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by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Doce Días de Navidad es la interpretación de renombre mundial de los niños autor Suzy-Jane Tanner del villancico conocido. Bellamente ilustrado con 12 dibujos en color, y "regalos" nuevas adecuado para niños...


by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Dodici giorni di Natale è l'interpretazione autore di fama mondiale bambini Suzy-Jane Tanner del noto canto. Splendidamente illustrato con 12 disegni a colori, e nuova 'regali' adatto per bambini piccoli, questo...


by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Die zwoelf weihnachtstage ist weltbekannt für Kinder Autor Suzy-Jane Tanner Interpretation des bekannten Liedes. Schön mit 12 farbigen Zeichnungen und neue "Geschenke" für kleine Kinder geeignet dargestellt,...


by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Douze jours de Noël est l'interprétation de renommée mondiale, auteure jeunesse Suzy-Jane Tanner de la chanson bien connue. Magnifiquement illustré avec 12 dessins en couleur, et de nouveaux "cadeaux" adapté...

12 Days of Christmas

by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Twelve Days of Christmas is world-renowned children's author Suzy-Jane Tanner's interpretation of the well-known carol. Beautifully illustrated with 12 colour drawings, and new 'gifts' suitable for young children,...


by Marian Bythell

Jamie is a long-haired, bearded collie, bursting with life and energy, but his sense of fun and his lively curiosity are apt to lead him into trouble. Written in rhyme, Marian Bythell recounts some of the adventures...

Piper Buys a Car: The Adventures of Royal Piper

by Derek Reid

A second children's story about the little dog called Royal Piper of the Glen. In this adventure Piper buys a car and travels through the wonderful hills of Wales meeting new friends, including Mr and Mrs Swan,...

The Adventures of Piper of the Glen

by Derek Reid

In this beautifully illustrated story, Piper the little dog, whose full name is Royal Piper of the Glen, meets an owl, a rabbit, a kangaroo and a squirrel and makes their dreams come true.

The First Helping

by Richard J Bowen & James Hickey

"The First Helping" is the 1st Children's Picture Book in a series of 8 Books entitled: Learning to Help Series.

Owl and Zak the snake are fighting over food, or rather the lack of.

The "The First Helping" as...

Ellie Belly: Turtle Trouble

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Everyone is MAD at me. The turtles at The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum are going to lose their home! How do I know? Because a little turtle told me. REALLY! I need to help the turtles! But...


by Jessica Burkhart

As if an equestrian competition isn’t enough, Lauren also has to fight for her status as It-girl in this addition to the Canterwood Crest series.

Lauren is about to be tested in more ways than one. Not only...

Monkey Play

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Monkey Plays is an energetic companion to Bear Hugs and Panda Kisses

One by one, monkeys add to the jungle fun—swinging from palm trees, hiding in an Indian market, and playing from sundown to sun-up!...

Fox and Crow Are Not Friends

by Melissa Wiley & Sebastien Braun

Fox and Crow can agree on two things: their love of cheese and loathing of each other. These cagey animals will do whatever they can to outwit their sworn enemy and claim sole possession of the prized cheese...

Third-Time Lucky

by Jenny Oldfield

Kirstie is devastated when Lucky suddenly falls ill and his life hangs in the balance. Even more unsettling is that no one can figure out what's wrong with him.

Johnny Mohawk

by Jenny Oldfield

When a guest at Half Moon Ranch accuses Johnny Mohawk of throwing him off, Kirstie is positive that he is lying. With the threat of a lawsuit looming, Kirstie must prove that Johnny Mohawk is not to blame before...

Rodeo Rocky

by Jenny Oldfield

Kiristie Scott's forced attendance at a local rodeo leads her on a rocky adventure.

Crazy Horse

by Jenny Oldfield

Horses of Half Moon Ranch is an incredible new horse series!

Crazy Horse is wild and unruly; Cadillac, a beautiful and poised pedigree. One night, both horses disappear and Kirstie fears the worst. Can Kirstie...

Alpha Dog

by Jennifer Ziegler

Seventeen-year old Katie isn’t used to being in control. Her mother drives her crazy with her constant criticism and advice, and her boyfriend of two years just destroyed her whole world by dumping her on...

Prize Problems: The Pony Whisperer

by Janet Rising

Being able to talk to ponies isn't all that it's cracked up to be!

Pia never thought anyone actually one magazine contests. So when her friend Beans wins a riding vacation for two, she's totally excited to go...

Wild Horses

by Jenny Oldfield

Undaunted by the wild and dangerous terrain, Kirstie Scott loves nothing more than riding horses through the tall forests and deep canyons of the Meltwater Range. For Kirstie, things are never dull at Half Moon...