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Jackpot: Book 10

by Karla Oceanak & Kendra Spanjer

When a warm March day beckons Aldo and his best friend, Jack, outdoors to their fort under the giant pine tree, stick-in-the-mud Aldo gets, well, stuck in the mud. As they dig Aldo’s sneakers out from the...

Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventure: An Awesome Picture Book

by Speedy Publishing

An adventure that would take you back to prehistoric times. Do you know the different Dinosaurs?

Casey Templeton Mysteries 2-Book Bundle: Hate Cell / Old Bones

by Gwen Molnar

Thirteen-year-old Albertan Casey Templeton has a nose for adventure and sniffs out two different but dangerous crimes in this special 2-book series bundle.

Old Bones: A Casey Templeton Mystery

by Gwen Molnar

Young dinosaur hunter Casey hears about an attempted robbery of artifacts from the Royal Tyrrell Museum and has to use his ingenuity to foil the burglars.

Dinosaur Patrol: The First Journey

by G. A. Tupper

Two pairs of brothers and sisters travel back in time to solve the mystery of a dinosaur painting that was given to them at a local flea market. Bill, April, Fred and Amy, are members of the Dinosaur Patrol....

Dinosaurs: Discover These Pictures And Facts Of Dinosaurs For Kids

by Bold Kids

Kids can learn a lot about Dinosaurs through various means including books. In this book, children can find a lot of different Dinosaur pictures and also find facts about Dinosaurs. By learning and seeing the...

Herbie's Happy Birthday!

by Athena Z. Phillips, Meredith E Mills & Donte Jackson

  • A whimsically illustrated rhyming picture book about the signficance of birthdays, good friends, and a grandmother's love.
  • "There's a new kid in town, he's changing the world-teaching love and respect to young...

The Untold Story of Dinosaur School

by Poppy Chase & Angelo Pamintuan

Is it possible that we can learn something from prehistoric animals, especially when they are not getting along with each other? Follow these dinosaurs into an imaginative world, where solving problems is everybody’s...

A Pocketful of Dinosaurs

by Scott Gordon

A Pocketful of Dinosaurs is a fun picture book, featuring over 30 pages of educational material about dinosaurs. This book is teeming with gorgeous 2D and 3D art that is sure to captivate your 3 to 6-year-old...

Bus to the Badlands

by Margriet Ruurs & Claudia Dávila

Josh, Mark, Angela and their friends have been waiting for years to go on the class trip to Drumheller, Alberta. Now they are finally the oldest kids at Pleasant Valley grade school and can get excited about...

The Revenge

by Suzanne de Montigny

Born deep in the forest, far from the herd, Damien is kept a dark secret by his parents until his father, Samuel, decides the colt must join the other foals to be initiated. But the unicorns are horrified by...

Mary Anning's Curiosity

by Monica Kulling & Melissa Castrillón

Mary Anning, considered the world’s greatest fossilist, discovered her first big find at the age of twelve. This novel is an imaginative re-creation of her childhood in early nineteenth-century Lyme Regis....

Secret of a T-Rex

by Thomas Hund & Joshua Allen

The story begins as an earthquake shakes a mountain, sending tons of rocks and boulders downward into a tranquil forest. From the rubble, a fossilized dinosaur egg appears, sparking interest among seven, unalike...

Penny the Protoceratops

by Cole Maynard

Penny is a protoceratops who struggles with her looks, not helped by her three friends who make her more aware than ever that she is different. This takes her on a journey of self-discovery, where she learns...

Dinosaur Detective

by Nicole Mills & Henry Mills-Whittelsey

Thomas "T" Rex is a dinosaur super sleuth. Hes kind of a loner, being top of the food chain and all, but he never eats his clients well, mostly never. To be honest, he scares other dinosaurs, which works really...


by Meatball and Hedge


Can you imagine? Bug thieves! Flying around snatching bugs right out of the air.

Can you believe it? Snatching everybody's favorite bug at that.....the amazing firefly!

The most phenomenal bug there...

There’S a Snoreasaurus Under the Bed

by Lynley van der Weert & Kenn Yapsangco

Mum says theres a Snoreasaurus living under her bed. One night Caleb isnt feeling well so she goes into mums bedroom. Do you think he will see the Snoreasaurus?

Dinosaur Dinner

by Bettie Veitch

What could possibly happen if you invited dinosaurs to dinner? Well, just about anything!

Tyrone the Dinosaur

by Andrea Apted & Jenny Lyn Young

Tyrone the Dinosaur has been very anxious, his teeth are falling out, what had he done wrong? His distress is soon put to rights by his mother who is ever ready to give a big hug.


by Mark Hordyszynski

Frozen in a block of ice and awakened eleven thousand years later, a woolly mammoth is nursed back to life by a herd of distantly related coos. His existence is discovered by Ian and Ina Stevenson and their...