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The Case of the Weird Blue Chicken: The Next Misadventure

Chicken Squad #2

by Doreen Cronin & Kevin Cornell

The Chicken Squad is back for their second (mis)adventure, and this time they’re solving the mystery of a kidnapped…HOUSE? A hilarious, “easy to read” (Booklist) chapter book from the bestselling author...

The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure

Chicken Squad #1

by Doreen Cronin & Kevin Cornell

They might be chicks, but they sure aren’t chicken, and they’re on a mission. And on this, their first (mis)adventure “in this delightful spinoff of the J.J. Tully series” (Kirkus Reviews), the Chicken...

Clever Duck

by Dick King-Smith & Nick Bruel


when one smart duck decides to teach the farmyard know-it-alls a lesson. Damaris is a duck. Not the ordinary, silly, jumping-inpuddles kind of duck—she's a very clever duck. So when the farmyard...

Grandma’S Cow

by Donna J. Spevack

In her book, Grandmas Cow, author Donna Spevack introduces us to Sam. Spending summer vacation with his grandparents delights him more than anything else. He loves the farm and the animals, and especially the...

Horse Named Cow

by Meagan L. Nusz

Cow thinks he is a normal horse, just like all the rest. He is full of himself, funny, and always in trouble. But there is only one problem: his black, white, and brown spots are different than those of his...

Freddy and the Bantam Sisters

by Janette Cannell & Angel dela Peña

Have you ever liked someone a lot? Sometimes, you may want to impress that person. Well, its not just people who do that. It happens in the animal world too. Author Janette Cannells Freddy and the Bantam Sisters...

Champion the Dog

by Delphon Coker

Meet Champion the Dog. One of the best dogs and best pets ever. Book 1 is how his life starts. Book 2 shows how interesting his life was. Enjoy this book.

Walliams the Whale

by Delphon Coker

Meet Walliams the Whale, one of the best whales and best pets ever. Book 1 is about how his life starts. Book 2 shows how interesting his life is. Enjoy this book.

Syl the Pet

by Delphon Coker

Meet Syl, our pet monkey, one of the best pets ever. This book is about how his life starts and continues. Read and see how interesting his life is. Enjoy this book.

Champion the Boxer Dog

by Delphon Coker

This story is about a lovely and interesting Dog named Champion. He was also an excellent pet....Please read this book to find out about Champion the Dog.

Archibald Spider and His Paper Glider

by Nina Fowell B.A. M.Ed & Danielle Doll

Archibald is a happy, curious spider who dreams about going on exciting adventures. One day Archibald spots a red paper glider stuck in the branches of a big maple tree, and he decides its finally his chance...

Take Me to the Farm

by Julia Shannon & William Curtis

Although Fanny is a little girl who lives in the city, she is a frequent visitor to the Smith farm. While there, she takes other visitors to places around the farm tells them stories about the Smith family,...

In the Heart of the Coop

by Karla Lopez & Dana Blannon

There's a crisis in the chicken coop! Until now, everyone has followed the rules laid out by Wise Mother Hen like being kind and respectful, doing chores, and caring for eggs. Now, Millie and her troublesome...


by Kristen Girgus

This is a story about a pig who is bored. He tries to find a way out of his pen to have some fun. Read to find out how Coo makes his way out and sees the world in a new way!

Strike at Charles' Farm

by Dr. Nicole & Mylène Villeneuve

Charles faces a problem. All the animals on his farm are on strike. They want to eat more, work less or play more. Go through this story and discover how Charles will get his animals to keep working at the farm:...

Alvin the Rooster

by Scott Holland & Kersly Minoza

Alvin and Friends Rainbow Stories This story is about different animals that live on farms and that help children to learn to read and their colours and at the end, has a counting page to help them with their...

Eddy the Red Rooster

by A. Ziggy Book & Ronie Pios

Eddy the Red Rooster had a red hot temper, plus a bad attitude. He wanted to be in control and the centre of the universe. He would parade about the farm yard always on guard, and watching who he could chase...

Don’T Put Water in the Hole!

by Linda P. Long & Michael Scott Rash

Sometimes the simplest of things can bring the most fun. If we know the right way to approach them. Have you ever wanted to pour water down a hole in the ground to see what critters might bubble out? Did you...

Spunky and Friends

by Mary Ada Bernal

Spunky and Friends is a series of eleven stories,Vol.I and Vol.II.

Spunky is a friendly little goat. Each story follows Spunky from the day he is born, to new adventures of meeting new friends, and how God is...

Molly’S First Summer

by Judith Fursland

To all my children and theirs and theirs. To all the children who listened, but especially to: Dulcie whose First Summer it was also.