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Hector Afloat

by Elizabeth Shreeve & Pamela R. Levy

One night Hector falls asleep to the sound of rain rat-a-tat-tatting on the roof of his wumblebug hole. And even though the rain has been coming down for days, Hector is not worried. He's safe and snug.


Violet Mackerel's Natural Habitat

by Anna Branford & Elanna Allen

Violet is back with a little bit of helpfulness and a whole lot of heart in this third book of the effervescent Violet Mackerel series.

Violet is the smallest in her family, and has a special affinity for Small...

Joyful Noise

by Paul Fleischman & Eric Beddows

From the Newbery Medal-winning author of Seedfolks, Paul Fleischman, Joyful Noise is a collection of irresistible poems that celebrates the insect world.

Funny, sad, loud, and quiet, each of these poems resounds...

Epic: The Junior Novel

by Annie Auerbach

From the creators of Ice Age and RioEpic tells the story of a hidden civilization. The battle between good and evil rages until a teenage girl is magically transported into this forest kingdom to help...

The Worm Whisperer

by Betty Hicks & Ben Hatke

You've heard of Horse Whisperers and Dog Whisperers, but Ellis thinks he might be a Worm Whisperer!

Ellis Coffey loves animals. He spends so much time outdoors that sometimes he thinks he can talk with them....

Cloth Book Fuzzy Bee -- APPLE

by Roger Priddy

-Ideal for babies and toddlers.

-Rhyming text helps kids improve their listening skills.

Arabic Folklore The Army of Ants & Prophet Solomon (Sulayman) Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra

I am an ant, so of course I know why Allah (God) created us ants. But you know, I fail to understand why Allah (God) created man.I find it quite strange, even amazing, and sometimes irritating, to see a creature...

The Mosquito Brothers

by Griffin Ondaatje & Erica Salcedo

After he nearly drowns in a parking-lot puddle, Dinnn Needles is fearful of many things, including flying. When his four hundred siblings swarm off without him, he finds time to dream —about family stories,...

The Adventures of Eric The Spider

by Elaine Madle & Shaun Madle

This is the story of a spider called Eric and the very big adventures he has.

Philippa And The Homeless Bee

by David Greaves

One day the happy bumblebee has her world turned upside down when her beloved meadow home is destroyed. But to her delight a brave child comes to her rescue. Philippa and the homeless bumblebee embark on an...

Little Miss Bright-Eyes

by Alexis C. Graves & Jorge Betancourt

Little Miss Bright-Eyes is a book that speaks to many of the challenges that face today’s children.  Come along with Noir as she deals with bullies, family illness, and finding out what truly makes her happy....

Layla the Ladybug Honesty

by Darlington Johnson

Most people, including myself are afraid of being honest because of the fear of the outcome.   We may feel that telling a fib will be the easy way out. This is why Layla gives another example of how kids can...

The Tiger Beetle Band

by Marty Funcell

When something unexpected happens, it can be very scary. If you think youre in danger, you may even wonder if you will survive and go back to the way things were.

John the tiger beetle and his friend Paul were...

Hugo’S Fitness Challenge

by Tracy Moran & Chris Laudorn

Hugo knows he is a little different from the other animals, but he doesnt know why. Hugo is a shy fuzzy brown spider who lives in the forest with his family. He sometimes feels sad and confused about how to...

The Tale of Buzz-Anna the Traveling Bee

by Cathy-Ann M. Alexander

The Tale of Buzz-Anna the Traveling Bee is the story about a little bee named Buzz-Anna who lives in the small town of Bees-Ville with her mother, Tree-Lisa; her father, Comb-Ba; her sister, Honey-Sha; and her...

Once Upon a Pillar

by Sherihan Achrafi & Frances Español

Adam lives as a caterpillar in the jungle with other creatures. He doesnt like himself very much, and he feels sad and alone. He wants to fit in and to feel free and beautiful. Adam dreams of flying away and...

"Beetle Bugs!  Beetle Bugs!  Beetle Bugs on Me!"

by Kimberly Williams

When was the last time you experienced an adventurous day? Were you grossed-out by anything? YUK!!! Did anything try to attack you? WOW!!! Eat you? EEEEK!! A little brother and sister have wild experiences on...


by Tina Glendadakis

Insects is a whimsical rhyming tale about some thrill-seeking six legged critters, as they journey through houses, travel from city to country and even do a short stint in jail. In this story insects are not...

Chloe's Destiny

by Bridget Smith

Change is inevitable, and every one of us has to live up to it, including children. A touching story about change and its role in life is all set to begin. In this book readers will meet Chloe, a beautiful caterpillar...

Goodnight Irene

by Debby Harris

Goodnight Irene is the story of a little girl named Irene and her stuffed owl Oliver. Each story is a magical adventure and incredibly descriptive, which makes you feel like you are right there with them. Oliver...