The Faraway Fairies: Book Eleven

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Things are going missing on Faraway Island - the jewels on the Scented Hills and, worst of all, the fairies' voices! Astara and her friends must get their voices back so they can work out why things are disappearing....

The Golden Flower: The Faraway Fairies: Book Ten

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Something or someone is causing the land on Faraway Island to be spoiled. Trees are being cut down and the Diamond River is dirty, making Ziel, the Asrai River Fairy Princess, very sick. Can the golden flowers...

The Fire Flower: The Faraway Fairies: Book Nine

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Eden has made friends with a strange, gentle beast, the qilin, whose favourite food is the magical fire flower. But when the Goblin King captures the qilin and uses it to attack the fairy castle, the fairies...

The Wonderful Starberries: The Faraway Fairies: Book Seven

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Blaize has lost his magical guitar, and someone is playing terrible tunes with it and mesmerising everyone on Faraway Island! Astara sets a quest for the fairies to make a new guitar to restore peace to the...

The Fairy Queen's Magic: The Faraway Fairies: Book Six

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Astra, the Fairy Queen, must go on a dangerous mission to strengthen the powers of the fairies, but she is terrified. Should she fail, the fairies will lose their magic forever! The goblins will do anything...

Trouble in Faraway Island: The Faraway Fairies: Book Three

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Fafnir the dragon is in love - with himself. He can't stop singing love songs, and his singing is so bad that nobody can hear themselves think! Puck must find another dragon for Fafnir to love - and quickly....

The Magic Emerald: The Faraway Fairies: Book Two

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Astara, the Fairy queen, is worried: hobyahs are destroing the wildlife on Faraway Island and she must find the Emerald of Life to fight them. If only her friend the Moon Fairy had not been kidnapped by the...

Quest for the Crown: The Faraway Fairies: Book One

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Where is the Fairy Queen's crown? Without it, the fairies can't elect their new ruler. Whoever finds the crown will reign over Faraway Island. Can one of the little fairies succeed? Or will it be a nasty goblin...

Willow Tree and Olive

by Irini Savvides

Enough waterwave taffeta for a lifetime of weddings, always in apricot, matching shoes and a sugared almond under your pillow so you can dream of the man you love. Olive laughs wildly and counts the expensive...

Sky Legs

by Irini Savvides

Eleni moves to a village in the clouds, where the blue mountains and the sky seem to stretch forever but, surprisingly, people's minds don't. She's been hoping that she can make a new start and leave behind...

Pix and Me

by Carolyn Ching

'There were soldiers on the verandah??? They were pointing bayonets at my mother and father??? I was glued to the spot.. My heart was beating furiously???'Run, Andy, run!' I heard Dad's desperate yell???' The...

The Magical Upside-Down Plant: The Faraway Fairies: Book Eight

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Garton the Ghastly has stolen the fairies' precious Plant Spell Book and worked out how to use a poisonous black flower to turn the whole island upside down! The Faraway Fairies need the help of the Midnight...

The Inner Circle

by Gary Crew

'I can't say I'm sorry. It had to happen. I've written to my mum and dad. Maybe they'll care. I don't know.' THE INNER CIRCLE is the unforgettable story of two teenage boys' struggle for personal identity -...


by Kerry Greenwood

When Sasha investigates the takeover of the town's university by shaven-headed, rebel students, he discovers that the real power lies in the Management - a faceless group with immense power and its own army...

DJ Max

by Lisa Forrest

Maxine Phillips thinks she's got it all worked out. She's found the future in the hard, fast, relentless bass lines that drive her forward and keep her safe from the past: the mother she's never known, her beloved...

The Truth About Emma

by Gary Crew

What has high school student Emma Burden done to deserve international media infamy? Is it true that at eighteen she is a murderess? Or is the lovely Emma simply a spoit Gen Y schoolgirl?

David Beckham, Eat This: Western Wildcats 5

by John Larkin

When Tangles doesn?t turn up to training for a couple of weeks, it looks as though the Wildcats will be facing more recruitment problems. Then Splinters spots Tangles up at the shops wearing a bandanna and a...

Armitage Shanks and the Footballer's Bones: Western Wildcats 4

by John Larkin

The Wildcats are in trouble again! Down on the ground, there?s got to be some way of raising funds, and their coach comes up with health food bars. Only trouble is they?re inedible, and whoever sells the most...