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God Gives Us Jesus: A Christmas Story

by Hope Rethman

For a young girl named Aubrey, the Christmas season is filled with wonderment and awe-inspiring faith. But she finds not everyone has the same Christmas spirit. In her eyes, her family just doesn't "get it."...

Safe in My Daddy's Arms

by Keith Feisel

Pile into the car with my family a nd me for a night at the drive-in! Hurry, get on your PJs; we have to get there in time to play on the monkey bars before the movie starts. More tha n a nything on the screen,...

Bobo the Amazing

by Kevin Mahoney

Bobo is a sweet, loving girl who has always had trouble fitting in. Her one true passion is doing magic, but the problem is she isn't very good at it. Bobo hopes beyond hope that she can perform well at the...

Rooney the Blue-Tailed Mouse

by Nathan L. Krekula

How delicious is a gumdrop? To Rooney, it is the greatest treasure of all. Meet Rooney, "the Great Explorer, Mouse Extraordinaire!" and his friends Polo the cat and Tia the little sister as Rooney goes on an...

Sneavel Stranger

by C. J. Peace

Sneavel Stranger is on the prowl, and he has his eye on Lyla. On the sidewalk, at school, at the store, or playing in front of her home, Sneavel is using creative ways to approach her and attempting to lure...

Comic Books For Kids Age 8 With Comic Illustrations: Perfect Ninja Books For Boys - Kid Ninjas - Dog Humor Books: 5 In 1 Box Set: Comic Pictures + Aud

by El Ninjo

Fart Book 1 includes the following pant ripping stories: The list of fart situation goes like this: * The Wake Upper Popper * The Straight Up Breakfast Table Shot * The Flying Carpet * The Backpack Burster *...

Comic Books For Kids Age 8 - Comic Illustrations - Ninja Books For Boys - Kid Ninjas: 4 In 1 Box Set: Comic Pictures + Audiobook For Children

by El Ninjo

Fart Book 1 includes the following pant ripping stories: The list of fart situation goes like this: * The Wake Upper Popper * The Straight Up Breakfast Table Shot * The Flying Carpet * The Backpack Burster *...

25 Smelly Christmas Stories Rhyming Picture Book - Counting Down With Cheerful & Smelly Christmas Rhymes - Humor Dog Books: Smelly Christmas Countdown

by El Ninjo & Timmie Gu

Your kid will love to open up these 25 fart surprise doors one per day and counting down to Christmas day the fun & farty way! The Holiday season has never been funnier, more hilarious & more fart intensive...

Beau, Lee, The Bomb & Me

by Mary McKinley

When Beau transferred to our school. I thought: "Good;fresh meat." Because I knew he would be tormented the entire time he was at Baboon High. Like I am. All day. . .every day.

Growing up is a trip. . .

In high...

The Diamond of Shapanna

by Maria Shelley

Lovana receives a Kawasaki bike for her twenty first birthday, the start of an amazing magical adventure. The bike transforms into half bike/half man called Dan. Many more weird and wonderful things happen to...

Caught Up

by Amir Abrams

School's out and sixteen year-old Kennedy Simms is bored. That could be a recipe for disaster...

Good girls don't go to real parties, like the ones in the hood. Or rock bangin' clothes. Or stay out as long as...

The Tears of the Rose

The Twelve Kingdoms #2

by Jeffe Kennedy

Three sisters. Motherless daughters of the high king. The eldest is the warrior-woman heir;the middle child is shy and full of witchy intuition;and the youngest, Princess Amelia, she is as beautiful as the sun...

Bertie Bucket and the Precious Pearl

by Andy McGuinness

Bertie Bucket and Sandy Spade are collecting shells to paint on the beach. They find an Oyster Shell, which they hope will contain a pearl. But when an evil seagull called Bagshot kidnaps Bertie and the Oyster...

Washy and the Crocodile

by James Maguire & John Maguire

Two English children, Jack and his sister Evie, live with their mother Annie and their "Uncle" Otto - who is not really their uncle at all. Through Otto, they meet Washy, the Australian aborigine, who transforms...

Kelvin Crab and the Message in a Bottle

by Andy McGuinness

Guitar-playing Kelvin Crab is planning a rock concert at the Rock Pool. He decides to send a message in a bottle to tell his friends. Realising few people will see it and not wanting Kelvin to be disappointed,...

Sandy Spade and the Birthday Cake

by Andy McGuinness

It's Megan's birthday, but Bertie Bucket and Sandy Spade don't have the ingredients to make a birthday cake. Sandy suggests they make it from sand and so the gang sets about making the best birthday cake ever....

The Talkative Tombstone: The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno (and Alberta) Bk 6

by Ursula Dubosarsky & Terry Denton

Perplexing puzzles, mind-boggling mazes and cracking codes feature in this series of stories about a pair of guinea-pig detectives -- Coco Carlomagno, the easily startled Chief of Police, and his more sensible...

Tashi and the Wicked Magician: and other stories

by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg & Geoff Kelly

Come with Tashi and his friend Jack on four fabulous adventures of mystery and magic. In this classic storybook, Tashi tells tales of courage and daring, and each story features a beautiful colour illustration....


The Replica Trilogy #3

by Jenna Black

In Revolution, Nadia Lake and Nate Hayes find themselves at the center of a horrifying conspiracy in the action-packed finale of Jenna Black's SF romance series that began with Replica

Paxco has a new ruler....


by Ted Staunton

When Spencer's brother, Bunny, is kidnapped in Toronto, Spencer is forced to deal with fallout from their grandfather's murky past.