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Dusty and Friends: Book 1

by Nancy Pitchford-Zhe

Dusty was a very special horse that inspired, and was the founding horse of, Heads Up Therapy On horseback for special needs children. Author Nancy Pitchord-Zhe is the founder of Heads Up Therapy On Horseback....


by Catherine Weyerhaeuser Morley

James, a giraffe, lives with his quiet, loving family on the African plain. He is bored and wants some foolish fun in his life. He leaves his family and spends a day chilling with crocodiles, splashing with...

Sally & Lil Ranch Critters

by Ms. Joyce

When Sally the horse gets adopted, she is surrounded by unfamiliar creatures. Will she ever be able to accept her new master? Join Sally and Lil Ranch Critters as she makes new friends, masters her fears, and...

The Goat in the Boat

by Carolyn Christopher Simer

Find out what happens to Joe when he wakes up late and finds chaos in the barnyard. Learn alongside Joe the importance of caring for your pets. An easy-to-read, humorous story for you and your child to read...


by Tara Stephens

Life is always an adventure when you're a tiny mouse. When Lora Franks rescues Mouse and moves to the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, they get to explore Native American culture, dance in a Pow-wow,...

Frogs Don't Have Teeth

by Anita Ross Houston

Explore the world around you through the Nita Mop Adventures. Anita Annette has an unusual nickname, but it fits her. She is Nita Mop. You will learn to love her wild, wispy hair, her big smile, and her happy-go...

Stormy Hill's Challenge

by Nancy Clarke


Part of the continuing series of Stormy Hill novels, Stormy Hill's Challenge is set in the 1960s on the Stormy Hill horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Young Ann has had her moments of glory with her...


by Peg Kehret

Kit never means to steal the bracelet; it is just a dumb mistake. But when she is caught Kit is sentenced to twenty hours of volunteer work at the humane society. Kit knows how it feels to be stuck in a cage...

Terror at the Zoo

by Peg Kehret

Ellen Streater received the perfect birthday present-an overnight camp-out at the zoo. Too bad she had to invite her little brother Corey along. But as night falls in the zoo, her brother becomes the least of...

Immortal Max

by Lutricia Clifton

Twelve-year-old Sam dreams of owning a purebred puppy, convinced it would be superior to a mongrel like Max, the family's ancient pet. Sam decides to take a job walking dogs in order to save money to buy a purebred,...


by Eliot Schrefer

*A 2014 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST* When he was a boy, Luc's mother would warn him about the "mock men" living in the trees by their home -- chimpanzees whose cries would fill the night. Luc is older now,...

Olivia Goes to Venice: With Audio Recording

by Ian Falconer

In her first escapade in three years, Olivia takes her discerning eye for style to beautiful Venice on a family vacation that involves dodging pigeons in the Piazza San Marco, gorging on gelato, and barely staying...

Olivia: With Audio Recording

by Ian Falconer & Dame Edna

Have fun with Olivia...

dressing up

singing songs

building sand castles

napping (maybe)


painting on walls

and -- whew! --

going to sleep at last.

Everyone's favorite Caldecott Honor-winning porcine diva...

Back to School with an Emu

by Merv Lambert

This fantastic edition to the Colin the Librarian series contains three new exciting stories. Colin at Grumples or Back to School Colin and M find themselves at Grumples Academy in the 1920s. This expensive...

Big Heart!

by Joan Holub & Will Terry

The ants are hard at work in their classroom on a big Valentine's Day card! They will add lace and glue and stars. But who will they send it to? The Ant Hill kids list all of the possibilities before settling...

Hector Afloat

by Elizabeth Shreeve & Pamela R. Levy

One night Hector falls asleep to the sound of rain rat-a-tat-tatting on the roof of his wumblebug hole. And even though the rain has been coming down for days, Hector is not worried. He's safe and snug.


Blown Away!

by Joan Hiatt Harlow

It's the summer of 1935, and in the sleepy Florida Keys, thirteen-year-old Jake Pitney's life is quiet and easy. But all of this changes once Jake begins helping out the town's eccentric fisherman, Sharkey,...

Dream of Night

by Heather Henson

Untamable. Damaged. Angry. Once full of promise and life, now a fiery knot of resentment and detachment. This is the story of Dream of Night, an injured and abused racehorse. It’s also the story of Shiloh,...

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

by Elise Broach & David Small

Get a WHAT!?

Free WHAT!?


Just when a little boy thinks he's going to die of boredom from running errands with his mom, the most remarkable, the most stupendous thing happens. He discovers that on...

Raven Speak

by Diane Lee Wilson

Asa is the daughter of a Viking chief whose clan is struggling to survive a never-ending winter. All the able-bodied men head to sea in search of food, leaving behind the children, the elderly, the sick—and...