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Emma Feels Really Uncool in Summer School

by Dana Wall, Amber Wall & Phillip Orozco

Emma feels really uncool in summer school because all of her friends are spending the summer by the pool or at the beach. She has fallen behind in her easy grammar lessons and has to go to summer school to catch...

I Love You the Mostest

by Star Session

"To love your child is to teach your child."

-Star Session

Caleb, a smart, rambunctious, and funny little first grader is learning comparative and superlative grammar concepts in school. As a result of trying...

A Collection of Children’S Stories

by M. W. Lashgari

Six entertaining, engaging, and educational stories Green-Fingers Granny; Am I an Octopus or an Ostrich?; Ultimo and His Unusual Umbrella; Lumba, the Lying Giant; Freddy and His Flip-flops; and Mr and Mrs Bubblepop...

Baby Time Rhymes

by Linda Kandelin Chambers & Kim Sponaugle

Celebrate the joy and wonder of early childhood with lilting rhymes and lustrous illustrations! Simple yet memorable poems about teddy bears, tea parties, and tigers are a wonderful introduction to the joy of...

Kids Story Book

by Sidney Gelb

Kids Story Book is a must have for parents and teachers with beginning readers. This interactive book is an asset and learning tool to assist a child in the early stages of their reading. By employing two creative...

Won by One

by Everett Todd Adams

"Won By One" is a fun and educational book. Everett Todd Adams continues to teach elementary children about the English language, this time focusing on homophones. Tee Tee and Ceddy Keddy John are colorfully...

Actions for Kids age 1-3 (Engage Early Readers: Children's Learning Books)

by Dayna Martin & A.R. Roumanis

This book introduces basic actions and develops early language skills using images of things that every kid should know. Vibrant colors and images are designed to attract the attention of babies and toddlers....

The Word Collector

by Evelyn L Dunbar Webb & Matt Tyree

First in a grammar and composition series for 6- to 9-year-olds, The Word Collector features Priscilla, a word collector too shy to share her words, making it difficult for her to make friends. Written and illustrated...

Sight Word Practice Skills for Early Readers | 2nd Grade Reading Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s practice those sight words because through them, your child can slowly start to read and spell. Though it may sound like an easy subject to learn, there are much mechanics that go into play when taking...

See It & Say It! : Volume 1 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Learn about sight words, and prepare yourself for a wonderful reading adventure! Sights words are fundamental to learning to read. These are commonly used words in writing so it’s important that your child...

Sight Words 1st Grade Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

This beautifully designed book of sight words is designed to help your child smoothly transition from learning individual letters to reading simple words. Sight words are commonly seen words. By memorizing them,...

Goo Goo, Ga Ga! Baby's Babble to Baby's First Words. - Baby & Toddler First Word Books

by Baby Professor

Turn those baby babbles into actual words by setting the right learning environment. By that, we mean the use of age-appropriate educational books like this one. The next pages features a combination of vibrantly...

Up and Down; Day and Night: Opposites for Kids - Baby & Toddler Opposites Books

by Baby Professor

Learning opposites is very important in teaching a child to describe things or emotions. It’s also a topic that your child should learn early on in order to develop the skills required for spotting difference...

My Big Activity Book: Find Opposites for Kids at Home! - Baby & Toddler Opposites Books

by Baby Professor

You don't have to look too far or employ complex strategies to encourage reading. In fact, influencing a child to read could be as simple as choosing the right book. For instance, this book of opposites is perfect...

See It & Say It! : Volume 2 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Here is another set of words that you can add to your vocabulary. You need a strong set of word skills if you want to better express your thoughts and emotions. You will need sight words to read about what other...

Kindergarten Sight Words Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

Little children cannot be stuck with just learning letters. At one point or another, they need to learn to read. The introduction of sight words makes this task so much easier. In this book, sight words are...

Sign Language Workbook for Kids - Learning Made Simple

by Baby Professor

This book is especially made for but not limited to deaf and mute children all over the world. Aiming to improve communication skills, this workbook contains sign language lessons that are made easier to understand...

Did the Dinosaurs Know How to Read? - Children's Early Learning Books

by Baby Professor

There’s another fun way for your kids to learn and master reading – reading with the dinosaurs! This edition of Children’s Early Learning Books presents dinosaurs trying to ace their language and vocabulary...

See It & Say It! Jumbo Workbook Edition | First Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

First graders need all the help they need to learn to read. Reading is a skill that must be learned at this stage in order to proceed to advanced educational levels. However, you don’t have to bore your child...

Sight Words 3rd Grade Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

Make reading less boring by training your child to see and read sight words. This ability is the key to a smooth reading experience. Your child will love this reading book because the information is presented...