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Destiny, Rewritten

by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

This sweet contemporary story about poetry, family, and determining your own destiny is perfect for fans of books by Wendy Mass, Joan Bauer, Sharon Creech, and Rebecca Stead.

Eleven-year-old Emily Elizabeth...

Rocky Waters

by Anne Laurel Carter & Marianne Dumas

All day at school, Rocky stares out the window, imagining fishing boats sailing across the sky. He wants nothing more than to fish for lobster with his dad, and finally one season he’s old enough to go along....

Clear Skies

by Jessica Scott Kerrin

It is the summer of 1961, and eleven-year-old Arno Creelman wants nothing more than to be an astronomer. Fortunately, his struggle with claustrophobia has little impact on his one true passion. Unlike his annoying...

Sweet Sorrel Stand

by Yolanda T. Marshall

Rose and Nicolas loved their favourite Caribbean sorrel drink so much, the siblings decided to create a sorrel stand with the assistance of their parents. Their Sweet Sorrel Stand was a success in the neighbourhood....


by Megan Clendenan

Fourteen-year-old Rose is sure she's going to become a folk-music sensation, with her best friend, Shilo, at her side. But first she needs to convince her mom to keep paying for her expensive violin lessons....

The Hollow under the Tree

by Cary Fagan

When a circus train derails in Toronto in 1925, a lion escapes and finds shelter in High Park, a four-hundred-acre park in the west end of the city. No one knows about the creature except for Sadie Menken, the...


by Megan Glendenan

Fourteen-year-old Rose is sure she's going to become a folk-music sensation, with her best friend, Shilo, at her side. But first she needs to convince her mom to keep paying for her expensive violin lessons....

Ready For A Career Change?

by Sarah O’Flaherty

Feeling trapped in a job you don’t like? Discover how to transition into a new career with learnings from people who’ve done it. 

Working long hours, with no satisfaction? Want to start your own business,...


by Emma Quigley

Set in a rural secondary school, this is the hilarious story of a bunch of pupils who decide to pool their savings and set up a bank to lend money to their schoolmates. They have no trouble finding customers...

I’M a Young Worker at Play Exploring Careers

by Suzie Caldwell

Im A Young Worker at Play Exploring Careers is a story about children around the world of ethnic diversity investigating and discovering how play is working. In this story children are using their imagination,...

The Magical Music Box

by Cathy Vigliotti & Mary Dressendofer

"Come see how a pair of shoes can change her life...DANCE! (tm) Dancers Pointe is so excited to introduce Princess Plie and friends to the world! Our stories will teach "life skills through dance!" Each book...

Evie and the Magic Telescope

by Phil Rosenberg

When Evie spends her summer vacation on the familys farm with her grandparents, she discovers much more than she figured she would when the summer began. Grandpa introduces her to the wonder and mystery of the...

Ten Short Mysteries

by Robert G. Davis

When Earl, Joe, and Michelle receive the call from their boss, Mr. Millo, the three employeeswho are tasked to complete government researchare never sure where the assignments will take them. From the forests...

Junior Pilot Adventures

by Paige Davies & Erica Hugo

Children are fascinated by the world of flight and even more so by the prospect of flying a plane themselves and having all sorts of adventures. Junior Pilot Adventures is a story about two little pilots from...

Outrageously Cool Nurses

by B.A Nurse

Outrageously Cool - Nurses! helps young children learn the wonderful opportunities presented by a career in nursing. Each chapter describes a different type of nursing that engages readers in important and exciting...

Firefightin' Sam

by Michael Hughes

Refusing to inform on his best friend for pulling the school fire alarm, Sam accepts the blame & and the consequences. He's sent to the local fire station to do chores every day. While there, the firefighters...

But Are You Making Any Money

by Marc Shamus

Are You Really Making Enough Money for Retirement?

So many paths to create income; each with their own challenging obstacles to overcome to reach success. I cover my experiences and knowledge with 12 major Income...

Billboard Express

by Sigmund Brouwer & Cindy Morgan

Elle has come to Nashville to become a star. She has what it takes, but her agent and all the label executives want to change everything about her, her hair, her body, her clothes and, most important, her music....

Across the Floor

by Natasha Deen

Luc Waldon always figured he knew what his passion was: football. He lives it, he breathes it, and he thinks he has what it takes to go all the way to the NFL. So when his football coach orders him to sign up...

Bad Business

by Diane Dakers

Lindy has been working hard cleaning and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn money for a trip to the Arctic. When Mrs. Naulty, an elderly client, mistakenly pays her a huge amount of money, Lindy...