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My Caribbean Dream

by Dr. Sharon R. Burow, Bridget K. Weber & Connie K. Westphal

Take a trip through exotic lands including rainforest canopies, fragile coral reefs, busy harbors, island homes and streets, cascading waterfalls, and moonlit beaches.

View natures many gifts of life and beauty...

Trina’S Tiny Habit

by Ted Dorff & Yoshie Kudo

This is a book for many levels. Small children can point out each T or T sound. As they get older, they can note the different ways to pronounce T, learn new words, and discuss the life lessons. Strange things...

I Can Hear, See, Taste, Smell and Feel! Senses Book for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

I have five senses to help me experience the world around me. My ears help me to hear. My eyes allow me to see. My tongue helps me taste. My nose helps me smell and I feel with my hands. Read and learn about...

Benjamin's Bedtime Journey

by Olivia Allinne-Ward

Author and mother Olivia Allinne-Ward has written Benjamin’s Bedtime Journey to help children and adults relax before going to sleep. This is why each chapter ends with the words: 'When you feel ready to move...

In My World

by Jillian Ma & Mimi Chao

A simple, heartfelt story that follows the life of a child with autism through his imaginative journey as he seeks to be accepted, loved and celebrated for his strengths and abilities. Despite the qualities...


by Judd Palmer

This is the first title in Bayeux's NEW series, "An Odd Little Book". The series is in a small format, 4" x 5", and the subjects are intended to appeal to all ages, starting from 7-year olds. The stories or...

How Do Pets Sound? | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Review your kids’ ability to identify animals used as pets as well as to inject knowledge about these animals’ sounds with this sense and sensation books edition for kids. Ensured to keep your kids attention...

Is it Hot or Is it Cold? Senses for Kids! - Baby & Toddler Sense & Sensation Books

by Baby Professor

Learning about the senses is perhaps the lesson in science that a child can learn. It’s easy to understand something that you can actually experience. Your child just need words to go with what they see, feel,...

I See, I Feel, I Hear, I Touch, I Taste! A Book About My 5 Senses for Kids - Baby & Toddler Sense & Sensation Books

by Baby Professor

Is it time to teach your child about the senses and make them understand the importance of each? If it is, then you better grab a copy of this educational book today! A perfect partner in the study of science,...

The Five Senses for Kids | 2nd Grade Science Edition Vol 1

by Baby Professor

Let’s learn about the five senses that help you discover the world around you. They help you experience what life has to offer, and form good memories to treasure, too. At the end of this book, your child...

How Do Fruits Smell? | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

This book features a wide range of knowledge about senses particularly the sense of smell. Your child must be able to identify the different smells of fruits that he can find around him as the book comes to...

What Color Is Your Hair? | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

What is the color of your hair? Is it blonde, brunette, raven or red? Different countries give birth to people with different hair colors. It has something to do with the genes inside the body but on the outside,...

The Colors of the Farm | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Send your little ones to a short field trip to the farms without actually sending them away physically. This edition of sense and sensation educational books for kids features the different colors of the farm...

Sounds of the City | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

What are the sounds of the city? Listen up! And can you connect those sounds to the objects making them? After reading this book, we bet you could! Sounds are important identifiers of events, objects and even...

Tell Me More About My 5 Senses! I Learn More By Using My 5 Senses for Kids - Baby & Toddler Sense & Sensation Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about the five senses that make you, you! You have the eyes to see the world. You have your nose to smell the flowers. You have your mouth to taste mommy’s meals. You have your ears to listen...

Smooth, Bumpy or Rough? | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

While sensory play is the most recommended means of learning, you first have to prepare your child for it. Mind conditioning before touching surfaces that are smooth, bumpy or rough will help in the proper labeling...

My Ears Can Hear! My Eyes Can See! How I use My Senses to Discover the World Around Me - Baby & Toddler Sense & Sensation Books

by Baby Professor

You're lucky to experience the world around you but it might be confusing to feel different sensations at the same time. So here’s the book that will you can use to educate your child what the senses are,...

Smell the Ingredients of Pizza | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Pizza is always a good idea for children. This sense and sensation books edition introduces the different smells of pizza ingredients. Your kids should be able to identify the sight and smell of these ingredients...

The Many Smells of the World's Foods | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Create a family around the world travel itinerary through this gastronomic book for your kids. Featuring a wide array of foods found from all over the world, this book is set to share the many smells of these...

Eww! What is that Smell? Book of Smells for Children to Identify - Baby & Toddler Sense & Sensation Books

by Baby Professor

So why does a flower smell good while a garbage truck doesn’t? Your child already knows the different kinds of smell because he/she has the nose to experience them. Perhaps what your child needs now is to...