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Voyages of the Flying Dragon 2: Beast Child

by Ben Chandler

Can a child from an ancient past unlock the secrets of Lenis and Missy's powers? Lenis and Missy Clemens have found their freedom aboard the airship Hiryu, but are they ready for the responsibilities that come...

The Dragons 3: Mordred

by Colin Thompson

Arthur has been crowned King, and peace and happiness have broken out all over Avalon. Life has never been more peaceful and everyone is living happily ever after. So why are so many people planning rebellion?...

Curly and the Fent

by Sally Morgan, Ambelin Kwaymullina & Adam Hill

A new series from Sally Morgan (bestselling author of My Place) and her children, full of imagination, mischief and adventure - the perfect mix for boys aged 7 to 9. Curly gets in trouble enough already, but...

Ghost Byte

by John Larkin

The author of Spaghetti Legs brings you another HILARIOUS novel. Brendan Stevens' life is falling apart. His dad and his brother have gone to live on the other side of the country, and his mother hates flying....

Curly Saves Grandma's House

by Sally Morgan, Ambelin Kwaymullina & Adam Hill

Curly and the Fent are off to the beach for another adventure! Curly and his naughty friend the Fent are visiting Grandma Rose by the ocean. They soon discover that Mr Smythe will do ANYTHING to get Grandma's...

Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasure

by Nette Hilton & Gregory Rogers

A rip-roaring adventure from a well loved storyteller and illustrator team. This is a story about boys' friendships - and surviving them. Pyro Watson loves pirates, treasure and all things to do with maps and...

Bureau Of Mysteries

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

Strange things happen in Little Obscurity - but the Bureau of Mysteries is always there to investigate. In the bustling city of Little Obscurity, George Feather lives a fairly uneventful life. That is, until...

The Ivory Rose

by Belinda Murrell

An ivory rose charm is the beginning of a terrifying adventure in 1890s Sydney in this gothic ghost story - another thrilling time slip tale for girls from best-loved author Belinda Murrell. Jemma has just landed...

Saurus Street 4: An Allosaurus Ate My Uncle

by Nick Falk & Tony Flowers

Saurus St is just like any other street . . . except for the dinosaurs! When Susie won't hand over her pocket money to her mean cousin Walter, he locks her in the attic. But when a gigantic meat-eating dinosaur...

Saurus Street 3: The Very Naughty Velociraptor

by Nick Falk & Tony Flowers

Saurus Street is just like any other street . . . except for the dinosaurs! Tom and Tam are horrified when they find out Great Aunt Gertrude is coming to stay. She's got bad breath, smelly feet and her false...

The Rage Of Sheep

by Michelle Cooper

A hilarious story about girls, growing up, gossip and . . . God? I'd grown up being told that if I found myself tempted to behave in an unkind way, I just had to ask myself, 'What would Jesus do?' And then do...

Miss Understood

by James Roy

Lizzie doesn't mean to do the wrong thing . . . she's just misunderstood. Lizzie has a history of misunderstandings, but the latest one is bad enough to get her expelled from Our Lady of the Sacred Wimple College....

The Curse Of Zohreh

by Sophie Masson

Revenge, magic, love and hatred - and a curse so powerful it has lasted for centuries. In the desert kingdom of Ameerat, the al-Farouk family lives in luxury in a beautiful palace. But their great wealth comes...

The Tyrant's Nephew

by Sophie Masson

Omar didn't choose to be the tyrant's heir - but if he has courage, he can choose his fate... Omar didn't ask to be the nephew of the ruthless dictator of Mesomia - and he certainly doesn't want to inherit a...

The Road To Camelot

by Sophie Masson

Tales of the young Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot and more from Australia's best fantasy writers The heroes and heroines of Arthurian legend have never ceased to fascinate us. But what were they like before they knew...

My Sister's A Burp

by Gretel Killeen, Eppie Morgan & Zeke Morgan

A laugh-out-loud novel by much-loved author Gretel Killeen. When a friendly stork finally delivers teeny-weeny Zeke and Eppie home from mermaid kingdom, they jump from his beak to fly down and kiss their mother...

My Sister's A Full Stop

by Gretel Killeen, Eppie Morgan & Zeke Morgan

A laugh-out-loud novel by much-loved author Gretel Killeen. Continuing adventures of Zeke and Eppie ... Having defeated the virus, Zeke and Eppie finally escape their mother's body via her nose as, shall we...

My Sister's An Alien

by Gretel Killeen & Leigh Hobbs

When Eppie gets squished to the size of a strawberry, ends up flying round the world, landing on Planet Sock and about to be kidnapped by a handsome alien prince, it's up to her brother Zeke to rescue her. What...

The Very Naughty Mother Goes Green

by Gretel Killeen

Zed and Pinky are a normal brother and sister except for one extremely strange thing ... their mum is a very naughty mother. Delight in the first in this fabulously funny rhyming series about the mother who...

The Very Naughty Mother Runs Away

by Gretel Killeen

Zed and Pink are a normal brother and sister except for one extremely strange thing - their mum is a very naughty mother! In this side-splitting sequel to THE VERY NAUGHTY MOTHER GOES GREEN, we find the Very...