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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

by Sylvia Long

Cherished for nearly two centuries, the traditional lullaby "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" continues to send children off to dreamland. In this tenderly illustrated edition of the classic rhyme, award-winning...

On the Back Burner #6

by Diane Muldrow

It's Chinese New Year, and Peichi couldn't be more excited. But when Peichi becomes too swept up in the festivities, her schoolwork-and Dish-suffers. And when the flu hits, all of the Chef Girls are out of commission!...

Lights! Camera! Cook! #8

by Diane Muldrow

Places, everyone! The girls of Dish are going to cook on live TV! Molly knows it will be great for business, Amanda thinks this could be her big break, Natasha can't wait to spend time with a professional journalist,...

Heetunka's Harvest: A Tale of the Plains Indians

by Jennifer Berry Jones

This authentic Sioux Indian legend illustrates the disastrous consequences when greed destroys the balance between humans and nature.

Fight for Life #1

by Laurie Halse Anderson

Maggie's grandmother runs an animal clinic, Dr. Mac's Place, so Maggie knows her way around animals who are in danger. When she learns that the abused and sick puppies flooding the clinic are from an illegal...

Chronicles of Connor: Zombie Rising

by Eric Wynn

The Chronicles of Connor: Zombie Rising, follows the adventures of Connor as he discovers that the world as he knows it, is in grave danger from a zombie apocalypse.

In an effort to prevent the zombie apocalypse,...

A New Beginning #1

by Sue Bentley, Andrew Farley & Angela Swan

Lily loves working at Greengates Riding Stables, but she can't help feeling sad that she doesn't have her own pony. Or even her own pet. But when Storm, a golden retriever with sparkling midnight-blue eyes,...

Mountain Meadow 123

by Caroline Stutson

Western mountain animals in their habitats help teach youngsters how to count to ten and back. Ages 2-6.

Public Enemy Number Two

by Anthony Horowitz

Thirteen-year-old Nick Diamond is in prison! Framed for a jewel heist, quick-thinking Nick finds himself sharing a cell with public enemy number one: Johnny Powers. Nick's only chance of clearing his name is...

The Coven: Book Two

Sweep #2

by Cate Tiernan

Cal, now Morgan's boyfriend, helps her accept the truth: Wicca is in Morgan's blood. As Morgan learns more about Wicca, she realizes that she needs to find out more about her parentage. The answers are there,...

Black Pool: A Jack Flynn Adventure

by C. H. Garbutt

Helpless to save his mum from drowning off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland, and just barely surviving himself, young Jack Flynn is rescued by a mysterious pair of webbed hands reaching up from the ocean depths....

Muddy Paws #2

by Sue Bentley, Andrew Farley & Angela Swan

Beth isn't having much fun this summer. She's staying at her aunt and uncle's farm and her cousin keeps playing tricks on her. But everything changes when Storm, a black-and-white collie pup with twinkling midnight-blue...

Lizzie Goes to Tea

by Rosemary Smith


What happens when the neighborhood lizard crashes a tea party? In the fun new children's book Lizzie Goes to Tea, Lizzie Lizard sees all the colorful decorations going up for a backyard tea party...

Boogie and Leon

by Johna Kent

Book Synopsis:

Boogie and Leon grew up next door to each other and became fast friends through a hole in the fence. Boogie is a worrier and a Daschund, while Leon is a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever with a...

The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie

by Kirsty Murray

A gripping time-slip adventure set in a hidden valley. 11-year-old Lucy travels across the river of time to fight fires, battle floodwaters and discover the meaning of true friendship. 'Enchanting, exciting,...

The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me

by Joanna Nadin

Billy Grimshaw Jones is almost looking forward to having a new baby in the family – especially as that means they’re moving to a bigger house.But then his mum loses her job. Disaster! Money will be tight...

Sons of Caasi : Battle for Time

by C. Grant

Amo Caasi, twin brother of the prophesied Time Ruler, the "Kronos", and second son of the most powerful leader in Spatium is desperate to escape the shadow of his indomitable brother Sier and the tragedy their...

Birdbrain Amos, Mr. Fun

by Michael Delaney

Oh no! Lovable Amos is heartbroken that his tick bird Amoeba has found a new, fun friend. Even worse, Amoeba's new friend isn't even real! Amoeba actually prefers her imaginary friend to her real-life hippopotamus...

Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale

by David Seow & LaKhee Tay-Audouard

Monkey: The Classic Chinese Adventure Tale is inspired by Chinese folktales and legends about Monkey, King of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, Great Sage Equal to Heaven. But his friends just call him Monkey!...

Peach Boy and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

by Florence Sakade & Yoshisuke Kurosaki

The beloved story of Peach Boy and his unexpected birth from a giant peach is one of the most well known tales in Japan. This beautiful edition includes this classic story and eight other enchanting tales, such...