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How I Learned to Fall Out of Trees

by Vincent Kirsch

Roger and Adelia are the very best of friends. They?ve spent many springtimes collecting birds? nests, autumns jumping into piles of colorful leaves, and winters building snowmen. When the time comes for Adelia...

Sunny's Tow Truck Saves the Day!

by Anne Marie Pace & Christopher Lee

When a family car gets a flat on the way to a picnic, help is needed and time is ticking! Cranes are lifting, and pavers are paving. Diggers are digging, and workers are waving. But where is Sunny and her trusty...

Hocus Pocus, It's Fall!

by Anne Sibley O'Brien & Susan Gal

Leaves on trees

are green and bright


What a Sight!


Eleven gatefolds open to re-create the excitement and surprise of fall’s arrival, revealing what happens when the leaves turn. Fall is a season...

Abracadabra, It's Spring!

by Anne Sibley O'Brien & Susan Gal

Sun shines on a patch of snow.

Hocus pocus!

Where did it go?

Winter turns to spring in this lyrical book that celebrates the magic of nature and the changing seasons. Eleven gatefolds open to re-create the excitement...

Olivia Loves Owl

by David McPhail

A companion to Ben Loves Bear, Bella Loves Bunny, and Peter Loves Penguin, Olivia Loves Owl features a little girl and her beloved stuffed owl. Olivia and Owl pick apples and frolic through piles of colorful...

The Thing About Spring

by Daniel Kirk

Spring is in the air! Bear, Bird, and Mouse are all excited that winter snows are melting away, but their friend Rabbit is not. There are too many things about winter that Rabbit adores, and spring just seems...


by Nikki McClure

Apple follows the life of an apple throughout the year, demonstrating the cyclical patterns in nature. The youngest readers will delight in following the journey of the bright red apple?the only splash of color...

A Year with Friends

by John Seven & Jana Christy

February is time for snuggling . . . July is time for fireworks . . .

This beautifully formatted picture book takes young readers through every month of the year as a little boy, girl, dog, and cat celebrate...

Tree Song

by Tiffany Stone & Holly Hatam

Listen to the music of the trees.

This joyful book follows the life cycle of a tree as it grows from seedling to mature tree, and finally gives way to a new sapling. At every stage of the tree's life, children...

My Winter City

by James Gladstone & Gary Clement

A boy, his father and their dog have a perfect day in a snowy city, illustrated by Governor General’s Literary Award winner Gary Clement.

A young boy wakes up in the early light of a winter morning, pulls on...

Winter Book for Kids

by Jeff Child

A guy, a husky dog, and a snowman… what a rare combination!

Alwyn is a little lonely in his tiny house in the northern part of the country. Snow is everywhere, and he is bored out of his mind. His only buddy,...

Cooking with Bear

by Deborah Hodge & Lisa Cinar

This springtime companion to Bear’s Winter Party combines fifteen kid-friendly recipes with a sweet story about friendship and food.

When Bear wakes up after a long, cold winter, he makes a special spring lunch...

Once Upon a Northern Night

by Jean E. Pendziwol & Isabelle Arsenault

In this exquisite lullaby, the beauty and wonder of a northern winter night unfold, with images of a soft snowfall, the wild animals that appear in the garden, the twinkling stars, the gentle rhythm of the northern...

The Strange Story of Turkeys Seeing Snow

by Austin Sier & Allison Dubois

One night, a turkey grandfather talks about seeing snow. Then a young turkey starts asking questions about seeing it. The little turkey really wants to see snow. Will he see snow? Or will he not?

Is It Spring Yet?

by Tamanna Bharaneedharan & Mark Ruben Abacajan

An engaging conversation between a curious hare and a wise owl brings to life the vibrant forest setting on a cold winter morning. The young hare is curious to know whether it is spring yet, and the owl explains...

From Dark to Light

by Isabella Murphy & Natalia Perez

Pumpker, a little boy pumpkin, desires nothing more than to be adopted by a family to make them happy. Planted as a slim white seed along with his sisters, Plumpalicious and Plumpilina, he finds his wish come...

The Windy Day

by Tracy Stanley

The Windy Day is a short children's book that talks about what happens on a windy day. It explores things like

cold fingertips and umbrellas blown backwards. This book lets the reader experience the smaller things...

Seasons of the Year: Almanac for Kids | Children's Books on Seasons Edition

by Baby Professor

There are four seasons in one year. Can your child identify them all? This educational book uses a combination of pictures and texts to teach a child what to expect at every change of the season. The information...

Caillou: Every Drop Counts: Ecology Club

by Eric Sévigny & Sarah Margaret Johanson

At day care Caillou learns about water conservation. Once at home, he looks for ways that he can save water. Because his suggestion of not taking any more baths is vetoed by Mommy, Caillou has to find other...

The Seasons of Little Wolf

by Jonathan London & Jon Van Zyle

Little Wolf, pup of Gray Wolf and White Wolf, bounds into the world and through the seasons in this new children’s picture book. Inside the safety of the den, through fields of wildflowers, and in birch shimmering...